Scheme of the Official Descendant

Chapter 2: Tricky

At this moment, there was another rush of footsteps outside, and then the curtain was lifted.

A delicate maid wearing a dark green satin coat and a stone cyan cotton skirt walked in and hurriedly saluted and said anxiously: “Mother Zhu, the third wife’s carriage has reached the gate, and the older lady is arranging someone to go to the second. Welcome at the door, your aunt asks you to quickly arrange for someone to clean up the main house of Ziweiyuan and the east wing of the lady, the earth dragon is hot. Also, see if the bedding cushion is damp, if it can’t be used, hurry up. Change it.”

Mother Zhu was originally sitting on the Xiao Luzi in front of the kang. She had already jumped up in a panic when she heard the young maid talking. Even the Xiao Luzi was brought to him by her movements, and she made a muffled noise: “What? How could it be so fast? Didn’t you say that you will arrive in the evening? This is just after noon.”

“Oh, what are you still asking about now? Anyway, the person is almost here, so please hurry up.” After speaking, he turned and hurried away.

Mother Zhu rushed around the room twice, and finally stomped her feet and turned her head to confess to Ren Yaoqi: “The slave and maid will go down and make arrangements.”

Mother Zhu lifted the curtain and left, and the room instantly became quiet.

Ren Yaoqi tilted his head and looked out the window, with clear eyes.

It may be because of the snow. I only saw a gray area outside through the thick cellophane. Although it was just after noon, it seemed like it was just dawn.

Ren Yaoqi sat quietly on the kang, waiting for the movement outside. When her mother came back, she would go to the old lady’s yard to greet her before returning to the Ziwei courtyard.

The two little maids who were sent away by Mother Zhu before are back at this time.

“Sydney, have you seen it? The guards of the Yanbei Palace are really tall and brave. They are more powerful than the guards in our outer courtyard. It is a pity that all of them are stern, even the cold dew around Miss Fourth I walked to them and couldn’t make them look up.”

“Ah, the people from Yanbei Palace had already left when I went. Did you see the old princess? I heard that she is the daughter of the first emperor and a princess.”

“Why did the princess come into our mansion for no reason? She just sent someone to send the third wife and the third young lady into the mansion. But no matter how noble the woman is, she won’t have a son. It’s no use, even a princess. Make way for other women.”

“This… the emperor’s daughter is always different, right?”

“What’s the difference? The current King Yanbei didn’t crawl out of the princess, but the son of Mrs. Yuntai. The princess can’t give birth to a son, just like God doesn’t rain and the head of the house doesn’t make sense. What way?”

“There is also some truth. Let’s stop talking about it, or let Mother Zhu come in to see and scold again.”

“Don’t worry, I saw Mother Zhu leading someone to clean the main house before. Where can I take care of us? Besides, Mother Zhu is just a reprimand, if it’s the Zhou who is next to the third wife. In the hands of the mother, that is really over.”

“Yeah, now the third wife is back, don’t this Ziweiyuan still have to make up mother Zhou? Then we…”

“No? We are not from the third wife. We and Mother Zhu both gave it to Miss Fifth by Auntie Fang.”


“Shhh-someone is coming.”

The outside suddenly fell silent, and noisy footsteps suddenly sounded in the originally quiet garden. Ren Yaoqi sat up straight and looked at the shadows passing by outside the window, as if heading towards the main house.

“The third wife and the third young lady went to the old lady’s place, and they will be back to the Ziweiyuan in less than half an hour. You should be a little bit awkward. See what is missing and go back to the big lady immediately.”

However, Ren Yaoqi waited for a long time, and no one came back. Instead, the noise of moving things was still noisy.

The medicine Ren Yaoqi used before contained tranquilizers, but afterwards he couldn’t help but fell asleep, but he still woke up when he was holding the lamp.

She felt a person sitting next to her bed, and immediately opened her eyes.

A pair of candlesticks had been lit on the table in the center of the room, and they burned about an inch. The dim light pierced her eyes a little when she opened her eyes, and she couldn’t help but tilt her head.

“Yaoqi are you awake?” A gentle voice sounded, which made Ren Yaoqi stunned.

The person seemed to notice her discomfort, got up and moved the candlestick to the lower table in the west before walking back.

“Is it better now?”

Ren Yaoqi nodded, and said to the woman in front of him: “When did my aunt come?”

Although there was some backlight, she still knew the woman next to her. She was wearing a light purple embroidered bluegrass satin fox fur jacket, a white thread-pick skirt, her black hair pulled up in a fallen pony bun, and only a pair of chic styles were inserted. Gold hairpin.

The pearl earrings swayed gently under her ears, casting a small shadow on the white side of her face, looking at a different kind of grace and delicateness.

This is Aunt Fang, a girl from Jiangnan. Her words and deeds are always graceful and gentle, like a lady walking out of ancient paintings.

Everyone in Renfu said that she not only looks beautiful, but also has a bodhisattva heart.

In the Ziwei courtyard, there used to be a few half-old maids secretly learning how to talk and walk with Aunt Fang. They were bumped into by the third sister Ren Yaohua. The third sister ordered Mother Zhou to find someone to use bamboo strips to give them a vicious meal. After being **** with the instep, he was locked in the wood room.

Because it was in the middle of summer, several maids grew maggots below their knees after being closed for three days.

In the year when his mother and Ren Yaohua went to Zhuangzi, the old lady gave the Ziwei courtyard and her to Aunt Fang to take care of her.

In the impression of the previous life, this auntie Fang seemed to be obedient to her and took great care of her. Even her own biological daughter, the ninth sister Ren Yaoying, hated her for this.

“Not long after I arrived, I watched you sweat all over, is it hot?” The slightly cool palms were placed on her forehead.

Ren Yaoqi did not move: “Yes.”

Aunt Fang sighed softly: “Why don’t you say that it is hot? When you were just sick, you kept crying cold, covered with three layers of quilt and trembling with the cold, so I asked someone to move you to the kang. Now you are not afraid of the cold anymore. , I should be getting better soon. I’ll let someone tidy up the bed later. Let’s go to bed tonight, which is more spacious.”

Ren Yaoqi nodded.

Aunt Fang looked at her for a while, and considered: “Yaoqi, your mother and third sister are back. I am afraid that auntie will not be able to get involved in the things in the yard in the future. You will follow your third sister more in the future. She High temperament, and please the elders, if you still wring with her everywhere, you will suffer. As for the wife… Actually, you can’t blame the wife, you know when you were born… In short, she is not Those who don’t value you, after all, you are also her daughter, but the third lady is the eldest daughter, so Madam will inevitably rely on her more.”

Aunt Fang persuaded her softly, her voice was slow, although she spoke northern dialect, she could still hear some southern accents, soft and sweet.

Ren Yaoqi tried to imagine how he would react if he listened to these words according to his childhood temper, but his face remained calm.

Seeing that she was silent, Aunt Fang stretched out her hand to fix the quilt for her, and said: “Wait for a few days to get better, go and see your wife and Miss San. I just touched your forehead and it was hot, Madame and Miss San. The carriage over there will be settled, and you will rest today. I will tell someone to change your bed?”

Mother and third sister have returned to the yard? Ren Yaoqi nodded.

Auntie Fang got up and went out, and her soft commanding voice came from outside the curtain.

After a while, the two maids came in with the bedding, walked to the canopy bed to the north and started making the bed.

The canopy bed hasn’t slept for a while. It was originally a bit damp, but fortunately, the ground dragon burned in the room, and the new bedding was also dry. Even so, it was still much colder than the hot Kang.

The body becomes hot and sweats first, and then sweats when it is cold. In fact, it is very easy to catch a cold. I don’t know if Aunt Fang knows.

Ren Yaoqi asked the little maid named Qingmei to get a few small hand stoves, put them under the covers, and then let them get a set of dry personal clothes, and then go to the stove to heat them.

Qingmei and another maid, Sydney, whispered: “First, I feel too hot, but now I’m afraid of the cold. Miss Fifth and Miss Three are really sisters and they are used to tossing people.”


Ren Yaoqi didn’t hear the maids’ complaints. When the bed was warm, she asked the maids to wait for her to change into close-fitting clothes, and helped her go to bed.

After being covered by the small stove for a long time, the heat on the bed is almost the same as the temperature on the kang.

Not long after lying down, someone came in with a medicine bowl.

“Miss Five, it’s time to drink medicine.” A young woman’s voice whispered.

Ren Yaoqi opened his eyes and saw the delicate woman in a dark green satin coat and stone cyan cotton skirt who had come to see Mother Zhu before. She was a big maid named Jinju next to Aunt Fang.

“Didn’t you say you want to change prescriptions?” Ren Yaoqi sat on the bedside with Jinju’s support and glanced at the medicine bowl.

Kumquat smiled on her face: “After taking this dose, I will change it. My aunt originally invited the doctor, but was stopped by Mother Zhou to see the third lady and the third lady. The doctor went to the old lady to reply but was caught The steward has been sent away. Auntie said that she will go and invite the doctor for you on the next day.”

“Mother is she sick?”

Kumquat glanced at Ren Yaoqi when he heard the words, and smiled: “The third lady and the third lady drove on the road for a day, and the outside is icy and snowy. I think they are worried about the wind and cold. Miss Fifth, the medicine is going to be cold, hurry up. Did you drink it?”

The medicine bowl reached her mouth, and Ren Yaoqi’s brows frowned. This was not the prescription she had taken before.

Although the recipe I ate before was not tepid, but it was symptomatic, but this bowl of medicine changed several herbs.

After she left Ren’s house, she read a lot of books with Mr. Pei. Not to mention the history books, the art of war, the law, the stars, and the Buddhist scriptures.

All things in the world are mutually reinforcing and restraining each other. The properties of herbs are divided into yin and yang, and diseases are divided into cold, heat and dampness.

Prescribe the right medicine not only to know the meridian, trend, ups and downs, ups and downs of the medicine, and compatibility with each other, but also to know that the five elements produce gram, seven emotions and harmony.

The opposite, on the contrary, is a taboo of medication.

For example, the medicine she used to take had a flavour of aconite, which was a low-grade medicine and was poisonous. However, if it is made into a medicine, it can also be a good medicine if it is properly compatible. Apart from aconitum in this bowl of medicine today, there is also a taste of Pinellia. It is not harmful to use separately, but it is a taboo that the medicine is evil.

In addition, there are several medicinal materials that are extremely unsuitable. So if she drank this medicine, it would not hurt the fundamentals of the body immediately, but the disease that was already good would be delayed for a few days. .


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