Scheme of the Official Descendant

Chapter 21: fate

Ren Shimin thought of the old lady Ren saying that the paintings he gave away were children’s playthings. Although he was extremely displeased at the time, he could not refute because Mrs. Ren was an elder.

Li was stunned and looked at Mother Zhou with a little bewildered.

Mother Zhou wanted to say something, but Ren Yaoqi, who knows Ren Shimin very well, interrupted with a smile: “Daddy has something good for others, can you tell us what?”

Ren Shimin’s complexion eased, and he said to Ren Yaoqi: “Young Master Han had a fancy calligraphy and painting from me. When I left, I asked Xiao Si to send the painting to him.”

Ren Yaoqi blinked: “I guess the calligraphy and painting that the young man Han fancy must be your painting!”

Ren Shimin was happy in his heart, but said calmly on his face: “Oh? Why do you see it?”

Ren Yaoqi is serious: “He has helped us so much. If he chooses other people’s calligraphy and painting, wouldn’t it be a big loss?”

Ren Shimin laughed, everyone in the room could feel the joy from his heart.

Li looked at the appearance of the father and daughter and became happy, but Ren Yaohua just bowed his head and played with the agate bracelet between his wrists, seemingly absent-minded.

“This son of the Han family is also an elegant person. If there is a young lady in the Han family, we can interact with our third and fifth young ladies.” Mother Zhou took advantage of Ren Shimin’s pleasure to make fun, but actually turned a corner. Investigate the situation of the Han family.

The Han family only moved to Baihe Town last year. At that time, they were still in Zhuangzi. After they came back, Ting Ting had mentioned things about the Han family, but they had never had a history.

Mother Zhou, an old man like Mo Gundam who is used to crawling in the inner house, naturally knows that some things are more clearly and more importantly.

Ren Shimin was in a good mood, so he accepted Mother Zhou’s words with appreciation: “I heard Master Han said that he has a son and a daughter. Mrs. Han is fifteen years old. Miss Han doesn’t know. I looked at the Han family’s tutor. Although the son is young, he is eager to learn and know etiquette, especially the regular script written in Yan Ti, which is extremely magnificent.”

Ren Yaoqi originally heard that Ren Shimin mentioned the Han family and didn’t realize which Han family it was for a while. Now he heard him praise the Han family’s son, and suddenly remembered.

In the year when her mother and Ren Yaohua went to Zhuangzi, a new family named Han moved to Baihe Town. Later, Ren Shimin took a fancy to the talent of the Han family young man, and set this family for Ren Yaohua. The Ren family sees that although the Han family is low-key, they have a wide network of contacts, a wealth of wealth, and only one child, and they are also happy to see the success of this marriage.

It was only later that the son of the Han family suddenly resigned for some reason. The Ren family originally disagreed, but finally compromised for some reason.

Ren Yaohua was hit hard, and her temper became more irritable, and the Ren family already regarded her as an abandoned son.

In the end, Ren Yaohua married the second wife’s second wife Su’s cousin Zeng Kui, who was married to the second wife’s niece and grandmother Su’s cousin.

Grandma Su is from the capital city, her cousin was the newly succeeded Ningxia General Soldier Zeng Tan, and there were countless wives and concubines, but Zeng Kui was the only child.

At that time, the unmarried sisters of Ren’s family all envied Ren Yaohua’s fate. After being retired, she could still find such a good relative who was hard to find with a lantern. But they didn’t know until a few days before Ren Yaohua got married that this young master Zeng had been scalded with boiling water by the nanny when he was young, and he was blinded by one eye.

The old lady Ren Xuzhu came to the Ziweiyuan to persuade Ren Yaohua to marry. In the process, the old lady understood reason and moved with affection. Ren Yaoqi did not know how the old lady Ren at the time persuaded her to be “the most loving in her life” The proud and domineering granddaughter happily married someone with an ugly face.

But she succeeded, Ren Yaohua married to Zeng’s house without making any noise.

Half a year later, Ren Yaohua strangled her new husband-in-law with her hair, and was thrown into the red tent of the barracks under Zeng Tan’s rage. On the night when the northwest wind was blowing, Ren Yaohua burned the barracks and died in the flames.

As a result, the Ren family became enemies with the Zeng family, and bad luck followed.

The son of Han, who retired from Ren Yaohua, married Yun Qiuchen, the eldest of the Yun family, in this year. He was a talented girl with ten-mile red makeup. I wonder how many young men and women in Yanbei have been envied.

“Yaoyao? Yaoyao?” Ren Shimin shook his hand in front of Ren Yaoqi, frowning to call her.

Ren Yaoqi returned to his senses and smiled reluctantly when everyone in the room looked at her.

“Yaoyao, are you uncomfortable?” Ren Shimin reached out and probed her forehead.

Li also said: “Is the illness still not healed? Why is your face so ugly?”

Ren Yaoqi obediently let Ren Shimin touch her forehead out of order, and did not remind him that the palm of his hand that had just been serving the hot tea could not show the body heat. He just bowed his head and said: “No, I just remembered it suddenly. When Daddy left home, he arranged a lot of paintings and copybooks for me. I didn’t finish it because I was ill for a long time. I was afraid that Daddy would blame me when he checked the schoolwork later.”

Ren Shimin reluctantly retracted his hand when he heard the words, and said with a smile: “When did Daddy blame you? He scared you like this?”

Seeing that Ren Yaoqi’s face was already much better, Li couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief: “It’s fine if you are not sick.”

Although Ren Yaoqi has been acting as a bridge between Ren Shimin and Li, she has been worried about how she can stop everything before it happens.

“Master, madam, Auntie Fang brought Six Young Masters and Nine Misses to please peace.” Maid Shan Shan reported through the curtain.

Ren Shimin looked at Li in surprise: “Isn’t Aunt Fang still sick?”

Li thought that she was reproaching her, and said anxiously: “I, I told her not to come.”

Ren Shimin nodded and motioned for people to come in.

In a short while, Auntie Fang walked in with a pair of children.

Today’s Aunt Fang wore a light blue fabric and ordinary sheepskin jacket, with a round bun, and a Zhaojun suit between her forehead. The makeup is plain but not dignified and beautiful. Along the way, the head is slightly low, the bee waist is full, and the lotus step is light. It has a romantic posture, and it is rare to see frivolity.

No wonder the maids of the Ren family like to learn her secretly.

Ren Shimin looked at Aunt Fang, with some admiration in his eyes. When it comes to beautiful things, he has always kept his eyes open.

Aunt Fang’s eyes swept towards Ren Shimin’s direction, and she immediately avoided, and came forward to bow to Ren Shimin and Li.

Ren Shimin smiled and nodded: “Get up, didn’t your wife let you rest and recuperate?”

Aunt Fang’s beautiful eyes narrowed, her smile was a little weak, but her joy was emanating from the inside out: “It’s the concubine who heard that the master is back, the concubine…the concubine is here to ask for peace.”

Ren Yaohua looked at Aunt Fang’s appearance, and didn’t get out of her anger. Although she tried her best to restrain her, she still said very coldly: “Since you are allowed to rest, you should rest well. Now, people outside don’t even know that it’s my mother who treats you harshly!”

Aunt Fang’s face darkened when she heard the words, and the smile on the corner of her mouth was a bit bitter, but she lowered her head very softly and responded: “The third lady taught me that it is the concubine’s poor thoughts.”

Ren Shimin frowned and glanced at Ren Yaohua. Before his head of the family spoke, his daughter taught his father’s concubine, which in his opinion was rude.

Ren Yaoqi smiled at Aunt Fang Fang and said: “Auntie, don’t be surprised. Third sister, she always speaks straight, and a good word will become unpleasant after her mouth. I am the most impatient to talk to her on weekdays. But I miss her. He didn’t intend to’learn’ you, but saw that you were wearing too thin clothes, so he was worried that you might catch a cold.”

Ren Shimin looked at Aunt Fang’s clothes.

Mother Zhou was also surprised: “Auntie, why do you wear so little today? How cold is outside? You don’t care about yourself. When it wasn’t so cold a few days ago, you still knew to wear a fox fur coat and thick cloak. , Didn’t you intentionally make our wife feel bad.”

Aunt Fang’s face was red.

“It was my sixth brother and I who were eager to see my father and were arguing to come over soon. My aunt only took care of what we were wearing, but she was negligent. Mother, don’t you blame my aunt, OK?” Ren Yaoyu looked aggrieved. Lee Road.

“Your mother didn’t blame anyone. Why didn’t you aggrieved one by one?” Ren Shimin interrupted, with a gentle voice, restraining himself from being impatient.

Although he doesn’t bother about these inner court matters, but because of his sensitive temper, this kind of you coming and going between women makes him very annoying.

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