Scheme of the Official Descendant

Chapter 22: Repaint

There was silence in the room.

Everyone in the Ren family knows that Master Ren San has a mild temper, and he rarely loses his temper.

But he rarely loses his temper, which doesn’t mean he has no temper.

In Ren Shimin’s study, a little servant who served pen and ink stole his side of the inkstone and went out in exchange for silver. This little servant had been by his side since he was a child. He was his nanny’s nephew, who was the kind of thief on weekdays. I have done this a few times, and Ren Shimin has always been indifferent to this kind of extraneous things, so he just opened one eye and closed another.

I didn’t want that time Ren Shimin was furious. He ignored the cry of the nanny, and immediately ordered the steward to beat the young man to the government office. After three days, the young man died in prison.

Because there is a clear text in the Da Zhou law, all slaves who commit the crimes of murder, adultery, adultery, theft, once it is verified that the master has the right to kill him, the case can be closed after the fact as long as it is handed over to the government with twenty-two cents of silver in the “file”. .

Therefore, even though Ren Shimin has always looked like a gentleman of jade, none of the servants of the Ren family dared to be presumptuous in front of him.

People who don’t play cards according to the cards can’t be offended the most, because you don’t know what will suddenly offend him, so you can only be extra careful with him.

Ren Shimin flicked his bullet jacket and stood up: “I’m going to the study. Let’s go away separately.”

Everyone got up and saw him off. Ren Shimin turned his head when he walked in front of Ren Yaoqi and said, “Yaoyao, too, for my father, let’s see how much laziness you have stolen in the past six months.”

“Father.” Ren Yaoyu bit her lower lip lightly and whispered.

Ren Shimin tilted his head to look at her, and said gently, “What’s the matter?”

Ren Yaoyu plucked up the courage and said, “Father, my daughter has been practicing calligraphy and painting for the past six months. I just completed a snow scene a few days ago, and I want to ask my father for advice. My daughter knows that she is not as talented as the fifth sister, but…but… My daughter really loves painting.”

Auntie Fang looked at Ren Yaoyu and smiled and said, “Miss Nine has indeed spent a lot of time practicing calligraphy and painting in the past six months. I would like to thank Miss Wu for her guidance from time to time.”

“Oh?” Ren Shimin glanced at Ren Yaoqi, thought about it, nodded and said: “If this is the case, you also come together.”

Ren Yaoqi glanced at Aunt Fang and smiled.

If Aunt Fang had agreed to lend her her paintings as her guidance to Ren Yaoyu, she really had to accept the credit.

But she knew that Ren Yaoyu’s paintings were indeed pretty good.

Aunt Fang is all about planning for her children, naturally every step is calculated. Before the overthrow of Ren’s family, she could persuade Mrs. Ren to let her return to her family’s home and take the opportunity to marry her daughter to her younger brother’s eldest son.

“Daddy, why don’t you come with your third sister and your fifth younger brother? Long Shenglong, Feng Shengfeng, since the mouse’s son can make holes. Then your children should also be able to draw!” Ren Yaoqi winked at Ren Shimin wittyly. .

Ren Shimin couldn’t laugh or cry: “Where did you learn to play messy things?”

Finally, the four children followed Ren Shimin to the study.

The second entrance of Ziweiyuan has no wing rooms, but there are two small courtyards. The West Kuayuan served as Li’s warehouse, and the East Kuayuan served as Ren Shimin’s study.

The three study rooms are full of books and paintings, and you can smell the fragrance of ink as soon as you enter the yard.

There is a very small pond in the courtyard. The water is very shallow but black. Now it has frozen into ice. After the floating snow above was shoveled away, the small pond was like a bright and deep black jade.

This is the pool where Ren Shimin washes his pens. He named it Wen Hanchi.

This was supposed to be the most familiar to Ren Yaoqi, but after coming in, she couldn’t help but look around. Pushing open the door of the study, the messy appearance inside makes people almost unbelievable that this is a study.

Ren Yaoqi remembered that Ren Shimin’s study was the messiest place she had ever seen.

He doesn’t like people coming in to clean up, and he likes to put his books and paintings everywhere.

It’s just that he can quickly find out each painting himself, and feel complacent about it.

In the entire Ren family, the only person who can clearly remember every book in Ren Shimin’s study, where each calligraphy and painting is placed, except for Ren Shimin himself is Ren Yaoqi.

Ren Shimin looked back at the four children behind him, frowned for a while, and finally pointed to the sandalwood inlaid marble book case facing the door and said, “Sit down there, don’t move.”

Ren Yaoqi knew that Ren Shimin didn’t write and draw on this bookcase on weekdays. He likes to use the short table in the room on the right. Zhang Shuan is where he drinks tea on weekdays, so it is relatively neat.

Several people cautiously walked through the mess and sat around the bookcase.

Ren Yaoqi reached out and took the inverted cylindrical bamboo tube in the middle of the book case that looked like a flat-bottomed bell, and then uncontrollably took out a few Go chess pieces from the drawer under the book case and put them in. I wanted to put it in my ear and shake it, but it was snatched by Ren Shimin who was sitting next to her.

“Daddy has said it many times. This is for Daddy’s tea, not a toy. You are naughty.” Ren Shimin said with a straight face, disapproving.

Ren Yaoqi recovered, blinked, and quickly blinked back the tears in his eyes.

Ren Shimin was taken aback, wondering if his tone was too harsh, and finally he could only put the bamboo cup back in Dao Ren Yaoqi’s hand and said helplessly: “Forget it, this cup has not been used for half a year. Let’s play for you. Daddy will make one more tomorrow.”

Ren Yaoqi looked at the rough-worked bamboo cup and smiled.

There are still two of these cups in the small camphor wood box under the bed. When she was a child, she always liked to use his own bamboo cup to shake the dice when she was not seeing it. She was caught twice and enjoyed it.

Ren Yaoying’s eyes flashed with jealousy, but her smile was seven points of innocence, three points of curiosity, but not half of maliciousness: “Is the fifth sister just playing a gambling? I heard that my uncle is best at this, and the fifth sister learned it from her uncle. Right?”

Ren Shimin’s face suddenly sank.

Ren Yaohua looked at Ren Yaoying coldly with a sharp-edged gaze. Ren Yaoying held up a smile, but couldn’t help but wince.

The only one who can be called uncle by Ren Yaoying is the brother of the aunt.

Ren Yaoqi played with the cup in his hand and smiled disapprovingly: “Didn’t the auntie said that my sister read the book? Why don’t you know that rolling dice is actually a method of divination? What kind of gambling? Where is the nonsense? Gibberish?”

Where does the child raised in the boudoir know this? However, Ren Yaoying has never had any contact with her so-called “uncle”. All she knew was from others.

Ren Shimin reluctantly suppressed his anger, and whispered to Ren Yaoying: “Didn’t you want me to show you how to paint?”

Ren Yaoying ate it, bit her lip, lowered her head, and took out the scroll she had been holding in her hand. She glanced at Ren Shimin and carefully spread it out on the book case.

Ren Shimin looked up, the expression on his face was slightly relaxed, and he nodded in praise, “Sure enough, you have made great progress. I can see that you have done hard work.”

Ren Yaoqi also looked at it carefully, and in all fairness, it is really good to be able to paint this level of painting at Ren Yaoying’s age. She knew that Aunt Fang had very strict demands on her pair of children, and Ren Yaoying really did not spend much time in the past six months.

Just with Ren Shimin’s critical vision…

Sure enough, I listened to him next: “However, in addition to drawing attention to pen and ink, special attention must be paid to composition. Yin and Yang, backward, vertical and horizontal, ups and downs, opening and closing, knotting, holding back, hooking, over-drawing, and tape. You need to be up and down and roll freely, so that you can avoid the lack of rhyme. What your painting lacks is the dexterity of the composition.”

In fact, based on Ren Yaoqi’s understanding of Ren Shimin, this is considered a high-ranking evaluation, because based on his temperament, he would most implicitly say “acceptable” for paintings that he doesn’t like, and it will definitely not cost much. So much drool.

But Ren Yaoying didn’t know, so the smile on her face was a little stiff.

“Daddy often praises the fifth sister for a good drawing, why not help me see how to change this painting?” Ren Yaoying suddenly looked at Ren Yaoqi with expectation.

Ren Yaoqi remembered that Ren Yaoying had made such a request in her previous life, but she was too young to write at that time, and because of her dislike for Ren Yaoying, she immediately refused. Ren Yaoying didn’t really want her to help, so in the end Ren Shimin helped her make some corrections.

But this time Ren Yaoqi nodded openly and smiled: “Since my sister’s paintings are all learned from me, it is reasonable to help you change it.” He looked like doing his part.

Ren Yaoying’s forehead bounced with blue veins, and she was very uncomfortable with Aunt Fang raising Ren Yaoqi like that before.

Ren Shimin glanced at Ren Yaoqi with a smile, and took a pen and ink from the right room with a clear look of good-looking play. The daughter was taught by her, and he knows how good she is. Ren Yaoqi’s level may be better than Ren Yaoying, but after all, it is still limited.

As Ren Yaoqi melted the ink, she tilted her head to look at the painting. After the ink was polished, she picked up a pen and added a few strokes to the snow scene map, and finally added the bend by the heavy snow. Double bamboo with a bamboo body.

Although it was only a few strokes, it made people feel the strength of the bamboo that was ready to be used after being bent, and the vigorous vitality immediately appeared on the screen.

Ren Yaoying’s original paintings seem to have become the background, but on the whole they appear to be extremely coordinated and unobtrusive. The style of the whole painting immediately improved several grades.

Ren Shimin’s expression that was supposed to watch his daughter’s jokes gradually became serious.

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