Scheme of the Official Descendant

Chapter 23: Han family

“The intention is to paint first, and the painting is full of intentions.” Ren Shimin stepped closer, looked down at the painting after Ren Yaoqi’s polishing, and praised with surprise, “Yaoyao, your progress in the past six months is really amazing. It’s incredible.”

Half a year? She has been painting for more than half a year…

Ren Yaoqi sighed in his heart, but only smiled.

“Five sisters are really good.” Ren Yihong looked at Ren Yaoqi a little shyly.

Ren Yihong is the only son of Ren Shimin.

Aunt Fang had high expectations for this son, and never let the inner court matters. In Ren Yaoqi’s memory, this concubine younger brother was shy and had a good relationship with her.

He and several other cousins ​​of the Ren family are now studying classics and history with an old gentleman invited by the mansion. His reading is not bad, he likes to paint, but he is not talented.

Ren Yaoqi remembered that Ren Yihong, who was the last life, had arranged for Aunt Fang after Ren Shimin’s death. Anyway, she had never heard of Ren Yihong’s name in the capital in her lifetime.

Ren Yaoqi smiled politely at him.

At this time, the front yard steward came and said that the thank you gift to the Han family was ready, and the fifth master asked the third master if he would go to the Han family with him.

Ren Yaoqi pulled on Ren Shimin’s sleeves and said with dissatisfaction: “Daddy, you haven’t told us about the painting meeting. In addition to Mr. Chen and Wang Shizi of Yanbei, other famous artists participated in the painting meeting. What style of painting are they?”

Ren Shimin looked at the children with curiosity and looked at him. After thinking about it, he said to the steward: “The people from the Han family are also returning today. Too many people are afraid that they will cause trouble. Let the fifth brother today. Let’s go alone, and I’ll pay a visit another day.”

The steward retired in response.

Ren Yaoqi breathed a sigh of relief.

Ren Shimin stayed in the study this afternoon to talk with the children about the painting meeting.

After having dinner, the Ren family went to Ronghua Yuan to ask Mr. Ren and Mrs. Ren good night. Ren Yaoyu officially moved into Ronghua Yuan.

In order to appease Ren Yaohua, the old lady Ren rewarded her with a pair of pearl flowers, and she was very kind to her when she spoke.

The fifth wife appeared with the fifth master. I don’t know how the fifth master interceded for the fifth wife, but the old lady Ren didn’t punish her to think about it in the ancestral hall. When the husband and wife stood in the same place, their eyebrows kept coming and going.

In the end, the fifth elder salivated his face again to plead with his daughter, and the old lady Ren reluctantly agreed to let Ren Yaoyu come out of the ancestral hall and ban feet in her room.

After returning from the Ronghua Courtyard, Ren Yaoqi asked people to sort out the box of clothing and jewelry that Ren Shimin brought back to her and sent them to Ren Yaoyin, Ren Yaoying, and Ren Yaoting in the second room. Then took the share for Ren Yaohua to the opposite East Chamber.

Seeing the clothes and jewelry that Ren Yaoqi had sent, Ren Yaohua said blankly: “This is what my father bought for you. What are you doing with me?”

Ren Yaoqi smiled and said, “Four sisters, seventh sisters, eighth sisters, and ninth sisters are all available. Naturally, you can’t miss your third sister. My father said it was for our sisters. How can I take it alone?”

Upon hearing this, Ren Yaohua’s face was slightly slow.

Ren Yaoqi asked Rang Xi’er to hand over the things he had brought to Ren Yaohua’s maid, Turnip.

A woman came in and asked Ren Yaohua to reply. When Ren Yaoqi saw the pen and ink rice paper spread out on the case inside, he walked over and took a casual look, only to find that it was a half-painted snow scene.

The ink on the painting was not dry yet, obviously Ren Yaohua was painting before she came in.

Ren Yaohua’s paintings are very ordinary, and there are some traces of alteration, but she can see that she is very careful. Painting and writing are not Ren Yaohua’s expertise. Ren Yaoqi knows that she dislikes these things the most.

Ren Yaoqi used to think that someone as proud as Ren Yaohua should not care what his father thought of her. Her attitude towards Ren Shimin is also indifferent, and she rarely even speaks in front of him.

At this time, Ren Yaohua came over, took a look at Ren Yaoqi, and pulled the half-painted snow scene on the table, crumpled it up, and dropped it on the ground at will.

Ren Yaoqi was taken aback for a moment, and Ren Yaohua said coldly: “I have nothing to do with the painting, the painting is useless. It’s late, you can go back.”

Ren Yaoqi nodded, and didn’t ask more: “Then I’ll go back first.” After two steps, he paused, “San Jie might as well try meticulous painting, and if you are not sure about the layout, you can use charcoal. Frame the picture first.”

Ren Yaohua watched Ren Yaoqi for a while, until Ren Yaoqi walked to the door, she said quietly, “Thank you for your trouble.”

On the second day, after receiving An from the Ronghua Yuan, Ren Yaoqi was talking in Li’s main house, but there was a woman in the outer courtyard. The third master asked the third wife to send someone to bring him back from the capital. Take it to the front yard.

“But what guests are here?” Ren Shimin has always treasured the tea he treasured, and it is usually only used to entertain his best friends, so Ren Yaoqi asked this.

“It’s from the Han family here.” The lady in charge replied.

Ren Yaoqi’s face changed slightly: “Are you from the Han family?”

“Yes, Mrs. Han’s family came with Gongzi Han and Miss Han.” The lady in charge did not notice Ren Yaoqi’s face, and replied with a smile, “Master Fifth said he would let Gongzi Hanpin the first product he brought back. Good tea.”

Ren Yaoqi no longer remembers whether anyone from the Han family in the previous life had been there. She hadn’t paid attention to this family at all before the Han family retired.

But in this life, is it still going to follow the same path as the first life?

Thinking of this, Ren Yaoqi suddenly stood up.

“Qi’er?” Li cried out in surprise.

Ren Yaoqi recovered and found that everyone was looking at her. She tried to ease her breathing. She smiled and said, “I was very curious about what the Han family’s family is when I heard my father praise the Han family yesterday. Looks like, mother, I will go to see Miss Han in my grandmother’s yard.”

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