Scheme of the Official Descendant

Chapter 24: meet

Li’s words were even more surprised.

Ren Yaoqi Ren Yaoqi is different from Ren Yaohua. She has not been able to be liked by the old lady since she was a child, so she least likes going to Ronghua Yuan.

On weekdays, except to save time in the morning and dusk, she would not go if she could.

Ren Yaoqi knew what Li was thinking: “I happened to be looking for Sister Si, so I just stopped by and took a look. Mother doesn’t need to worry.”

Seeing her insistence, Li couldn’t say anything else, but said to Ren Yaohua: “Hua’er, let’s go and take a look?”

If it were before, the Li family would never say such things, but the relationship between Ren Yaoqi and Ren Yaohua sisters has eased recently, which is obvious to all Li family and a few close people around him.

“No, I’ll go back as soon as I go. Third sister stay and talk with you.” Ren Yaoqi said as he went out.

She had something in her heart, she just took the maids and walked forward along the way. After bypassing the Jiuqu Corridor, when I was about to turn from the garden, I heard the conversation of a few men in the garden drifting over in the wind. At the same time, she heard the “creak” of several pairs of boots stepping on the snow getting closer.

“The third uncle brought us to the garden, didn’t he say that he was going to pick the snow from the plum trees to make tea? There were a few plum trees in the mansion, but none of them had bloomed… ahem…” a teenager said. Complained dissatisfiedly.

“Misguided! Misguided! But Yijun, it’s not Sanshu who said you, you should also come out more. If you are always bored in the room and not sick, you will be sick.” Ren Shimin said leisurely.

“Master San, did you see Young Master San, he just coughed again? It’s awful, he must have come out and caught a cold. When I go back later, the big lady will definitely expose my skin! Master, since there is no plum, Shall we go back? You have to take care of your body!” A crying voice said anxiously.

“Long-winded! Where did the young master go? It’s your turn to take care of everything? Give me…cough…” The young man was dissatisfied, but was interrupted by a cough.


When Ren Yaoqi heard this, he understood that it was her father and third cousin who were in the garden at this time.

The third cousin, Ren Yijun, is the second son of the elder, and has a deficiency caused by his mother’s womb. Once a Xiangshi asserted that he would not survive ten years. Over the years, the old lady has been searching for a secret recipe for replenishing the body. She has stewed soup every day, and only eats medicated food for three meals a day. It can be said that her cousin has soaked in a medicine jar.

Now Ren Yijun is sixteen years old. Although he has been ill, he is still alive and well.

Thinking that it was his own father who abducted this cousin who rarely went out, and let him blow a cold wind in the snow, Ren Yaoqi couldn’t help but get a headache. If Ren Yijun really got a cold due to this, the big wife will definitely put this bill on him again.

Ren Yijun was always detained in his yard because of his poor health and rarely went out. In addition, the family from the old lady to the brothers and sisters all let him out, which made him develop a somewhat weird and withdrawn temper. The relationship between him and his brothers of his generation, including his first-in-law brothers, are light, except that he is very close to Ren Shimin, his third uncle.

Ren Yaoqi remembered that in his previous life, he didn’t like this yin and yang strangeness, the third brother who had never smiled on his face.

Until later, the Ren family dared not bring his body back after his father died.

Under the scorching sun in June, she knelt in the courtyard of the Ronghua Yuan, crying and begging Elder Ren and Lady Ren to collect the bodies of her father. In the end, she almost fainted due to heatstroke and did not cause any movement in the people inside.

At that moment, Ren Yijun walked over with a sullen face on crutches, pulled her up and left.

She was groggy and stumbled by him to the “Sanshengtang” of the Ren family, where she was dedicated to the ancestors’ ancestors’ ancestral hall.

“What’s the use of crying? Their hearts are cold, and their blood is cold. You should be like this…” As he said, Ren Yijun lifted up the crutches in his hand and swept the dozens of tablets on the offering table.

She was so frightened that she was so stupid, she watched him throw the crutch in her hand, trampled on the tablet on the ground like crazy, and yelled: “Eating our offerings but letting children and grandchildren suffer. Let the stubborn people of the Ren family violate us, so the incense is broken!”

She was infected by his crazy and wanton appearance, thinking about the cause of her father’s death, her hatred rose in her heart, got up and picked up the tablets on the ground and slammed them on the wall one by one.

When the rest of the Ren family heard the news and rushed, only fragments of wood were left on the ground. They smashed the ancestor’s tablet.

The old man was so angry that he almost fainted, the old man stepped forward and gave Ren Yijun a slap in the face and knocked him to the ground. The old lady also collapsed to the ground in fright.

He sneered and looked around at the crowd: “I did it all! Family law and everything are directed at me! Anyway, the life of the Ren family is not worth much!”

That was the first time she realized that this third brother, who had been treated like a porcelain doll since childhood, was actually not as weak and vulnerable as they thought.

Ren Yaoqi turned around and walked back, thinking about persuading his father and Ren Yijun to go back, but heard the voice of a strange boy.

“There is no rootless water on the plum blossoms. It is also very good to use spring water to make tea. I happen to have a freshly transported Huiquan spring water. It is better for me to let someone go back and get it now.”

Ren Yaoqi stepped in,

She looked into the garden through the branches and leaves of the previous clumps of Haitong, and walked side by side with Ren Shimin and Ren Yijun, a teenager who was about fifteen or sixteen years old. She was not very close, and was covered by trees, so she couldn’t see the boy’s appearance. All he knows is that he has a long body and a body like a yushu in the wind, unlike Ren Shimin’s free and easy way of wide-sleeved robes, he has a rare introverted calmness in a young person.

Ren Yaoqi probably guessed his identity.

At this time, there were footsteps behind her again. Turning back to Ren Yaoqi, he saw Ren Yaohua walking along the corridor. Seeing that she was standing at the entrance of the garden, trying to get in, she couldn’t help but frowned and looked over.

There, Ren Shimin was suggesting to go to the warm pavilion in the garden to have tea and play chess, Ren Yaoqi turned around and walked back.

“What are you doing standing there?” Ren Yaohua glanced into the garden, and obviously she also faintly heard someone in the garden.

Ren Yaoqi smiled at her: “It’s nothing, I just seemed to hear the voices of daddy and third brother. I originally wanted to say hello in the past, but found that there are others with them. I still can’t go there.”

Ren Yaohua stopped asking and took the lead to the Ronghua Academy. Ren Yaohua took another look at the direction of the garden before leaving behind Ren Yaohua.

In the Ronghua Yard, the main room of the old lady Ren is busy. When Ren Yaohua and Ren Yaoqi went in, they saw that besides the old lady Ren, Ren Yaoyin and Ren Yaoyu, there were also a woman in her thirties and an eleven or twelve-year-old woman.

The woman is beautiful but has an unhealthy sallow

, The body seems to be sick.

The woman sitting next to her looks similar to her, except that her eyes are not as big as a woman’s, but are obliquely long single eyelids. She has an excellent complexion, fair and translucent, and the color of her lips is dull.

They all said that she covered the three ugliness, but she was not ugly, so she looked very watery.

“Why are you here?” The old lady Ren was a little surprised seeing Ren Yaohua and Ren Yaoqi walking in.

“I’m here to find the fourth sister.” Ren Yaohua smiled and walked over to salute the old lady.

The old lady Ren did not ask any more when she heard the words. As for what Ren Yaoqi came for, she didn’t even care.

“These are the two daughters of the third family,” the old lady Ren said to Mrs. Han, and then instructed the two sisters: “Mrs. Han and Miss Han. You haven’t seen them before, so let’s see them in the past.”

Ren Yaohua and Ren Yaoqi stepped forward to meet the Han mother and daughter.

“I heard Aunt Xiao mentioned that all the young ladies of the Ren family are really out there. I saw it today.” Mrs. Han smiled and pulled Ren Yaohua and Ren Yaoqi up one by one, and looked up.

People like Aunt Xiao, who are very popular, have always spoken good things to the customers who mentioned her, not bad things.

The old lady Ren smiled and said, “The Han girl still looks like a pretty girl.”

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