Scheme of the Official Descendant

Chapter 25: Korean girl

Girl Han buried her head shyly when she heard the words, looking a little shy.

Ren Yaohua raised a smile to the old lady Ren: “I looked at the Han sister sitting here a little stiff, how about letting our sisters greet her?”

Ren Yaohua in front of Mrs. Ren is different from the taciturn in front of Ren Shimin, but a lively and cheerful appearance.

Old lady Ren smiled and said, “I think it’s you little monkey who wants to make new playmates, right? Sister You is a gentle girl who knows the rules, don’t scare people.”

Sister You should be called Miss Han Jia, so Ren Yaohua cast a somewhat joking look at Han You.

Han You hurriedly said, “I also like Ren’s sisters very much, and I am thinking about finding opportunities to get close.”

Mrs. Han glanced at her daughter with a smile, and said to Mrs. Ren: “She doesn’t like to go out on weekdays. She moved to Baihe Town for a year and has not made a few friends of the same age. The girls who met Ren’s family today are very happy. .”

The old lady Ren laughed and said, “If this is the case, let them play with the younger ones. Yin’er, Hua’er, Ying’er, please entertain Sister You, don’t neglect the guests.”

Mrs. Ren is a kind and tolerant elder in front of guests most of the time.

Ren Yaohua and Ren Yaoyin hurriedly responded.

The old lady Ren looked at Ren Yaoqi who was standing on the side, and said gently and honestly in front of the guests: “Since you are here, you should greet the guests with the two sisters, and you must not be stubborn.”

It seems as if she just ignored her granddaughter because she was too “stubbornly foolish” on weekdays.

If it were in the previous life, Ren Yaoqi would definitely feel wronged and sad, but now he has a heartbreak and bowed his head in response.

She taught Ren Yaohua not to lose the favor of Mrs. Ren, but she did not intend to please her by herself.

For some people, no matter how hard you try to please her, she will not hesitate to sacrifice you in the end.

It’s not difficult to please the old lady Ren to get her attention by living a life again. It’s just that she is not willing to waste this effort!

A few people went to the Nuang Pavilion in the east, which is now the living place of Ren Yaoyin and Ren Yaoying.

Ren Yaoyin consciously assumed the responsibility of the master, and condemned the maid-in-law to prepare tea and snacks, doing everything in an orderly manner, very much like her mother and wife.

“What kind of pastime does Miss Han like to do at home?” Ren Yaohua ignored Ren Yaoying, another owner of the Dongnuan Pavilion, and led Miss Han Jia to take her seat. She has lived here longer than Ren Yaoyin and is familiar with Dongnuan Pavilion.

Ren Yaoying concealed her dissatisfaction and sat down until Ren Yaoqi started.

Han You looked at Ren Yaohua who had a bright smile and looked at Ren Yaoyin who was holding back his unhappiness, feeling a little at a loss.

“My third elder sister likes to play chess and female celebrities, fifth elder sister likes to play piano and read books, and ninth sister and I like to write and draw. That’s why the third elder sister asked Ms. Han what kind of pastime you like.” Ren Yaoqi looked at Han You with a smile.

“Sister Han just came, so you revealed the bottom of the sisters at home.” Ren Yaoyin walked over and patted Ren Yaoqi on the shoulder pretentiously.

Han You finally became less cautious, and pursed his lips and smiled: “I like to read, and occasionally learn to write and paint with my brother, but unfortunately I don’t have a good aptitude to paint. Don’t call me girl Han, if you don’t mind. Just call me sister You.”

Ren Yaoqi looked at her secretly, and saw that her words and deeds were pretty big. Although I look a little shy, it may be because I rarely interact with outsiders.

Ren Yaoqi became curious about the Han family. He saw that Mrs. Han and her pair of children were well-rested people, but in her previous life, she had only heard that Gongzi Han was a handsome young man who only learned to be handsome, just because he was big. Most of the time, he was studying in a famous academy in Yunyang City, so few people have met him.

As for the rest of the Han family, she had no impression at all. I vaguely remembered that Mrs. Han would die soon, and Miss Han began to stay home because of her mother’s filial piety.

“Are there no other sisters in Sister You’s house?” Ren Yaoqi asked curiously. “There are many sisters in my family, except for the third, fourth, and ninth sisters sitting here, as well as the married eldest sister. Sister. Next to the East Mansion are the seventh sister from the uncle’s family and the sixth sister from the capital with the fourth uncle. Oh, and…”

“Five sisters, your long elder sister and sister made me faint, don’t mention Sister You.” Ren Yaoyin smiled and shook his head to interrupt Ren Yaoqi.

Han You enviously said: “It’s so lively that you have so many sisters, my family is only my brother and me.”

Ren Yaoyin gently comforted: “You will come to play often in the future, just treat our sisters as your sisters.”

Han You’s face darkened: “Grandfather and father don’t like us going out often, I’m afraid I won’t be able to come often in the future.”

“Why don’t you let you go out?” Ren Yaoyu asked curiously.

Han You bowed his head: “Grandma said that women should be calm and self-respect, and it is always bad to run out. My mother and I don’t go out on weekdays. Today, my grandmother only let my mother come. I begged my grandmother to allow me to come. of.”

Everyone couldn’t believe it.

Because Yanbei was once ruled by the Liao people, the Yanbei people never really succumbed to the iron cavalry of the Liao people. Later, under the leadership of the Yanbei king, the Yanbei people drove the Liao people out of the north of the Great Wall. Perhaps because of this historical background, the Yanbei people are much more open than the southerners, and even the defense between men and women is not as strict as that in the south. It is normal for the ladies of the family to make friends and play on weekdays.

Now I am afraid that even the aristocratic families in the south do not have the strict family traditions of the Han family.

“You really don’t go out on weekdays? Follow your elders to visit relatives and friends, go to the monastery to worship Buddha…None of these?” Ren Yaoyu asked. Even when she was born as a concubine, she had the opportunity to show her face on weekdays.

Han You blushed and shook his head: “When I was in Jizhou, there were still family contacts. After arriving in Baihe Town…this is my first time to go out today.”

Sister Ren’s family can’t say anything.

Mrs. Han talked for a while with the old lady Ren and the old lady who came later, and declined old lady Ren’s meal, and sent someone to call Han You back.

It is rare for Han You to have so many peers chatting together, and he was extremely reluctant, but he got up without saying anything.

“Will you go to my house to play in the future?” Han You invited.

The Ren sisters all smiled and said okay, and sent Han You out together.

Ren Yaoqi saw that the mother and daughter of the Han family had left, and didn’t want to stay in the Ronghua Yuan anymore, so he said goodbye to Mrs. Ren Yaohua stayed and spoke with the old lady.

Ren Yaoqi walked back, thinking about the Han family, and couldn’t help stopping when he walked to the garden.

After thinking for a moment, he told the maid behind him: “My father previously told me to find him before lunch. Xi’er and Sydney will follow. Qingmei will take them back to the yard first.”

Xi’er is the big maid in Li’s room and just came here with her.

Qingmei looked at Sydney and said with a smile: “The slave and maid should stay and serve the young lady, right? You are only accompanied by two people, I’m afraid that you won’t be able to serve.”

Xi’er snarled coldly: “Miss lets you go. If you still don’t know what up and down is superior and inferior, then go to Mother Zhou and get a board before talking!”

Qingmei now dares not to be presumptuous to the maid in the main house, she can only look at Ren Yaoqi in favor.

Ren Yaoqi has turned around and left.

Xi’er and Sydney hurriedly followed, Qingmei silently poked at Xi’er’s back before turning away.

“Miss, if these little hooves are sent out because they are not going well. You are the lady of the Ren family, and you still lack the person to call?” Xi’er said, while giving a pointed glance at Sydney.

Ren Yaoqi also turned his head and glanced at Sydney. She hurriedly lowered her head, her attitude becoming more respectful.

Ren Yaoqi smiled lightly and said to Xi’er: “This cat and dog will have feelings after being around for a long time, let alone a close person who is waiting for you? I looked at Sydney and it was a good one. You will be free in the future. Give her some advice, given time, she may not be on the stage.”

She was overjoyed on the face of Sydney, and she hit the snake with the stick: “Thanks to the maidservant, and sister Xier. The maidservant will live up to her promotion.”

Xi’er snorted softly and didn’t say anything bad in front of Ren Yaoqi. *****

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