Scheme of the Official Descendant

Chapter 27: Chess is like character

Ren Yijun was stunned for a while, and then snorted: “You girl is just a fluke.” After saying that, he followed Han Yunqian’s previous chess path for a while, staring at Ren Yaoqi, “What should you do next? under?”

Ren Yaoqi wrinkled her nose at her, took out another piece from the chess pot, and gently put it down.

Ren Yijun frowned and walked again.

The two of you come and go, and Ren Yijun followed Han Yunqian’s previous path, and Ren Yaoqi cracked one by one. In the end, it miraculously reversed Ren Shimin’s previous defeat.

At the end, Ren Yijun’s side actually lost three sons.

“How is this possible?” Ren Yijun stared at Ren Yaoqi in disbelief.

Ren Shimin laughed loudly, and said with an expression of You Rongyan: “Yaoyao can be regarded as avenging her dad!”

“Huh! Come again!” Ren Yijun played another game, the first chess game between Ren Shimin and Han Yunqian.

This time, he no longer underestimated the enemy, and made some changes based on Ren Yaoqi’s chess path, sometimes thinking carefully. However, Ren Yaoqi played extremely fast, often it was Ren Yijun who made the move and she followed, just as she remembered her mentality no matter how the chess game changed.

In this round, Ren Yi lost two shots.

In this way, even Ren Shimin, who had been watching the excitement, became serious.

Ren Yijun glanced at Ren Yaoqi, then silently placed his previous match with Han Yunqian. It’s just that he is playing Han Yunqian’s chess, and Ren Yaoqi is playing his previous path.

In the Nuan Pavilion, the two men were engrossed, and Ren Yaoqi also put his cheeks down, and said nothing.

Time passed by every minute, and Ren Yijun played all the games he faced today. Surprisingly, he originally lost Han Yunqian’s few sons, but Ren Yaoqi won his few sons in the end, not more than one.

It was okay at the beginning, but Ren Yijun’s face became more stinky as he went down to the back. When the dust settled in the last round, Ren Yijun suddenly lost his temper, slapped the table and stared at Ren Yaoqi: “What do you mean!”

Ren Shimin also noticed something was wrong, and frowned at Ren Yaoqi disapprovingly: “Yaoyao, dad didn’t realize that you are so talented in chess. But dad may have forgotten to teach you before. The most important thing is chess quality. Chess quality is like character. Whenever you respect your opponent, you should at least do it. If you can’t do this, no matter how good your chess skills are, you will be looked down upon. Since you can Winning is more beautiful, why do you want to fool your third brother?”

Ren Yaoqi looked at them with surprise when he heard this, and then said to Ren Shimin with a grieved expression: “Daddy, isn’t the daughter rehearsing the game with the third brother? I thought I was going to follow the previous path of the son of Han. I… …I’m not going to play around with Brother…”

Ren Shimin looked at Ren Yaoqi’s sobbing appearance, and hurriedly said: “Yaoyao, Daddy is not blaming you. Daddy is just worried…”

“Wait, you said you were following Yun Qian’s chess path?” Ren Yijun interrupted Ren Shimin in astonishment.

Ren Shimin was also stunned: “That’s what Yun Qian did?”

Ren Yaoqi nodded affirmatively and looked innocent: “Yeah, haven’t you found that Young Master Han always beats you a little bit? No more than five sons at most. I am very happy to see you lose, and I thought it was. It’s a popular method recently.”

Ren Yijun’s face was pale: “How is this possible!”

Seeing that she didn’t believe it, Ren Yaoqi moved a few pieces on the chessboard, and said while making gestures: “Look, when you get here, he can obviously win you like this… simply and neatly.”

On the chessboard, Ren Yijun’s situation took a turn for the worse, and it was no longer the stalemate that was evenly matched.

“But he didn’t do this,” Ren Yaoqi glanced sympathetically at Ren Yijun. “Young Master Han may be kind, I’m afraid that your loss is too ugly. After all, the two will have to communicate with each other in the future, which gives you some face. .”

Seeing that Ren Yijun still refused to believe that he had been playing with the enemy before he tried his best.

Ren Yaoqi shook his head, and restored the previous games one by one, but after the game changed drastically, Ren Yijun lost most of his chess every time.

Ren Yijun’s face can be described as black as the bottom of a pot in the end.

Ren Shimin watched the game dumbfounded, and finally sighed and touched Ren Yaoqi’s head: “Okay, Yaoyao, don’t be angry with your third brother. He hates others for disrespecting opponents when they play chess.”

“Humph!” Ren Yijun snorted coldly, and turned his head away, really angry.

Ren Yaoqi said casually: “Daddy once said that you can tell a person’s temperament from the number of ways a person plays chess. Han Gongzi has a very good chess skill, but he likes to hide his true strength. He clearly can win. Beautiful but not profitable. I always feel a little too… accident.”

Ren Shimin couldn’t help thinking.

Ren Yaoqi slowly picked up the chess pieces on the chessboard, and carefully put them back into the fine white porcelain chess jar one by one.

“Originally, I looked at him very congenially, and I wanted to make friends later. Looking at him now, this kind of temperament is really unpleasant!” Ren Yijun said with a cold face, he himself has a weird temper and often turns his face. Just like turning over a book, the face returned to his usual gloom at this moment.

Ren Shimin sighed: “There are no perfect people in this world, and there are still very few people who have both talents and virtues. Young Master Han is also from a merchant family. He is the only male in the Han family in his generation. He said that he usually except In the academy in Yunyang City, it is normal to follow the elders in the family to travel north and south, and it is quite normal that some merchants will be cautious.” Speaking of Ren Jia is also a merchant, Ren Shimin has always been a little contemptuous of merchants.

This analysis was reasonable, Ren Yaoqi thought happily while covering the chess jar.

She didn’t care much about the sentence “Chess is like character”. She didn’t care whether the young man Han really made chess deliberately, or whether his original chess skills were really similar to Ren Shimin and Ren Yijun.

She just didn’t want the two men in front of her to have a good impression of Han Yunqian, so good that she wouldn’t be reconciled if he didn’t abduct him to the house as her son-in-law and brother-in-law.

Although she didn’t know whether the Han family was unlucky in the last life of the last life, the Han family had a kick, but keeping a distance from the Han family was a safe practice.

She did not blame herself for secretly slandering a man’s character like this. A man who broke his promise in the marriage contract, no matter what reason he has, she is disgusted.

After the man has retired, he can still marry his beautiful girl. The woman was ruined for her life. The tragedy of Ren Yaohua in the previous life was caused by both the Han family and the Ren family.

After this incident, another two days passed. The Han family sent a post inviting Ren Shimin and Ren Yijun to visit the Han Mansion. Ren Shimin was busy mounting the painting at the time, so he politely declined. Ren Yijun simply said that he was ill, without seeing anyone.

After that, the Han family invited two more times. Neither Ren Shimin nor Ren Yijun went, but the fifth master Ren Shimao and the young master Ren Yiyan went once.

It’s almost the end of the year in a blink of an eye, and this winter is extremely cold. People can’t go out unless they go out, and socializing in winter is also a lot less, and the Han family did not send any more posts.

Ren Yaoyu’s ban was finally relieved, but she couldn’t go back to the old lady’s yard. Since then, she and Ren Yaoying have become enemies. The attitude towards Ren Yaohua, whom she originally regarded as an enemy, has eased a lot.

Another change is that the third young master Ren Yijun, who has a weird temper and has a cold relationship with all his brothers and sisters, suddenly becomes kind to Miss Wu. I often braved the wind and snow and came to the Ziwei Academy to find the fifth lady Ren Yaoqi to play chess. This made everyone in the Ren family puzzled and surprised, but the three masters were calm as before. *******Thank you okeeffe and Najia Xuefei for the present~^^******Mei Nan has finished the article:

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