Scheme of the Official Descendant

Chapter 28: Eavesdrop

Lee’s illness is all cured, but he still doesn’t like to go out. Apart from greeting the elders of the Ronghua Academy every day, they basically stay at home.

On this day, both Ren Yaoqi and Ren Yaohua were in the main house of Li’s house, following Li’s and Mother Zhou’s sewing.

The juniors and boys of the Ren family followed the Xixi Xixi in the mansion to study in the outer courtyard. Girls are literate with their mothers. Fortunately, the female relatives of Ren’s family are not born at a low age.

Or something like Ren Yaoqi, which my father and brother are willing to teach. Generally, such women are either extraordinarily favored or indeed have some talent.

As for other things, such as stitches, talents, etc., Ren’s family also specially invited Xiu Niang and her husband into the house. It’s just that classes usually start at the beginning of the spring, and they leave school around the Mid-Autumn Festival. On weekdays, everyone is not forced to attend classes. It is all personal hobbies. No one will be held accountable for those who fished for three days and dried the net for two days.

As for why the Ren family did not pay much attention to women’s education, why would they spend money to hire female husbands? It can only be said that this was popular among the big families at that time. Others invite female husbands, but yours does not invite them.

Ren Yaoqi was telling a joke with Li and the others. Everyone was too happy. The atmosphere in the room was cheerful. Suddenly she heard the maid Que’er frowning and turning to the clean room. The direction snorted softly: “Who is out there!”

Everyone was taken aback, Li even accidentally pierced his hand with an embroidery needle.

“What are you doing! Surprised!” Mother Zhou immediately got up and walked over.

Que’er hurriedly said guilt: “The slave servant just heard movement in the clean room, it seems that someone accidentally kicked the wooden horse in the clean room.”

There is a small clean room in the inner room of the west room of Li’s main house. The clean room has a north door. In order to facilitate the delivery of water from the backyard to the clean room, it is connected to the backyard.

Mother Zhou hurriedly walked into the clean room to check, and found no one, only saw a horse that was placed beside the north gate curtain kicked down, proving that someone had come in just now. She deliberately opened the curtain of the north door of the clean room and looked to the backyard. The backyard of Ziweiyuan is very narrow, and it is only seven or eight steps away from the north gate of the clean room to the last one under the eaves. Because it is winter, there is no half-person outside quietly. Because the snow in the courtyard must be cleaned three times a day, especially the middle aisle, only a few shallow lines of footprints can be seen, all leading to the small kitchen in the backyard dedicated to boiling water in winter. Mother Zhou stared at the footprints for a while, then put down the curtain and went back.

Ren Yaohua put down the embroidered shed in his hand and got up and walked over. When she met the mother Zhou who came back from the investigation, she said with a cold expression: “Is the person in the backyard who just came to eavesdrop?”

Xi’er said in air: “This group of people is really lawless. It’s just a sneaky eavesdropping at night, and they are so blatant in the day! What a shame!”

Ren Yaohua looked at Xi’er and was frightened and angry: “What! They have eavesdropped before? Why didn’t you tell me?”

Xi’er glanced at Li after hearing this, and lowered her head in embarrassment.

Li sighed and relieved the maid: “I didn’t let them tell you. I didn’t hear anything from them anyway. Let’s forget it. I also heard that the people living in the backyard of our yard are all different. Backing, it’s not good to offend anyone.”

“Mother!” Ren Yaohua stomped angrily.

Mother Zhou hurriedly said: “Madam also thinks that more is worse than less, and the third lady don’t be angry with your wife.”

Naturally, Ren Yaohua would not be angry with Li, she was just a little dissatisfied with Li’s calm attitude. It is precisely because of Li’s fear of fear that other people can ride on them and do their best.

“These people, if you don’t give them some color, they will have to take a good look. Now they can even eavesdrop on the master’s words, and maybe they can do something in the future! Mother, this is to tolerate and raise the traitor!”

Having said that, Ren Yaohua turned his head to look at Ren Yaoqi, squinting her gaze and provoking three points: “Aren’t you saying that those people can’t move? Could it be that we just endure them like this and do nothing?”

Ren Yaoqi thought about the boldness of the group of people, and felt a little unhappy. He shook his head and said: “I didn’t say that those people can’t move, but they can’t pass your hand to clean up, nor can they be in a hurry. “

Ren Yaoqi lifted his chin. Coldly said: “So you want to help? I don’t care what you want to do. Anyway, if you can’t solve their problems before the New Year, I will use my method to drive people away! As long as I think of asking me and My mother lives in the sneaky eyes of those people every day, and I can’t swallow that breath.”

“Why are you arguing again?” Li was anxious on the side, fearing that the two daughters would make a big deal with each other. The relationship between the two has finally eased a little bit lately, and she will have a very headache if it becomes froze again.

Ren Yaoqi was not as angry as everyone expected. He just groaned for a moment, then calmly nodded: “I know, I will take care of these people.” After that, he added, “Before the New Year. .”

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, especially Li, who once again sighed that his little daughter had grown up.

Seeing that Ren Yaoqi had a good attitude, and that this incident cannot be said to be Ren Yaoqi’s fault, Ren Yaohua was silent on the contrary. She was a little uncomfortable, and she was unwilling to put down her body to apologize for her previous tone, and only nodded coldly. Said: “If you need help, you can ask someone to find the turnip by my side, and she will help you.”

Ren Yaoqi smiled at her: “I see.”

This laugh stunned everyone, Ren Yaohua said nothing.

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