Scheme of the Official Descendant

Chapter 29: Dad's swordsmanship

“Miss Five…”

Ren Yaoqi paused and looked back.

Mother Zhou stood at the door between Ming and Zuo Ci and called her softly.

Glancing at the inner room of the left chamber, Ren Yaoqi made a gesture to Mother Zhou. Mother Zhou understood, and lightly followed Ren Yaoqi to the western chamber.

“Mother, she always sleeps lightly. Once she wakes up, it will be difficult to fall asleep. Mother may as well say here if she has something to say.” Ren Yaoqi.

Mother Zhou looked at Ren Yaoqi and sighed with a smile: “Miss Fifth, you…really changed a lot. The wife is very happy, and the servants are very happy.”

Ren Yaoqi smiled, which shows how a headache she was when she was a child? The memory of her childhood is very vague, because she has carried too much pain, she always avoids reminding herself.

“Mother, what do you want to say to me?” Ren Yaohua had already returned first, and Ren Yaoqi thought that Mother Zhou might have something to say to her alone. This is an unprecedented experience.

Mother Zhou thought for a while and said, “When the slave and maid went to the clean room to check, she found a few lines of footprints on the snow outside.”

“The mother can tell whose footprints it is? I remember my mother asked for hot water twice at noon.” Ren Yaoqi asked.

Mother Zhou nodded: “It was difficult to tell the difference. The thick-soled cotton shoes worn by the women in the backyard to keep warm are relatively large. Most of the maids like to dislike those thick-soled cotton shoes. I often waited in the house, so I would rather wear embroidered cotton shoes by some cold. But just now the servant girl saw a pair of boot prints in those footprints.”

Ren Yaoqi smiled interestedly when he heard the words: “Mother observed carefully, but do you know the owner of the boots?”

Mother Zhou nodded affirmatively: “Lady Guan, who is in charge of the firewood, wore a pair of small deerskin boots today. Because the boots were small and did not fit her feet, she was a little bit when she walked… the maids secretly laughed at her. The servant heard it.”

“Ms. Guan?” Ren Yaoqi turned his head and thought, vaguely remembering that she was a long and strong woman, and she had some contacts with Mother Zhu in her room on weekdays.

“Her daughter is a second-class maid in Miss Nine’s room.” After the reminder of Ren Yaoqi after Mother Zhou came back, she quickly figured out the details of all the people in the yard.

“Sister Nine?” Ren Yaoqi pondered.

Originally, she had guessed that the person who was eavesdropping today must have no relationship with Aunt Fang, after all, people in other rooms would not be interested in the small talk between their mother and daughter. Just relying on her counterpart’s aunt’s understanding, Aunt Fang shouldn’t send such a careless woman over to blatantly listen to the corner, 80% of this woman wants to please the other side’s own opinion.

“Why didn’t you tell me before?” Ren Yaoqi asked.

Madam Zhou hesitated after hearing the words, and then sighed: “Miss Fifth, you know the temper of Miss Third. If you let her know who the eavesdropper is, she will definitely make trouble. Slaves, slaves are still afraid of her. I was caught in the trap of others. So I thought that I would not mention it for the time being. Although you are young, Miss Five, you know the priorities. In addition, you just said that you have to deal with those people. The slave and maid just wanted to tell you. So that you can do things later.”

Ren Yaoqi nodded: “I know, so let’s not talk about it for now.” Then he asked again, “Do you know who this old lady Guan doesn’t agree with on weekdays?”

Mother Zhou glanced at Ren Yaoqi with a little surprise. Seeing that she was only smiling, she didn’t see any other meanings, so she didn’t rush to ask more. After thinking about it, she nodded and said, “There is one, it is the backyard. Mrs. Liu who takes care of hot water.”

Ren Yaoqi originally just asked casually, after all, it took a few days for Mother Zhou to come back with Li, and she didn’t necessarily know about it, but it seemed that she had underestimated Mother Zhou.

“Is it the old lady Liu whose niece is in charge of the fifth wife?”

“Yes, that’s her. This hot water woman can still exchange some money with hot water from a generous maid on weekdays. The woman who manages firewood and charcoal fires has enough supply for ordinary firewood and charcoal fire. The finest silver charcoal is strictly controlled, and open flames are not allowed in the lower rooms, so there are not too many benefits. Lady Guan is extremely dissatisfied that Lady Liu, who was transferred from the outer courtyard, is better than her. , I often feel embarrassed when Mrs. Liu asks her for firewood. The two do not like each other. Although the two have not made a big fuss, the people in the yard know that they are not in harmony.”

Ren Yaoqi pondered for a moment and nodded to Grandma Zhou: “I see, thank you Grandma for telling me this.”

The time for her to’waking up’ was still short. Although she secretly inquired about the people in the yard, it was impossible for her to inquire so clearly and meticulously as Mother Zhou.

Seeing that Ren Yaoqi had stood up while speaking, Mother Zhou couldn’t help asking: “Miss Fifth, seeing the New Year’s Eve is coming, can you think of a way? If Miss Ren San makes trouble by then, I’m afraid It is our Ziwei courtyard that will suffer a big loss.” Mother Zhou always remembered those who were analyzed by the Yaoqi last time, otherwise she would not let those people pester in the Ziwei courtyard.

Ren Yaoqi smiled at Mother Zhou, “Don’t worry, mother, maybe you will need your help soon.”

Madam Zhou hurriedly said, “Where the lady said, and if there is anything to be a servant, the lady will just give her orders.”

Ren Yaoqi came out of Li’s main house, and when he passed the Xikuayuan, he found the sound of sword dancing and a soft, rhythmic shout inside.

Ren Yaoqi’s body couldn’t help but stop, she stood outside the gate of Xikuayuan for a long time, until the maid behind her sneezed coldly and she recovered.

“I’m going to see Daddy.” She said softly, seeming to be talking to herself.

As soon as he walked into the Xikuayuan, Ren Yaoqi saw Ren Shimin in the snow in the courtyard dancing with a three-foot long sword in his hands, making the sound of the sword sound like a dragon. The pure white robe with wide sleeves flew quickly with his sword posture, and the blade of the sword occasionally reflected a dazzling snow light. Looks like it’s true.

Seeing Ren Yaoqi walking in, Ren Shimin pulled up a sword flower and regained his sword strength, and said with some contentment to Ren Yaoqi: “Yaoyao, has Dad’s swordsmanship improved again?”

If it was before, Ren Yaoqi would definitely follow his meaning and praise him.

However, Ren Yaoqi just stared at the sword in his hand blankly and said softly: “It’s very beautiful, but it’s a pity it’s all pretty.”

Ren Shimin disagreed: “What do kids know? This time I entered Beijing, even the **** masters only exaggerated their swordsmanship when they saw me. They played against me several times, and they all lost in my hands.”

Ren Yaoqi looked at his father, closed his eyes, and said affirmatively: “Daddy, your daughter didn’t lie to you. Your swordsmanship is just a gimmick, and it’s vulnerable to a truly martial artist.”

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