Scheme of the Official Descendant

Chapter 3: sister

She vaguely remembered that when her mother and third sister came back from the previous life, she did not go to see her mother in time because of her worsening condition. However, when her father returned a few days later, she wore the clothes and jewelry his father brought her from Kyoto to go out to meet guests.

The third sister, Ren Yaohua, looked at her even more unpleasant.

Ren Yaohua hated her for failing to take her mother to heart, and her unkindness.

She also blamed her mother for treating her sister a thousand times better than her. She was willing to accompany her sister to the village to endure hardships, but left her alone in the house for her aunt to look after her. Even if she was seriously ill, she never sent anyone to see her. The doctor who treated her sent her to the third sister who had no problems.

When Ren Yaoqi thought he had forgotten, the past gradually became clear again. At this time, looking at those things back then, she naturally saw the nuances in it.

Someone was playing tricks in the dark, provoke her and Ren Yaohua’s relationship everywhere.

“Miss Wu? If you don’t drink anymore, the medicine will be cold.” Kumquat frowned when she saw her looking at the medicine bowl, and hurriedly accompanied her smiling face.

Ren Yaoqi frowned and took the medicine bowl and moved to his lips. Kumquat saw that she was willing to drink. Just when he was about to breathe a sigh of relief, Ren Yaoqi removed the medicine bowl again, frowning more tightly: “How do I feel that today’s medicine looks more bitter?”

Kumquat’s heart jumped, his eyes swept into the medicine bowl, and he smiled forcefully: “How come? Miss, you haven’t entered yet…”

Ren Yaoqi squinted at her from the corner of her eye, and said arrogantly: “This lady has been ill for a long time and became a doctor, and she knows that today’s medicine is bitter!”


Kumquat resisted his temper and squeezed out a smiling face. Wanting to continue to persuade him, Ren Yaoqi said again, “You go to Aunt Fang and ask for a plate of ebony scallops, which is marinated with mint leaves and honey. Sprinkled with snow sugar.”

Kumquat’s mouth twitched. It turned out that it was so difficult to speak today because of gluttony, but he was relieved and stood up and said, “The slave and maid will go now.” He turned around and went out.

Seeing that her figure disappeared in the inner room, Ren Yaoqi put away the proud color on his face, put on a thick cotton jacket and got out of the bed, holding the medicine bowl and walked behind the screen in the inner room. The medicine was poured into the pail of Christ.

After that, I went back to the bed and sat down, thinking about it, and applying the few drops of concoction left in the bowl to the corners of my lips.

Kumquat came back soon. I was taken aback when I saw that the medicine bowl was empty. Ren Yaoqi was already a little impatient and said, “Why have you been here for a while! You want to die for me!”

Kumquat hurriedly handed over a plate of ebony silk in his hand, Ren Yaoqi used the silver drill beside the plate to take a piece of the entrance, and then half-squinted his eyes with satisfaction: “It’s so sweet—”

Kumquat’s eyes were secretly looking at the medicine bowl, and then looked at Ren Yaoqi. When she saw that there was still concoction on the corner of her mouth, she was satisfied and smiled more sincerely: “This ebony is for my aunt. My mother’s secret method can’t be eaten anywhere else. This year there was a lot of rain, and several gardens with good green plums in the north were flooded, so my aunt only preserved such a jar. Miss Nine said last time If you want to eat, your aunt will not give it, saying that you want to keep it for Miss Fifth. Because of this, Miss Nine has been with our aunt for several days.”

Seeing that the curtain outside moved, Ren Yaoqi suddenly turned his head and blinked at Kumquat. He smiled and said, “Thank you for telling me this. It turns out that Sister Nine is so small, you don’t know if you don’t tell me. But don’t worry. I won’t let her know that you told me bad things about her.”

Kumquat’s face turned white when she heard that, she didn’t say Miss Jiu’s embarrassment behind her back.

“Miss Five, I…”

Ren Yaoqi interrupted her, took off a lustrous and transparent white jade bracelet from her hand bowl and handed it to Jinju: “I never treat myself badly. This is a reward for you.”

Kumquat glanced at the bracelet, his heart jumped, but the retort he was about to say was swallowed.

She looked around, carefully received the bracelet into her sleeve, and said softly: “Maidservant would like to thank Miss Wu for the reward.”

Ren Yaoqi covered her mouth and yawned: “I’m sleepy. I want to sleep for a while. Go down.”

“Yes, Miss Fifth.” After waiting for Ren Yaoqi to lie down, Kumquat stepped back.

Ren Yaoqi waited for a while, then whispered: “Who is out?”

After some rustling noises, two maids, Qingmei and Sydney, opened the curtains and came in.

“Miss, what’s your order?” Qingmei eagerly stepped forward.

Ren Yaoqi said: “You come and wait for me to get up and get dressed.”

Qingmei smiled and said: “Miss, what are you going to do to tell the servant girl, don’t get up, right?” His eyes glanced at Ren Yaoqi’s wrist.

Ren Yaoqi pretended not to see her sight, and said with a smile, “This lady wants to go to the toilet, can you do it?”

Qingmei hurriedly said, “Well, just put on the jacket.”

Ren Yaoqi frowned: “You want me to catch a cold, but you still want me to be out of order when I go to the toilet!”

What kind of system do you need to use the toilet? Isn’t it the same on weekdays? Green plum is ashamed.

Sydney on the side hurriedly stepped forward and said, “Miss, don’t be angry, just wait for you to dress.” She winked at Qingmei to stop her talking.

Sydney waited on Ren Yaoqi to put on a thick coat and a pleated skirt.

“Go and get my thick cloak of lynx skin.” Ren Yaoqi told Sydney.

Sydney was surprised. Is this the dress for going out?

“Miss? Are you going out?” Qingmei has already asked.

Ren Yaoqi ignored her and only glanced at Sydney.

Sydney was swept away by her eyes, and she had to get up: “Hey, the slave girl will go.” Before turning around, she winked at Qingmei.

Qingmei smiled and said, “Miss, where are you going? You talk to the servant girl, and the servant girl can make arrangements.”

Seeing Ren Yaoqi ignored her, her eyes rolled: “The slave and maid will prepare a furnace for you, so that you won’t catch a cold when you go out.” Turning around and leaving.

“Standing.” Ren Yaoqi called in a low voice, although it was only a soft word, it made Qingmei’s footsteps stop.

“Go and find my long chain with two hundred and fifty-six beads.”

“Yes, miss.” Although Qingmei desperately wanted to report to Mother Zhu, she didn’t dare to violate Ren Yaoqi, so she hurriedly went to the dressing table and found a bunch of powder the size of a thumb covered in a short while. The long chain of white and gold pearls is here.

“Miss, the slave and maid will bring you?” This chain is too long. If Ren Yaoqi wears it, she has to go around three or four times. Normally, she doesn’t want to wear it. For some reason, I suddenly remembered it today.

Ren Yaoqi shook his head: “I think this chain is rustic, you can change it for me.”

“Huh?” Qingmei was stunned. “How can I change the lady?”

Ren Yaoqi pointed to the pearl above and said: “Take it apart, one pink, one white, and one gold are mixed with strings like this.”

Ome went to the closet with a bitter face to look for needlework.

At this time, Sydney had found the lynx-skinned crane cloak. Seeing that Qingmei had not left in the house, she couldn’t help but frown.

Ren Yaoqi asked Sydney to comb her hair briefly, put on the crane cloak, and went out.

“The green plum leaves a string of beads, and Sydney comes with me.”

After a glance with Qingmei, Sydney hesitated for a moment, and then rushed forward to draw a curtain for Ren Yaoqi.

This was the first time Ren Yaoqi went out in two days. When the curtain outside was lifted, the cold wind was wrapped in goose feathers and the big snowflakes whirled towards him. The ice scum hit his face pain.

Even though he was wearing a thick dress, his body was still warm, but his face was frozen in an instant, and snowflakes were stained on his eyelashes, and he blinked and opened a flower, blurring his vision.

She hasn’t seen the wind and snow in the north for many years.

“Miss is cold outside, should you go back?” Sydney cautiously persuaded.

Ren Yaoqi ignored it. She pulled down the hood on her head, covering most of her face, and then walked towards the main room without looking back. The faster she walked, she actually trot. Up.

“Miss Fifth, slip carefully—” Sydney chased after her.

The Ziwei Courtyard is not small, and the West Chamber is separated from the main room by a hallway and a large courtyard.

Ren Yaoqi rushed along the veranda, and when he came out of the porch door tube connecting the hand veranda, he almost stepped on the half-melted snow under the main eaves porch and slipped, but he was really standing in front of the main house. At that time, I was a little bit timid.

A few gleams of light leaked under the indigo blue embroidered golden and jade curtain, Ren Yaoqi vaguely heard someone talking in the main room.

“Miss Fifth.” The maid on duty originally saw a tightly wrapped figure running along the veranda and was a little puzzled. After seeing through the wind-proof lantern under the veranda, it was Ren Yaoqi who was shocked and hurriedly rushed. After a bow, I hurried in and reported it.

In a short while, the indigo blue curtain was lifted from the inside, and a beautiful girl with apricot eyes and snow skin wearing a silver-red embroidered peony flower fur coat and goose yellow pleated skirt came out.

She was two years old, Ren Yaoqi, who was taller than her peers. She stood under the eaves and looked at her condescendingly. Her pretty face was icy, and the orange lantern light that was covering her could not make her look. Warm the first half minute.

Ren Yaoqi was stunned, and opened his mouth: “Three…”

She didn’t want to say anything yet, but the girl suddenly raised her hand and slapped her face fiercely. The clear and loud applause made everyone present stunned.

“Ren Yaoqi, you still have a face!” The cold voice sounded in Ren Yaoqi’s buzzing ear with some mockery.


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