Scheme of the Official Descendant

Chapter 30: Dig a hole

Ren Shimin’s face stiffened, staring at Ren Yaoqi.

Ren Yaoqi stared back uncompromisingly, and the father and daughter stood in the cold wind and stared.

In the end, Ren Shimin felt that he was indiscriminate with being a child like this, so he coughed and gave himself a step down, and said: “Daddy dances the sword just to strengthen his body and admire the elegance of the ancients. It’s not for fighting against others.”

Ren Yaoqi looked at the precious long sword with amber and agate adorned with amber and agate on the silver hilt in his hand, and suddenly stretched out his hand to take it over.

Ren Shimin took a step back and said in surprise: “Yaoyao, this sword is a real sword. Don’t touch it, it will scratch your hand.”

She naturally knew that this sword was a real sword, and she also knew that her father did not know who he believed in slander outside, and felt that she had an excellent talent for practicing swords. After a few years of practice, she thought she was an extinct master.

So when she went to Ren Shimin to cry in front of Ren Shimin and complained that the Ren family was going to give her to Lu Jianjun, Ren Shimin went to the old lady Ren and Mrs. Ren to make the theory unsuccessful, and took the sword from the wall in the right room of the study. .

“Don’t be afraid of Yaoyao, Dad will go find that Zeng Tan now.” He touched her head to comfort, and then rushed out with a confident sword.

When I came back, it was already separated from the sky.

Ren Yaoqi took a step forward and held the hilt very resolutely: “Daddy, since your sword training is only to strengthen your body and be like a nominee, don’t use this sword.”

Ren Shimin was stunned by Ren Yaoqi’s serious expression, and couldn’t help letting go: “Why?”

The sword fell on Ren Yaoqi’s hand and it was heavy. She held it a little hard, but she still held it tightly in her hand, disgustingly said: “Because this sword is too tacky to look at. Ancient sages are immortal. Bone, how can you use this kind of sword decorated with gold and jade? Besides, there is no need for this kind of bladed sword for physical fitness.”

Ren Shimin looked carefully at the sword in Ren Yaoqi’s hand. He hadn’t felt it before, but after Ren Yaoqi said that, he really felt that the sword was a bit tacky, and couldn’t help but say: “This sword is the fifth brother. It cost a lot of money to find it for me, but it is indeed a little fancy. Or I will ask the steward to find me a more ordinary-looking one tomorrow?”

Ren Yaoqi shook his head: “Daddy, why don’t you consider cutting a bamboo sword by yourself?” A knotted bone is a strong one. If you have no intentions, you will be self-sufficient. After a few strong winds and rains, I would rather bend than bend. The four seasons are still green, not competing with the crowd. “This is the style of a celebrity! Daddy himself often said that no meat makes people thin, and no bamboo makes people vulgar?”

Ren Shimin touched his chin when he heard the words: “Bamboo sword? Isn’t it too childish?”

Ren Yaoqi shook his head earnestly, with some criticisms in his tone: “You don’t like to fight fiercely like those barbaric martial artists! There may be some trifling things in the eyes of the laity, but how do they think we have something to do with ourselves? Because he cares about the eyes of others, he must use this kind of vulgar thing.”

Ren Shimin glared at Ren Yaoqi: “Of course not.”

After thinking about it, he smiled and nodded in agreement, “You also have some truth in what you said. When Dad is free, he will cut a’junzi sword’ by himself.”

Ren Yaoqi breathed a sigh of relief. Many people are impulsive because they feel that they have an edge in their hands and have some support. Weapons can make people bold.

In the future, she will urge her father to practice the kind of “gentleman” sword that can only keep fit!

“I’ll lose this sword for you.” Ren Yaoqi handed the sword in his hand to the maid behind him, regardless of whether Ren Shimin agreed or not.

Fortunately, Ren Shimin is a good-tempered soft persimmon most of the time, and waved his hand indifferently.

Ren Yaoqi took Ren Shimin’s sword and left with satisfaction. Before leaving, he didn’t forget to beat all the maids who were waiting in the study, so that they must praise the three masters when they dance the bamboo sword more than the real sword. Temperament at the time!

It was the twelfth lunar month when the time was watching. Because of her old age, mother Jian, the former foreign affairs steward in Ziwei courtyard, accidentally broke her leg at night and was sent to Zhuangzi outside for recuperation.

The power of foreign affairs management is not small, especially she is also responsible for some procurement matters.

New Year’s Eve is approaching, so the big wife will send someone to take care of things like buying new year goods for the Ren family. It’s just that it is inconvenient to buy something in this Ziwei courtyard. It stands to reason that the Ren family has not yet been separated, and most of the items needed for each house can be obtained from the public. But there are still some things that need to be paid for.

For example, today the third master thinks that the pomegranate flower bonsai in his yard is tacky and wants to be replaced with Phnom Penh Ruixiang. His old man has a temper and said that he needs to change it immediately, so he must change it immediately. Go to find a few pots of Phnom Penh Ruixiang back.

Another example is that when the third master was painting on this day, he suddenly remembered “The rain in the cage is picking the first remnants, and the millet grows cold and the top of the crane is bright. The mouth is sweet as honey, Ning Zhiqi is slightly sour.” The verse, this means that the people from Ziwei Academy are going to find Yangmei for him.

This kind of sudden situation is very common in Ziwei courtyard, especially when the new year is approaching, the situation will increase.

The three masters are picky and demanding, as everyone in the Ren family knows.

But the three masters are generous! As long as it is what he wants, you can get it right away. He doesn’t care how much you spend.

In addition, the other masters and maids in the yard have to buy clothes, jewelry, needles and needles in private… this foreign affairs manager is very rich. Of course, you also need some ways and connections to be competent.

As a result, the minds of the women in the Ziwei courtyard surged.

There is only one veteran maid beside the third wife Li, who can use it now, and there is only one old maid. The rest can be reused by a few big maids. Moreover, there are many things about the old maid, and this foreign affairs manager finally has to follow. It was chosen among the mother-in-laws in the yard.

Sure enough, the next day, I heard the master’s announcement that he would pick one of the second-class mothers from Ziweiyuan to temporarily take the post of foreigner mother.

For a while, the second-class mothers of Ziweiyuan began to try their best to find out the news. Most of these women have some nephews and nephews working in the outer courtyard. If you take this job, you can take the opportunity to make a face in front of the third master in the future.

The original mother Jane’s youngest son had done a few errands for the third master, and finally the third master felt that he was clever and able to do things, so he left him by his side as a personal long-term follower, specially following him out.

The mother Zhu in Ren Yaoqi’s room also turned to Ren Yaoqi to find out the news.

“What? Mother, you don’t want to wait in my room anymore, want to find another way out?” Ren Yaoqi put his cheek in one hand and smiled at Mother Zhu.

“No, it’s not. The slave is helping the maid in the backyard to inquire about it.” Madam Zhu has no other relatives in Ren’s residence, but Madam Guan has a nephew who lives in a group room in the outer yard, and she did not get serious. Errands, only on weekdays waiting for the mansion to assign some errands. Mother Guan promised Mother Zhu some rulers to ask him for help.

Ren Yaoqi thought for a while: “I seem to have heard a sentence or two from Mother Zhou, saying that it was her mother who fell in love with Mother Wei in the tea room and Sister-in-law Niu who was in charge of the keys to our courtyard.”

When Mother Zhu heard this, she turned her eyes and told Mother Guan the news. In addition, she said this as a happy event to Mother Wei and Sister Niu, wanting to take the opportunity to sell her personal affection.

Within a day, all the maids in the Ziwei courtyard knew that Mother Wei or Sister Niu were about to take over the post of foreign affairs manager.

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