Scheme of the Official Descendant

Chapter 31: Waiting for you to jump

In the evening, when Ren Yaoqi came out of the main room, Li ordered his close servant Xi’er to light Ren Yaoqi himself and send her back.

Xi’er often went to Ren Yaoqi’s West Wing recently, and the maids in the room were all taught by her, so they were afraid of her.

On this day, she turned all the maids in the room around, and she helped Ren Yaoqi back to the inner room and waited for her to change into the indoor uniform.

When the maid Qingmei and Sydney came in with the copper basin, Xi’er was whispering something in Ren Yaoqi’s ear. Seeing the two maids came in, Xi’er stood up straight without incident, frowning and reprimanding: “Also before you come in. Wouldn’t you say something first? What if you disturb the master so recklessly?”

Sydney lowered her head and responded obediently, but she was still a little dissatisfied with Qingmei, but finally she barely held back her words.

At this time, Ren Yaoqi had already taken back his originally somewhat surprised expression, and coughed lightly: “I’m sleepy, wait and wash.”

Xi’er recruited two maids to step forward, personally wait for Ren Yaoqi to wash up, and then bowed out.

Soon after the two maids, Qingmei and Sydney, left, Mother Zhu came in.

Seeing Ren Yaoqi leaning on the bedside, she flipped through a book on the candlestick on the bedside table. A loving smile appeared on Mother Zhu’s face and stepped forward to blessed Fu: “Miss, it’s late at night. Why are you still reading? But be careful with your eyes.”

Ren Yaoqi looked up at Mother Zhu, covered her mouth with her right hand and yawned a little, but she did not put down the book in her hand, and said lazily, “Daddy took a test of me today, and I didn’t answer it for a while. I vaguely remember that it seemed to be from this “Biography of Qionglin”.”

“Yo-Miss, you are going to be the champion!”

Mother Zhu said that she covered her mouth and laughed. Seeing Ren Yaoqi’s spirits were sluggish and ignored her, she leaned forward and said: “If you want to talk about why the three little masters of our yard are so beautiful, you can win the favor of the three masters Others don’t know, it’s clear that the servants and maidservants waited on these days. You didn’t do this hard work in the middle of the night, Miss! Even the Sixth Young Master can’t compare to you.”

Ren Yaoqi paused when she heard this. She actually expected that Mother Zhu would come, so she took a book and waited for her. She almost forgot that she seemed to have done this kind of work in the middle of the night many times when she was a child. .

In order to get the love of her father and to make a difference with her sister, she worked hard to make progress when she was a child. Ren Yaoqi smiled and shook his head.

“Miss, isn’t the slave girl right?” Mother Zhu thought that Ren Yaoqi did not agree with her words, and said with her words.

Ren Yaoqi looked up at her and smiled slightly: “Well, mother is right, it’s getting late, I should stop, or I will get up late tomorrow, and I will be the last to ask my grandfather and grandmother.”

Mother Zhu took the book she handed over, and said with a smile: “The slave and maidservant wait for you to rest, right?”

Seeing Ren Yaoqi nodding, Mother Zhu hurriedly saw that the book in her hand was first put aside, and personally went forward to undress Ren Yaoqi.

“Did Xi’er in the wife’s room send the lady back?” Madam Zhu asked with a smile.

“Hmm.” Ren Yaoqi nodded casually.

“It can be seen that my wife is also in love with Miss, Xi’er is almost becoming Miss your close maid.” Mother Zhu helped Ren Yaoqi to widen her clothes, and gently supported her to lie down, smiling.

“Does the young lady want a slave girl to accompany you to talk?” Mother Zhu helped her tuck the quilt, and stood on the bedside, bowing.

Ren Yaoqi closed his eyes and nodded: “Alright, mother sit down and talk to me, and I fell asleep as I talked.” Children like to be accompanied by others when they sleep. Ren Yaoqi also had this problem when he was a child.

“Eh!” Aunt Zhu readily responded and sat down by Ren Yaoqi’s bed.

“The relationship between Miss and Xier is very good?” Mother Zhu continued.

“It’s ok. Xi’er sister is very nice.” Ren Yaoqi turned over, turned his face to the outside of the bed, and replied with closed eyes.

“Then did she tell you anything?” Madam Zhu asked, leaning closer.

Ren Yaoqi lazily raised her eyes and glanced at Mother Zhu, then closed her eyes again.

Mother Zhu accompanied the smiling face and said carefully: “Miss, the old slave just asks casually. After all, there are more maids waiting in the main room than we know, and the slaves are a little curious.”

Ren Yaoqi yawned again and muttered: “What’s the curiosity. It’s just the foreign affairs mother’s business, it’s boring.”

Mother Zhu was moved in her heart, and the smile on her face became more kind, regardless of whether Ren Yaoqi, who closed her eyes, could see it: “That’s really boring, isn’t this candidate already decided? It’s not Mother Wei. Sister Niu!”

Ren Yaoqi pouted his lips: “That’s not sure.”

Madam Zhu moved forward again: “Miss, you mean, Madam has changed candidates?”

Ren Yaoqi frowned, and simply opened his eyes: “What if it’s changed? Anyway, it’s none of our business.”

Mother Zhu hurriedly said: “How can it be our business? In the future, we will also have to deal with the foreign affairs mother, knowing it earlier and preparing for it.”

Ren Yaoqi thought for a while: “Xi’er said she listened to her mother. Although she told me, she didn’t let me say anything.”

“The maidservant won’t tell me!” Madam Zhu hurriedly packed the tickets.

Ren Yaoqi seemed to be a little annoyed by her: “I heard that because of the busy New Year, we will temporarily arrange two nurses in our yard, and wait for the new year to see who is more suitable before officially taking over. Mother and father discussed and decided. Sister-in-law Niu and Mother Liu who pipe hot water in the backyard kitchen.”

Grandma Zhu was taken aback: “Isn’t it Grandma Wei? Why is it changed to Grandma Liu again?”

Ren Yaoqi said impatiently: “How do I know? I must think that Mother Liu is more suitable.”

Mother Zhu thought for a while and asked carefully: “Miss, is your news reliable?”

Ren Yaoqi glared at Mother Zhu: “Xi’er heard this from my mother! The news will be announced tomorrow morning. If you don’t believe me, what else do you ask me to do?”

Mother Zhu was already believing at this time, she accompanied her smiling face to express her sins, and she wondered how to make some profit for herself.

Ren Yaoqi turned over again, facing the inside: “This Mother Liu is lucky, she had already decided Mother Wei, but she was killed halfway. Then people thought she was leaving. What’s the way?”

Mother Zhu moved her heart when she heard the words and probed into the bed: “Why didn’t Mother Liu walk?”

Ren Yaoqi said impatiently: “Which way to go? It was when my mother was discussing with his father, his father randomly named the name, and I don’t know it outside. She still has the ability to follow my father’s way?”

Mother Zhu suddenly realized that the three masters did not do this kind of thing less, and the reasons for his decision were so varied that people could not see through. For example, the name was nice, the fingernails were nice…and so on.

Moreover, Ren Yaoqi’s words also reminded her that maybe she could really take the opportunity to make a fortune.

“Miss, the maidservant still doesn’t bother you to rest. The maidservant will call Qingmei in and guard.” Madam Zhu couldn’t wait to get up and said, she has to get things done before tomorrow.

Ren Yaoqi seemed to be sleepy and waved his hand indifferently: “Go out, just let Qingmei wait outside, no need to come in.”

Mother Zhu hurriedly retired.

Ren Yaoqi heard her footsteps disappear into the room, although her eyes did not open, the corners of her mouth were slightly hooked.

If you want others to follow the path you have set, you must first know what that person is thinking and what they want.

Mother Zhu has carefully observed this person these days, knowing that she loves money like life and will not let go of any opportunity to make money.

Always thinking of getting benefits from her, she has to pay some price. **********

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