Scheme of the Official Descendant

Chapter 32: Bait

After Mother Zhu came out of Ren Yao’s off-plan house, she saw two maids, Qingmei and Sydney, standing on the corridor not far away. The two seemed to be arguing quietly.

Mother Zhu frowned, walked over, lowered her voice and reprimanded: “What do you guys do! It’s useless at all, it’s going to be a mess! I’ll ask my aunt to sell you!”

Qingmei glanced at Sydney sideways and sneered: “I’m afraid that someone will get a few good words from the new master, so they won’t put the old master in their eyes! People have already climbed Gao Zhier long ago.”

Mother Zhu looked at Sydney suspiciously.

Sydney’s tears were about to shed: “Mother, don’t listen to her nonsense, no slaves…”

“No? Why these days, the lady asked you to follow everywhere, but condemned me alone? Everyone said that you, Sydney, and Xi’er in your wife’s room have become Miss’s confidant! Just now Xi’er left. At that time, I deliberately pulled you aside and whispered, I came to ask you, but you refused to say! You are already in the same group!” Qingmei gritted her teeth and raised her voice slightly.

Sydney anxiously defended: “Xie’er just praised the embroidery of the purse I gave her before, thinking…”

“Oh, you’re finally showing off? What kind of purse are you giving her? I’m with you all day, why don’t I know? Are you secretly cheating over there with my back? Fortunately, I’m a sincere person. You are playing tricks like this,” Qingmei cried out.

“What the **** is your ghost name!” Mother Zhu stretched out her hand and twisted Qingmei’s arm. Qingmei wanted to yell because of the pain, and she swallowed the groaning gaze from Mother Zhu’s staring eyes.

Seeing Qingmei’s honesty, Mother Zhu frowned and looked at Sydney. Sydney bit her lower lip, trying to say something but couldn’t say anything.

Mother Zhu originally wanted to ask questions, but she was temporarily restrained because she thought there was still something to do, she just stared at the two maids and said, “I’ll find you again tomorrow! Why don’t you go in and wait for the lady!”

Both maids bowed their heads and responded with a yes.

Mother Zhu just turned around and then turned to ask: “You went to the backyard to ask for water before, did you see Mother Liu?”

Sydney whispered: “Mrs. Wei invited all the wives to drink before. Ms. Liu drank a few more glasses and was helped by the little maid back to rest.”

Mother Zhu just remembered. Mother Wei thought that she was older than that Niu’s wife, and that she also had an eldest son who was in charge of the coal yard. So she thought she was already a good foreigner. When I was in the yard, I made a sound to the people in the yard.

Today, she refused to go because she was going outside to do some things. She only accepted a three-cent silver naked boy for tea money.

Mother Zhu couldn’t help sighing psychologically: This Mother Wei is afraid that she will be happy for nothing.

Although she thought so, this matter had little to do with Mother Zhu. Anyway, she also collected the tea money, and it was Mother Wei who took the initiative to give it to her, so she had no reason to vomit.

So Mother Zhu went to Mother Liu’s residence in the backyard without any hesitation.

When passing by a penthouse in the backyard where the maids rest on duty, a little light and laughter leaked from the gap under the cotton curtain through the curtain. It should have been Madam Wei and the others talking together after drinking. .

It is not strictly forbidden for the maids to hold banquets in private in the Ziwei courtyard. After all, everyone will have a happy event. It’s just not allowed to miss the job. Drinking is only allowed to drink fruit wine that is not very intoxicating, and it is still limited. It is estimated that Mother Liu is a very light drinker, so she would drink a few glasses of fruit wine.

Mother Zhu just stood by the curtain outside the penthouse and listened for a while, then looked around, and walked towards Mother Liu’s residence.

Mother Liu was sitting on the bedside and being served tea by a little maid. She looked up when she heard the sound of someone pushing the door in. She was taken aback for a moment, and then hurriedly said with a smile: “It’s Mother Zhu? What wind gave you Is it blowing?”

On weekdays, Mother Zhu and Mother Liu’s rival were close to Mother Guan, so the relationship between Mother Liu and her was nothing more than ordinary. Seeing her coming uninvited tonight, I was a little puzzled.

With a warm smile on her face, Mother Zhu glanced at the little maid who was waiting on her side: “There are things I want to tell you about, so I came here by myself. Don’t blame me for coming by myself.”

“How can it be.” Madam Guan smiled politely, and said to the little maid, “You go to the small kitchen and look at the stove. The third master is staying in the main room today. Maybe you will need hot water later.”

The little maid went down.

Mother Zhu turned her head and looked at the maid gently closing the door, before she stepped forward with a smile: “It’s a good thing for me to come here today.”

“Good thing?” Mother Liu said in a puzzled way.

Mother Zhu nodded, and moved closer: “I heard that you also wanted a foreigner’s errand before?”

Mother Liu seemed to smile when she heard the words: “The news of Mother Zhu is well-informed.”

Mother Zhu shook her head and smiled: “Don’t be weird with me. I only ask you one question today, do you still want this errand?”

Madam Liu said suspiciously: “What is the meaning of Madam Zhu’s words? Didn’t it mean that Madam Wei or Niu’s wife has already been decided? Madam Wei should have a bigger win.”

Mother Zhu curled her lips: “I told you the truth. My wife is going to order two foreign maids first, and wait for a year before picking one of them to take over. This is one Niu sister-in-law and the other. …The other one is still undecided.”

Grandma Liu was startled, and slightly straightened up: “Is this true? Then Grandma Wei…”

“Hey, what do you care about him so much? Just tell me whether you want to be the difference.” Mother Liu waved her hand, smiled slightly, her face was unpredictable, as if she was just saying who wanted this errand. Things.

Mother Liu pondered for a while, and she was a little skeptical: “Do you have a way?”

Mother Zhu smiled again, did not speak, but she acquiesced.

Madam Liu has been thinking about it longer now. To be honest, the second-class mamas in the newly vacated courtyard are not jealous? But now that the third wife is back, the third wife has to settle the matter in the end, but they have no friendship with the third wife, and there is no way to go even if they want to go.


“Why don’t you talk to Madam Guan about this? I remember that you two have always had a good relationship.” Madam Liu is not stupid either. After thinking about it, I think something is wrong.

Mother Zhu seemed to have expected her to ask such a question a long time ago, and she smiled calmly and said: “Even if I have some avenues, I need to consider the master. Madam Guan has some personal relationships with me, but her family That nephew is really a mud that can’t support the wall. You must also know that although the foreign affairs mother’s errand is a bit greasy, but our three masters are seeking for perfection, if the errand goes wrong, I am a recommended person. I don’t dare recommend anyone who is responsible. I looked at the courtyard, except for the eldest son of Grandma Wei, who is also the second son of Grandma Liu.”

Mother Liu felt very comfortable with these words, and she was not so defensive against Mother Zhu: “Then Mother Wei…”

Mother Zhu didn’t laugh.

Grandma Liu remembered that today, Grandma Wei invited everyone to drink, but Grandma Zhu did not go, wondering if there was a holiday between the two? Or is it that Mother Zhu’s master, Aunt Fang, is not very satisfied with Mother Wei?

Mother Zhu has been paying attention to Mother Liu’s expression. Seeing that she was a little shaken, and seemed to be a little suspicious, she rolled her eyes and patted her thigh suddenly: “Hey! Nothing, I’ll show you something. .You have come to our Ziwei courtyard for some time. You should know that our fifth young lady is the most favored in front of the third master! And although the wife is in charge of this backyard matter, everyone knows that as long as the third master has a word, the wife never will Say no word.”

Grandma Liu thought about what Grandma Zhu said, and she seemed to have some enlightenment: “You mean let the fifth lady be with the third master…”

“Sh -” Zhu Momo pretend looked around, “Do you mind clear on the line, do not say it.”

Grandma Liu pondered for a moment: “I know the rules in the yard. I think you need to take care of it too. I don’t know how much…” Grandma Liu made a gesture.

Mother Zhu was very pleased with Mother Liu’s entrance, pretending to hesitate a little: “It stands to reason that I shouldn’t have said this, but as you expected…I still need to manage this matter. How about this number?” Mother Zhu made a gesture of twenty, which means twenty taels of silver.

Mother Liu was silent again for a long time. Twenty taels of silver is not a small amount, but she is not unable to get it out. Moreover, if she can find this errand, she will be able to come back with some money for the third master. Let the youngest son show his face.

It’s just that if this thing doesn’t happen…this silver…

Mother Zhu seemed to be the roundworm in Mother Liu’s belly, and she immediately smiled and said, “Well, let’s make a deposit for five taels first, and you will pay the rest when I finish this matter tomorrow? I will also give you a receipt.” Mother Zhu is a white wolf with empty gloves, so she is confident.

Mother Liu was taken aback for a moment, and felt that if this were the case, there would be nothing to worry about. If the last thing didn’t happen, she had a receipt in her hand, and she could even ask for fifty taels of silver.

If she didn’t account for this advantage, she would have lived so many years in vain, so Mother Liu immediately smiled and said, “Mother Zhu is sincere, and I am naturally happy, so that’s OK.”

Mother Zhu covered her mouth and smiled, but she was proud of her.

Mother Liu got out of bed and pulled out five taels of silver from the bottom of her closet. Mother Zhu went to call the maid to get paper, pen and ink pad. She couldn’t write, but they secretly exchanged money between the maids in the house. There is a terminology symbol in the word data, as long as the number is aligned with the sign, and finally press the handprint.

When the two finally separated, everyone was happy.


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