Scheme of the Official Descendant

Chapter 33: conflict

In the morning of the second day, Mother Zhou knocked down the candidates of the foreign affairs mother in front of the people in Ziweiyuan.

Sure enough, it was Niu’s sister-in-law and Mother Liu.

The smile on Mother Wei’s original smile froze on her face. Everyone looked at her in a little surprise. Of course, some were dissatisfied with her arrogant posture yesterday, so she was gloating.

Those who had something good even went forward to ask Mother Zhou: “Didn’t you say that Mother Wei was scheduled yesterday? Why did you suddenly change to Mother Liu?”

Mother Zhou closed her sleeves and glanced at the man blankly: “Who is talking gibberish outside and guessing the master’s mind? I don’t remember which master once allowed someone else to work.” He turned and left, leaving everyone whispering.

Grandma Wei’s face was red and white, and she looked at Grandma Liu and Sister-in-law Niu who were surrounded by the crowd. She snorted and walked away.

When everyone’s enthusiasm was gone, Mother Zhu winked at Mother Liu and went straight back to her room. Upon seeing this, Grandma Liu exchanged a few words with everyone, and then quietly followed after everyone had dispersed. When she arrived at Mother Zhu’s room, Mother Liu was pleased to come forward from the resort and gave her a blessing: “Mother Zhu is really capable. It’s all because of you being a good girl this time.”

Mother Zhu smiled slightly and waved her hand: “Although I worked hard, I want you to be on the stage. You must know that the man above us is not a fool.” While speaking, Mother Zhu looked at Mother Liu again. Grandma glanced, “Since it’s done, that note doesn’t know you…” This is to remind Grandma Liu that she has cashed twenty taels of silver.

Mother Liu patted her forehead: “Look at me, I am happy to patronize.” She took out a purse from her sleeve, took out the note written by Mother Zhu yesterday and passed it over, Mother Zhu She continued to stare at Mother Liu’s movements without a word.

Mother Liu hesitated when she was paying for the money, then she smiled and took out two ingots of about five taels, and handed them up respectfully.

Mother Zhu looked at but she didn’t answer, and looked at Mother Liu with a smile but didn’t say anything.

Mother Liu smiled and said: “There is not much cash on her body…”

Mother Zhu looked at Mother Liu’s purse without a smile, and blocked Mother Liu’s hand back with her backhand: “I said yesterday, it’s really refreshing to help you all because of you. Now Look…no, I still don’t want this silver, but… don’t forget, this candidate will still need to be decided after the Chinese New Year, even if you want to cross the river and demolish the bridge, isn’t it a bit early?”

Mother Liu felt a “thump” in her heart when she heard the words, and in a blink of an eye she gave her hands high-five as if she was thinking of something: “After reading this memory.” She touched her waist, and finally she touched it somehow. A few silver bars of one or two weights came out, and then they held them in front of Mother Zhu with both hands together with the dozens of silver that they had taken out.

“This is the shocking silver that I hid in my belt before. I forgot it. It happened to be five taels.”

Mother Zhu smiled slightly, and then answered: “I didn’t see the wrong person as expected…”

At this time, there was a sudden noise at the door, and Mother Zhu frowned. She put her silver into her sleeve and stepped forward. She opened the door and looked out, but there was nothing.

“What’s wrong? Someone is outside?” Mother Liu also walked over.

Mother Zhu thought for a while and shook her head: “As the wind blows, it’s okay. You go back first.”

Mother Liu responded, and before leaving, she didn’t forget to smile and said, “At that time, there will be places where you need to rely on the old sister. Please don’t forget the sister.”

Mother Zhu smiled reservedly, and sent Mother Liu out.

When someone left, she took out the silver she had just obtained and took a closer look. The smile on the corner of her mouth was a little disdainful and a little satisfied: “I still want to play that trick with me, huh—”

Over there, Ren Yaoqi was sitting in the Xici room in the main room slowly drinking tea. Seeing Mother Zhou coming in, he raised his eyes and glanced at her: “What’s wrong?”

Mother Zhou stepped forward and bowed her head and said: “It has been arranged according to the orders of the young lady.” After that, she looked at Ren Yaoqi with some hesitation and said, “Miss, is this really useful?”

Ren Yaoqi looked at Mother Zhou with a smile, and blinked a little mischievously: “Mother might as well wait and see.”

“But Aunt Fang Fang has packed in quite a few people…”

“The beauty of a large number of people.” After Ren Yaoqi said this sentence, he picked up the teacup and drank tea. Although Mother Zhou still had doubts in her heart, she did not ask any more.

In the afternoon, somehow, Mother Liu bought Mother Zhu in private, and the news that the two had used some means to conspire to squeeze Mother Wei out spread like wildfire.

Although I don’t know whether the news is true or not, Mother Wei is very angry. In the evening, when the masters were all going to the Ronghua Yuan to ask goodnight, they stood with their waists in the backyard and yelled.

After all, Mother Liu still had some guilty conscience. Although she was so angry, she didn’t dare to go out and defend herself.

Mother Zhu may have a thick-skinned face, or perhaps she understands that this matter is actually what the master meant. She just made a fortune, so she didn’t take it very seriously. Anyway, she couldn’t find her if she wanted to check it. .

Fortunately, Grandma Wei also knew something great. When she heard the masters came back to the yard, she shut her mouth, spit on Grandma Liu’s door, and left.

But at night, someone with that good thing secretly told the person who leaked the news to Mother Liu for fear that the world would not be chaotic.

It turned out that it was her rival, Madam Guan, who had inquired about this from nowhere, and then told the women in the backyard with all their energy and jealousy.

When Mother Liu heard the words, she became even more annoyed at Mother Guan. Early in the morning of the second day, when she saw the gloating smiling face of Madam Guan, Madam Liu gritted her teeth and raised the boiling water on the stove and poured it on Madam Guan.

Mother Guan screamed and jumped away like a pig. Fortunately, when the weather was cold, Mother Liu didn’t know how to do it, so she only poured some water on Mother Guan’s boots.

After Grandma Guan reacted, she burst into flames, screaming and rushed forward. The two fought in the small kitchen with hot water. In the end, there was too much movement, which disturbed the Li family, and the Li family sent Mother Zhu to see what happened.

Mother Zhu coldly reprimanded Mother Liu and Mother Guan, then she trained Mother Liu alone for a long time, and then fined them for half a month.

The Liangzi of Mother Guan and Mother Liu have become even bigger.

Seeing that in the twelfth lunar month, every household became more and more busy. The rooms of the Ren family are also busy changing the furnishings of the interior rooms before the court. Like the vases and decorations in the inner room, the masters have been bored after looking at them for a year, so they should put some of them in the warehouse, and then find a fresh look from the warehouse. The pomegranate bonsai in the Ziwei courtyard was also required to be replaced by Clivia and Narcissus.


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