Scheme of the Official Descendant

Chapter 34: One pot end

The two newly-appointed foreign affairs officers, Mother Liu and Sister Niu, became the three new officials, and naturally they became busy.

On the day the new bonsai moved in, the third master, Ren Shimin, was very satisfied with the sight, and also praised Madam Liu.

But on the second day, but overnight, the dozen pots of Clivia were found to have rotted from the roots.

“Mother Liu, what’s going on?” Mother Zhou pointed to the cluster of Clivia that the maid had moved in and asked with a calm face.

Mother Liu broke out in a cold sweat during the winter. Seeing that she was the only one here, she smiled and said: “Mother Zhou, this matter… the slaves are not very clear. However, don’t you need to ask Niu and the others together ?”

Mother Zhou pulled her face down and said, “Ask what others do? Niu’s sister-in-law said that she is only responsible for the narcissus, the Clivia you are responsible for.”

Originally, Mother Liu was just a little nervous seeing herself being accused here, and subconsciously wanted to pull people together to share the responsibilities. At the moment, listening to Mother Zhou’s words was a little uncomfortable, she couldn’t help but raised her head to defend: “Mother Zhou, it’s not wrong that these clivias were picked by slaves, but the slaves went with Niu’s sister-in-law when they were selected. And the Huanong who sells flowers was introduced by Niu’s wife.”

Mother Zhou was displeased: “Then why Sister Niu said that Clivia was carefully selected by you and your youngest son?”

Madam Liu was taken aback when she heard the words, and then she sneered with anger: “Listen to her farting! I also said why there are so many flower farmers outside the town, and their couple chose a house that is so biased! Then I listened. The flower grower next door realized that it was the couple who received the flower grower’s five taels of silver. Now I think it is the flowers that have problems, and they are working together to fix me!”

Sister-in-law Niu had a very good personal relationship with the original candidate for foreign affairs, Madam Wei, and I heard that the two parties also meant to have children and family.

I didn’t want the dark horse of Mother Liu to be killed in the end, causing Mother Wei to have a lot of prejudice against her, so even the Niu sister-in-law was a little ignorant of Mother Liu. In addition, there is also a competitive relationship between the two foreigners, so the relationship between the two is really not good.

In fact, it is very common for the purchase manager to take back the deductions, and even Mother Liu herself has oil and water to fish for every pot of flowers. Even after she knew about the five taels of silver, Niu’s sister-in-law gave her two taels of silver. Although she was dissatisfied that Niu’s sister-in-law had fished more than her, she didn’t say anything when she thought of the future.

Now she feels that she has fallen into the trap of others, maybe it is Niu’s sister-in-law who stumbled her in order to help her. Although it hasn’t been long since she came to Ziwei Academy, she knew the temper of the third master of the Ren Family. He doesn’t care about other things badly, but if something goes wrong with the things he cares about, the person in charge will not be able to eat.

So she cannot bear the charge.

Mother Zhou was surprised when she heard the words: “There is such a thing!” She said angrily, pointing at Xi’er on the side, and said, “Go and call sister Niu in!”

Seeing Mother Zhou’s appearance, Grandma Liu suddenly regretted that she had stabbed it out. Although it is common for the maid to eat the merchant’s replies, this kind of thing can’t be revealed in any way. She opened her mouth to say something, Xi’er had already led her out.

Soon Niu’s wife was called in.

Mother Zhou split her head and covered her face and said, “Before I lost my mind, I thought that you were only responsible for the daffodils. Clivia was the responsibility of Mother Liu, so I only called her over for questioning. I didn’t want to but heard that you were looking for the flower farmer? Also received five taels of filial piety from others? Niu sister-in-law, what else can you say!”

Sister-in-law Niu glared at Mother Liu in horror when she heard the words. Seeing her eyes twinkling, she didn’t dare to look at herself. She immediately understood that Mother Liu had sold herself.

She uttered a “bah” towards Mother Liu, turned her head and said to Mother Zhou: “Don’t believe those two-faced old folks! I now understand what it means to pick up the bowl and eat meat, put it down The bowl is cursing mother’s! Why don’t you feel that you don’t have money to pierce your hands when you take the silver? Now that there is a problem, I have rushed to clean myself, just like how clean her hands are! No need to go to the flower shop Sell ​​it here, pretending to be the daughter of a girl!”

Sister-in-law Niu was famous for her aggressiveness when she was young, and she also had a nickname of’Spicy’. Now that her children have grown older, her temper has been reduced a lot, but she is not willing to suffer a loss. She has a temperament. What does her temper become? Words can be exported.

Mother Liu was very angry when she heard this, she raised her head and turned back: “I took the silver, but didn’t I take the silver that you sealed me? The flower farmer was the one who took you and your housekeeper. Head! Now something has happened, so naturally you have to ask for an explanation from your couple!”

Sister-in-law Niu originally received five taels of silver, but she was finally forced to take two taels by Mother Liu, and promised to let her take the big head next time. When the meat in her mouth flew away, she was feeling upset. I don’t want Mother Liu to be such a good thing that she wants to take advantage of it, and if something goes wrong, it makes others shameless. When even furious.

“You shameless! There is a kind of you spit out the silver! You will play yin behind people! Who doesn’t know how you got the job? Isn’t it just given to Mother Zhu twenty taels? What’s the silver!” Niu Sister-in-law pointed to Mother Liu’s nose and cursed.

Grandma Liu became angry and became angry: “Oh, you should be innocent when you are in charge? Wasn’t your little sister begging the old lady Gui in the old lady’s room? In the end, how much money did she give to the people around Aunt Fang to treat others as blind? ?”

Mother Zhou, who had been sitting by and watching with her arms folded, glanced out the window. Sister-in-law Niu has a loud voice, and has attracted many people to probe their heads outside.

Seeing that the time was about to come, Mother Zhou patted the case and got up a few times: “You are so courageous! You even got involved with the old lady! And what you said just now that Mother Zhu received twenty taels of silver? What happened!”

Mother Liu looked ugly. Because the Niu sister-in-law’s matter involved the people in the old lady’s room, naturally no one dared to say anything more, but her twenty taels of bribes were hard to say.

Niu’s sister-in-law laughed: “Everyone in the yard knows that on the night before you announced the candidate for the foreign affairs mother, Mother Liu gave Mother Zhu twenty taels of silver and let her take the path of the fifth lady who planned this foreign affairs mother. Mother’s errand.”

Mother Zhou’s expression changed: “Presumptuous! I dare to get on Miss Fifth! The candidate for foreign affairs manager had discussed with his wife one afternoon before that day. What does it have to do with Miss Fifth!”

Grandma Liu was taken aback when she heard the words, and said in astonishment: “I’ll discuss it this afternoon?”

Sister-in-law Niu saw Mother Liu’s expression and she understood a little as she rolled her eyes, she couldn’t help but gloat over her mouth and smiled: “Now I understand what a stinking match is!”

Mother Liu’s face was pale.

Mother Zhou was also very angry, and while instructing the maid to call Mother Zhu over, she lifted the curtain out of the penthouse and went to the main room to report today’s affairs to Li.

After Mother Zhou returned from Li’s main house, Mother Zhu had already come. After a confrontation, Mother Zhu used the news from Miss Wu to deliberately deceived Mother Liu for twenty taels of silver.

It’s just that Niu’s wife and Mother Liu didn’t get much better because of taking bribes.

I don’t want to deal with the three people. The third master Ren Shimin became angry. The reason was that he discovered that the dozens of dying Clivia were not caused by illness, but because they were scalded to death by being poured hot water from the roots. .

The third master is a person of elegance, and this kind of “killing flowers” is extremely unbearable to him. Immediately ordered Lee to conduct a thorough investigation.

This investigation found Mother Wei’s head.

It turned out that Mother Wei had always been worried about Mother Liu’s replacement of herself as a foreigner, and she learned from Niu Sister-in-law that she had made a couple of ounces of silver after doing the job, and she was very angry. So in the evening, the Clivia bought back by Mother Liu was drenched in boiling water.

After the third master knew about it, he immediately ordered that Mother Wei be blamed on Fifty Boards from the Ren family. After Miss Wu found out, she hurriedly ran to the third master to intercede, and finally saved Mother Wei’s life.

It’s just that the affairs of several other mothers also happened at the same time. The third master was impatient, and asked Li to clear all the people in the yard, and drive out all those who couldn’t get on the table, and don’t be an eyesore in front of him.

Although Li did not say a few words, he was still happy, because Aunt Fang brought in all these people.


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