Scheme of the Official Descendant

Chapter 35: Take advantage of the situation

These maids were originally found by Aunt Fang from the Zhuangzi, and they were more or less related to the maids and maids who were used in the yard of the homeowners. Originally, it was Aunt Fang’s suit against Ren Yaohua, but she finally stayed under Ren Yaoqi’s persuasion.

Now that they themselves have shown such a big omission, the evidence is conclusive, and it was the third master who wanted to chase people away, so naturally they couldn’t get involved with Li’s mother and daughter.

At the beginning, these women were unwilling to sit back and wait for death, so they went around to trust their relationship. But the Ren family is very clear about the temper of the third master. When he doesn’t care about things, he will ignore you if you fall out, but once he gets angry, he won’t sell anyone’s account.

For example, Sister-in-law Niu asked someone to bring a letter to her sister-in-law, and asked her to beg her mother-in-law Gui. However, when Niu’s sister-in-law had a dispute with Mother Liu, Mother Liu said that she had asked Mother Gui to bribe the people around Aunt Fang.

This sentence implicated a lot of people in, and the people in the preached house knew it.

So Niu’s sister-in-law hadn’t spoken, she was scolded **** by Mother Gui, saying that her maiden’s family could not be on the stage, and she was not allowed to intervene in her natal affairs.

However, these women did not forget to dismantle each other when they were in the relationship, and they were afraid that the opponent would stay behind and be driven away and be retaliated in the future. The result can be imagined.

In Li’s main room, Que’er, the maidservant, was talking to Li with a smile on her face and whispered the news she had just inquired about: “…Master, because of this, the other aunt is also angry. Auntie Fang is dragging the sick body. When she asked for a crime, she said that she didn’t know anyone and put everyone in the Ziwei courtyard. She also said that now that the wife is back, let her take care of her body and the six young masters and nine young ladies. Don’t interfere with our Ziwei courtyard. .”

“Father really accused Auntie Fang like that?” Ren Yaohua glanced at Que’er and frowned.

Que’er smiled a little embarrassedly: “Master, a fairy-like person, naturally speaks better than slaves.”

In fact, most of the time Ren Shimin was polite in front of his wives and concubines, he rarely uttered reprimands. So this time, Ren Shimin’s accusations made by his aunt’s aunt seemed very happy to the maids.

Sure enough, Li’s face shone upon hearing this.

She is a kind and cowardly woman, but because she has always suffered from Aunt Fang, it is impossible for her to be in harmony with her concubines. It happened because Aunt Fang’s aunt was the same mother and sister of Mrs. Ren, and she did not give birth to a son, so she inevitably lost her confidence in front of Aunt Fang these years.

Ren Yaohua glanced at Ren Yaoqi, who was sitting beside Li with a smile and said, “Auntie Fang will come to Japan for a long time, and there will always be a day for her to suffer. Now those women can send someone back to Zhuangzi immediately. I have to pick someone up again before the Chinese New Year.” At this point, Ren Yaohua sneered, “According to my temper, I want to sell them all!”

Ren Yaoqi shook his head slightly. It was said that except for the eavesdropping of Madam Guan, the rest were not considered Aunt Fang’s people. The reason why she had driven away was only for the purpose of driving Aunt Fang this year. The layout was completely broken, and the people of Ziwei Academy were able to recognize the situation clearly, allowing the Li family to consolidate its position.

As for the acceptance of bribes by the nurses, it is nothing at all. Whether it’s wrong or not depends on the master’s mind.

Therefore, Ren Yaohua’s spirit is unnecessary in her opinion. Not everyone is qualified to be their opponent.

So she groaned and said warmly: “It’s already late tonight, and I’ll send it tomorrow morning. Auntie left and right have already informed me. Mother, are we going to pick more maids in our yard?”

Originally, the two maids around Li’s side were all taken out by means, and Mother Zhou picked out two of the second-class maids to be trained well, but Li said that the two newly-trained maids would be given to Ren Yaoqi. She needs to add a few more by her side.

In addition, Ren Yaoqi and Ren Yaohua should add a few younger people to their side. Let the maids take care of them for two years. When the older maids are all matched up, they will be able to come up.

“I have already told Mother Zhou, let her pick some little maids to use for you and Huaer this time.” Li stroked a strand of Ren Yaoqi’s broken hair and smiled.

Ren Yaoqi nodded and turned to Grandma Zhou: “Grandma will wait a while to talk to the mothers who were sent back and say that their mother cherishes their livelihood at home, so although they can’t stay in the house, every One household can send a little girl in as a errand. If they have a daughter, granddaughter, or niece in their family, they will pick a few first, and then let you choose from them.”

Mother Zhou was stunned when she heard the words, but Ren Yaohua almost couldn’t help but jump her feet: “What do you mean? You have to drive out and get it back? You think there are not enough cows, ghosts and snakes in the house, right?”

Ren Yaoqi patiently explained to her: “We picked the maidservants from the Ren family’s sons. Even if we don’t give them this grace, won’t the people who are finally sent from Zhuangzi still have a relationship with them? And most of them Or is it from the big companion houses? If so, why not sell this favor?”

In Ren Yaoqi’s view, it seemed normal to make good use of the situation.

When Li married into Ren’s house, she didn’t have her own companion room at all except Mother Zhou. Even the four maids beside her were trained by Mother Zhou. Therefore, in many cases, Li is always isolated from the Ren family.

Even when I was eaten so much that I didn’t even have any bones left, I still don’t know where the problem was.

The situation of the Ren family is complicated, and it is not unreasonable that Ren family has children.

On the contrary, if used properly, it will definitely be much easier than a maid bought from outside. Sending those old treacherous and cunning mothers back, and changing their own relatives to work in the Ziwei courtyard, the benefits definitely outweigh the harm.

Ren Yaohua thought about it carefully after hearing the words. Although his face was still very unhappy, he didn’t say anything to refute.

Mother Zhou’s passage of this paragraph naturally understood Ren Yaoqi’s intentions at once, and she couldn’t help but patted her thigh, and said happily, “Miss Fifth, the slave and maid looked at this move.” Then she turned her head to comfort Ren Yaohua, “Miss San, you should trust the old slave. Don’t worry, the old slave still has a picking eye. Even if the embryo is crooked, the old slave can finally turn her over!”

For this, Mother Zhou is still very confident. When the little girl reached her hand, it was like a piece of white paper, she could paint whatever she wanted.

Li trusts Mother Zhou very much, and nods to Ren Yaohua: “Mother Zhou followed my mother… My mother has seen a lot of big winds and waves. She said it was possible and there would be no problem.”

Speaking of this, Li seemed to think of something, and lowered his head with a dim look.

Mother Zhou glanced at her, she couldn’t help sighing in her heart, she hurriedly smiled and looked at Ren Yaohua: “Miss San?”

Ren Yaohua tilted her head aside and said coldly, “Don’t send it to my room!”

This is no objection.

Ren Yaoqi smiled and nodded: “When the time comes, the mother will be trained. Third Sister Ren will choose first.”

However, Ren Yaohua felt that these words seemed to comfort a child? She still looks stingy as a sister? Can not help but stare at Ren Yaoqi.

However, Ren Yaoqi had already turned his head to talk to Mother Zhou: “The mother Guan doesn’t need to give grace, she just sends it back, and the people who are related to her in Ziwei Academy won’t need it after we leave the conversation.”

Let those who stand on the wrong team a lesson.

Mother Zhou thought for a while and nodded in agreement: “Miss Five said that our wife is very temperamental, but it doesn’t mean that soft persimmons can be handled by others.”

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