Scheme of the Official Descendant

Chapter 36: Naturally

Those mothers were frightened, but when Mother Zhou came to tell them what Ren Yaoqi had said, they were all pleasantly surprised, and they were even more grateful to the Li family. They praised her for her generosity and a pair of Bodhisattva hearted.

Everyone knows that the minions at the gate of the mansion, apart from the maid in charge, are the most valuable maids who serve close by the hostesses.

The two girls in Ziweiyuan are both concubines. If the young maid selected at this time is excellent, she will be kept as a dowry maid. Even if they are unable to dowry in the end, when they talk about marriage, they are more noble than ordinary maids, and the host will add a lot of makeup.

Moreover, they were originally disgraceful when they were sent back. If someone in the family enters the mansion again, it means that they are still expected to turn over in the future, and other servants will not smash them.

For the reason why Madam Guan didn’t have this grace, a few people understood it after a little thought, and they couldn’t help but start to figure out that they must take good care of their girls after returning.

For this reason, when they were sent away on the second day, none of them had grievances against Li’s family, and they begged Mother Zhou to go to Li’s family and knock their heads.

Ren Yaoqi didn’t intervene in this matter anymore, and she didn’t have to worry about picking up the maidservant to train the maid.

Aunt Fang was ill again, and Li exempted her from asking for peace, and she began to stay behind closed doors.

Ren Shimin got busy, he began to write Spring Festival couplets and peach talisman. Of course, the couplet and peach talisman of Master Ren San are extremely particular, from selecting paper to carving talisman without the hands of others. The output is not high, so it is hard to find a daughter.

This morning, Ren Yaoqi came back from Ren Yijun.

Ren Yijun likes to play chess with Ren Yaoqi, but the weather outside is extremely cold and his health is not good.

Ren Yaoqi was thinking about things in his previous life, and he was a little more tolerant of Ren Yijun’s weird temper, so he took the initiative to send it to the door to discuss with him every few days, so as to save him from going to the Ziweiyuan in the wind and snow.

Walking slowly on the Jiuqu Corridor, Ren Yaoqi held a small Hetian jade blue and white patterned hand stove in his hand.

This is just a palm-sized hand warmer that Ren Yijun gave her when she was leaving.

She saw that it was a valuable object that she didn’t want, and Ren Yijun had a sullen face and smashed it on the ground after holding the hand stove. She was so scared that she rushed to grab it.

It was also the first time that she knew that someone could express kindness so… awkward.

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but tick the corner of her mouth.

When I looked up, I saw Yang Cheng, the housekeeper of the outer courtyard, bending over and respectfully leading the two people here. Ren Yaoqi couldn’t help but stop.

Walking behind Yang Cheng were two twelve or thirteen-year-old teenagers. The one on the right wore a red fox cloak with a dark blue and precious pattern. His appearance was considered to be beautiful and upright, and he looked like a well-educated son of a wealthy man. .

The young man on the left is wearing a sable gown with narrow sleeves and he is holding a riding whip in his right hand. He is slender, with sword eyebrows and star eyes, and his facial features are extremely clear and handsome. When he laughed, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly. This expression seemed to be unkind to others, but it was pleasing to see on his face.

The two teenagers who were walking and talking and laughing were also taken aback when they saw Ren Yaoqi coming over.

When Ren Yaoqi recovered, he hurriedly withdrew the complicated look in his eyes.

“Miss Fifth.” The housekeeper bowed his hand when he saw Ren Yaoqi. Seeing that Ren Yaoqi hadn’t moved, he looked back at the two teenagers and said hurriedly, “Miss Fifth, it is the young master Qiu Jiabiao who is here. The other is his classmate Wen Gongzi.”

Ren Yaoqi lowered his head slightly when he heard the words, and slowly bowed to them.

She remembers them, and she remembers them deeply.

Qiu Yun, the young master of the Qiu Jiabiao, is the grandson of her grandmother Ren’s brother. Now he is studying in the academy in Yunyang City. Since it takes Baihe Town to return from Yunyang City to Jizhou Qiu’s family, Qiu Yun is also a frequent visitor of the Ren family. .

And the one next to him was not some Young Master Wen, but Yun Wenfang, the second young master of the Yun Family of Yunyang City.

The reason why she remembered Yun Wenfang, an irrelevant outsider, was because they were once enemies.

She heard that some people were born with different horoscopes, presumably she and Yun Wenfang are of this type. The two began to pinch each other from the first meeting, and when she left Ren’s house in the end, he was slammed together, which made her remember deeply, and it was difficult to forget it.

The exact time when she met him for the first time in the last life can’t be remembered. It seems that she was also in this corridor. She ran out of the Ronghua Courtyard angrily because of a quarrel with Ren Yaohua. Because he was running in a hurry, he accidentally hit Yun Wen on his body.

Then Yun Wenfang blew a whistle frivolously in front of everyone.

The whistle made all the people present laugh, and also made her faceless.

She was aggrieved at that time, she was so annoyed that she raised her hand and gave him a loud slap, and then left everyone crying and ran away.

At that time, he was young, self-willed and impulsive, without thinking about the consequences.

The result was that the ancestral hall where she was imprisoned by the old lady for half a month was also spent in the cold ancestral hall.

On the night of the New Year’s Eve, there was a lot of laughter outside, and she was not allowed to be visited. Because the wife outside forgot to bring her food, she was cold, hungry and scared, she shrank under the altar and cried.

He sneaked in from nowhere, pulled her braids, raised one corner of his mouth and smiled badly like a devil: “Knock three heads to the master and call three times’good brother’, and the master and Qiu Yun will go to intercede with you. How about letting you out?”

She hated him so much that she hated him to death. She jumped up and scratched his face without thinking about it. As a result, she scratched his neck with four blood stains.

Finally, he was furious and dragged away by Qiu Yun.

She felt scared and thought she was going to be punished again. Fortunately, that night her father asked Mrs. Ren to take her out.

After a few more days, she occasionally heard Qiu Yun’s young man say that the reason why the second young master of the Yun family lived in Baihe Town under the pseudonym for so long and didn’t even go home during the Chinese New Year is because he caused a disaster in Yunyang City. The brother-in-law of a court official was beaten into a fool and was secretly hidden by Mrs. Yun.

The old lady of the Yun family and the old lady of Ren are cousins ​​of Yuanfang. Mrs. Yun’s father was originally the patriarch of the Qiu clan.

The old patriarch Yinqiu had only one daughter and no son, and finally adopted the old lady’s elder brother.

After the death of the old patriarch of the Qiu clan, Qiu Xinmin, the older lady’s elder brother, took over as the patriarch.

Qiu Xinmin was adopted by the old patriarch when he was almost 20 years old. At that time, Mrs. Yun had already married into Yunyang City. The old lady Ren’s room was originally an offshoot of the Qiu family, so the relationship between the two parties is not very general. The relationship between Mrs. Ren and Mrs. Yun is even further, and there is almost no contact on weekdays. Therefore, it was unexpected that the second young master of the Yun family would come to Ren’s family to avoid the limelight.

After she learned the news, she quietly disclosed Yun Wen on Ren’s affairs.

Within a few days, the young master of the Yun family came over and let Yun Wen take away.

She thought she was very careful, no one would know. Before he left, he suddenly sneered in her ear: “Ren Yaoqi, you will regret it! Let’s just take a look!”

She was banned by the old lady Ren and could not leave the Ziwei courtyard for half a step.

In the next few years, she hardly left home, so she had nothing to do with Yun Wenfang.

Later, when her father passed away, the Ren family wanted to give her to Jianjun Lu. When her mother was seriously ill, she asked Mother Zhou to clean up her and secretly help her escape from Ren’s family to find her grandfather’s family in Yunyang City.

When she didn’t want to escape halfway, she met Yun Wenfang who came out of the city with a horse. She knelt down and begged him to let her make a living, but he was knocked out and thrown on the horseback.

After a long time, when she woke up again, she was already lying on the carriage sent by the Ren family to find her, and Yunwen was nowhere to be seen.

At that time, she was so dispirited that she had only one thought in her heart: If she met Yun Wenfang again in her lifetime, she would have him die!

Now that the times have changed, he stood in front of him again.

She still had beautiful features, a wicked smiling face, and her dark eyes were as bright as Xia Ye Xingzi.

But she can no longer arouse half of her emotions.

The hatred when she was young, she now looks extremely naive.

In this life, she didn’t want to have anything to do with Yun Wenfang. *************************************

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