Scheme of the Official Descendant

Chapter 37: lead the way

“Is the fifth cousin just coming out of the aunt’s yard?” Qiu Yun asked with an alienated smile in his elegant posture.

The Qiu family is a veteran family in Yanbei, and now the family of Qiu Yun’s grandfather is already in the line of the Qiu family. Although Qiu Yun ranks third among grandchildren, his father is the eldest son of the elder of the Qiu family. He is the only son of the long house, and he has a true root.

Therefore, whether in the Qiu family or in the Ren family, Qiu Yun is a figure of Zhongxing Pengyue Move. It is highly regarded among brothers and sisters of the same generation.

Ren Yaoqi didn’t like Qiu Yun in his previous life. He looked like an elegant and noble son. When carrying someone on his back, he always stands on the side and smiles while watching Yun Wenfang have fun with her, and he is in charge of watching the wind.

She hated Yun Wenfang for not being able to step on her foot, but she hated Qiu Yun with disdain for it.

“Yes, third cousin. Grandma must be very happy to know that you are here.” Ren Yaoqi smiled back at him and replied quietly. His smile was more perfect than him, and his posture was more regular than him.

After saying this, she bowed her head and turned sideways, politely letting them go first.

Qiu Yun looked at him in surprise.

Standing next to him, Yun Wenfang gave a chuckle, put his hand on Qiu Yun’s shoulder, leaned half of his body, but looked at Ren Yaoqi playfully: “Jin Yuan, this is the temperament you mentioned before. Weird cousin? It doesn’t look like it.”

He didn’t look like a family prince, but rather like a **** in the game world. Fortunately, he is young and looks good, so it is not too annoying to look at.

Qiu Yun clenched his fist in a little embarrassment, and coughed lightly against his lips: “Zi Shu, you have a wrong memory, that is what Yuanhui said about his cousin.”

Yun Wen smiled and glanced at Qiu Yun and then went to see Ren Yaoqi, to see if she was as easy to get angry as Qiu Yun said, but saw her standing there with her head down, without even raising her eyes. It seemed that he hadn’t heard his ridicule at all.

They were polite and alienated, but they seemed a bit boring.

Yun Wen raised his brows slightly, not knowing what happened, Ren Yaoqi’s expression made him feel very uncomfortable.

Although this was the first time they met, Ren Yaoqi didn’t do anything wrong, he just felt unhappy.

Perhaps as Ren Yaoqi thought, some people are born to be incompatible.

So he turned his head and blinked at Qiu Yun and said, “Since you met your cousin, you don’t need him to lead the way, right?” He was referring to Yang Cheng, the superintendent of the outer courtyard who brought them in.

When Yun Wen was in the Yun family, he was a person who took his own temper in everything, but now he does not realize that he has to converge when he is in someone else’s place.

Manager Yang Cheng looked up at Ren Yaoqi, then at Qiu Yun, and finally lowered his head honestly. Said that he was just a slave, everything obeyed the master’s arrangements.

When Qiu Yun saw the smile on Yun Wenfang’s face, he knew that his teasing ill was coming again, and he couldn’t help but feel a little helpless. The two of them are classmates. He still knows a lot about Yun Wenfang. When he knew he wanted to make trouble, he couldn’t bring back ten cows.

It’s just… he looked at Ren Yaoqi, wondering why he felt that today’s fifth cousin was a little different from before.

Only then did Ren Yaoqi raise his head, and nodded to Yang Cheng without changing his face: “Manager Yang, let’s go back. Since the client has let me meet, I should take it to the elder to meet him.”

She now understands that some people can’t go head-to-head with them, but want to go smoothly.

She has no intention of avenging Yun Wenfang and Qiu Yun again. These two are just unrelated people, not worthy of her efforts and thoughts. She has too many things to do.

Yang Zizhi didn’t want to get involved in the dispute between the masters, and he could not help but breathe a sigh of relief at this moment, and bowed. Anyway, the Ronghua Yuan has already sent someone to report it first, and it will not be rude.

Ren Yaoqi nodded to Qiu Yun again, then turned and led the two to continue to Ronghua Academy.

Seeing that she was so good at talking, Qiu Yun couldn’t embarrass her anymore. He turned his head and talked to Yun Wenfang about places to visit near Baihe Town.

Ren Yaoqi walked with his head down and didn’t interrupt. Yun Wenfang always looked at her from time to time. Because he watched frequently and had no scruples, even Qiu Yun had noticed.

Qiu Yun winked at him quietly and asked him what was wrong. Yun Wenfang touched his chin and blinked and smiled without speaking.

“Ah, what’s the cousin up to lately?” Qiu Yun helplessly began to chat with Ren Yaoqi.

Ren Yaoqi replied softly: “Like the sisters, be a female celebrity and chat.”

“Don’t the fifth cousin like to read, write, and draw?” Qiu Yun asked with a gentle smile.

Ren Yaoqi smiled slightly: “It’s just a pastime when I’m bored. I can’t compare my cousins ​​and brothers to learning.”

“Do you still paint?” Yun Wenfang interjected leisurely, “Ming’er draws a picture for Xiaoye to see.”

His words were quite loud, Ren Yaoqi didn’t want to care about him, but just smiled and didn’t say anything.

On the contrary, Qiu Yun put his hands together, smiled and looked at the two of them and said: “Brother Zishu’s painting skills are indeed good. But…my fifth sister dare not say anything else, painting… You may not be able to paint… Zishu Sure.”

Ren Yaoqi frowned slightly.

Sure enough, I listened to Yunwen in the next sentence: “Then I really want to see it.”

Fortunately, not far from Ronghua Academy, Ren Yaoqi soon led people to Ronghua Academy.

Mrs. Ren should have received the news before and knew Yun Wenfang’s true identity, so she was very kind to him when she saw Yun Wenfang.

After Ren Yaoqi brought people there, he saluted and left.

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