Scheme of the Official Descendant

Chapter 4: conflict

There was deathly silence under the eaves, and only the sound of falling snow could be heard.

The maids standing next to them all held their breath and dared not make any noise, but the eyes of Ren Yaoqi and Ren Yaohua carefully looked a little nervous.

Ren Yaohua stared at Ren Yaoqi with a cold, stern look. After seeing her slapped her face, she just slapped her cheeks and tightened her lips. She watched her silently and didn’t rush over to give her a slap. Although she was a little strange, she The suffocation received these days allowed the hatred in her heart to gain the upper hand, and she raised her hand again without saying anything.

At this time, the curtain of the main room moved again, and a forty-year-old mother with a long body and white temples came out.

When she saw the confrontation between the two under the corridor, her expression changed. Seeing that Ren Yaohua still wanted to rush over and put Ren Yaoqi in her arms to protect her, she said to Ren Yaohua with a serious face: “Miss San, we are just now. Back home, what are you doing? Don’t forget that your wife is still sick.” On the one hand, he winked at Ren Yaohua quietly.

Ren Yaohua saw the anxiety and worry in her mother’s eyes, thinking that her mother was still ill, gritted her teeth, put her hands down, and looked at Ren Yaoqi’s eyes still cold.

Ren Yaoqi watched the interaction between the two of them in his eyes. Mother Zhou clearly looked at her to protect her from being beaten by Ren Yaohua. She held her arms tightly but embraced her arms as well. So that she could not move, this was to prevent her from jumping up to find Ren Yaohua for revenge.

“Miss Fifth, don’t make a fuss, okay, madam, she is ill, you can go in and see her.” Mother Zhou sullenly bowed her head to Ren Yaoqi.

Ren Yaoqi nodded and motioned to Mother Zhou to let her go.

Mother Zhou originally thought that she would have to take a bit of her tongue to persuade Ren Yaoqi to persuade Ren Yaoqi, but she seemed to admit the loss this time without thinking about Ren Yaoqi. She couldn’t help but froze, and then looked carefully at Ren Yaoqi. Look.

Ren Yaoqi held his face and lowered his eyes slightly, without too much emotion on his face.

Mother Zhou tried to let go of her hand slowly. As expected, Ren Yaoqi didn’t do anything else, but just bypassed Ren Yaohua and lifted the curtain into the main room.

The overall layout of Ziwei Courtyard is short and long in depth, so although it can be regarded as a large courtyard with three entrances, there are only three main rooms, but the rooms are very spacious.

The Ming room in the middle is the main hall, and the east room can be used to meet guests. A big Kang table next to the window is a place for daily meals. The west room is the bedroom, and further down there is a small clean room. The clean room has a small door that opens to the north, so that hot water can be fed in from the third backyard.

Ren Yaoqi walked straight to the west room. Next to the north wall, there was a large carved open room bed in the west room. The newly replaced red silk tent was hung on the copper hook of the bedpost, and the bed was lying there. A woman in her thirties.

The woman had an oval face, thick hair, and a very beautiful face, but her face was sickly white, and her lips were not bloody, probably because she liked the habit of frowning, and there was a faint “Chuan” character between her eyebrows. The tattoos added an old look to her originally young face.

“Mother…” Ren Yaoqi walked gently to the bed, looked at the woman who was not looking sad even with her eyes closed, choked out and whispered.

Her voice was not loud, but the woman on the bed moved her eyelashes and opened her eyes. She has a pair of charming apricot eyes, and Ren Yaohua’s eyes are very similar to her.

She seemed to be very sleepy, but when she saw Ren Yaoqi in front of her, she smiled softly, beckoning to her and calling out, “Qi’er? Come over and let mother see if you have grown taller.”

Ren Yaoqi stepped forward quickly, threw himself on the corridor outside the open room, and knelt down, buried his face in Li’s chest and started crying.

Seeing Ren Yaoqi crying miserably, Li couldn’t help being stunned. She put her hand on Ren Yaoqi’s head and touched it, and asked softly, “What’s wrong?”

At this time, the curtain was lifted and Ren Yaohua and Mother Zhou walked in.

Seeing Ren Yaohua crying on Li’s body, Ren Yaohua’s anger immediately rose, and she sneered: “What can happen to her? Didn’t I just complain to you that I beat her again? I thought she had been in the house for a year and suffered that scorn. Human training can grow a lot, and I don’t want to be so ignorant. I will only shoot cold arrows at the back of people!”

As he said, he strode forward and grabbed Ren Yaoqi’s arm to pull her out.

Ren Yaoqi’s body was not all well, but she was so suddenly and severely tossed that she accidentally fell to the ground, her face lifted up, and the five fingerprints on her left cheek appeared on Li’s. In the eyes.

Li cried out, propped up and tried to sit up, but he lost his strength and fell down again.

“Mother–” Ren Yaoqi threw Ren Yaohua’s hand away, and went to see Li.

Ren Yaohua didn’t care about Ren Yaoqi anymore, she pushed Ren Yaoqi away, she stepped forward to help Li, and when she saw that she was about to get up, she helped her sit on the head of the bed, and put a soft pillow in the bed behind Li’s back. : “Mother, you just drank the medicine, what did you get up for?”

However, Li pulled Ren Yaoqi over, held her face and took a closer look, and looked at Ren Yaohua reproachfully: “Hua’er, how can you put such a heavy hand on my sister!”

Ren Yaohua glanced at the five-fingerprints on Ren Yaoqi’s face, and said coldly: “If it wasn’t for Mother Zhou to stop me, I would definitely slap her a few more times.”

Ren Yaoqi’s left cheek was already a little red and swollen. Li looked at her distressed tightly. Ren Yaohua’s words made her a little angry. She frowned and said, “Hua’er! Come over and be with your sister!”

Ren Yaohua raised his chin slightly when he heard the words, and said contemptuously: “Am I sorry to her? In the next life!”

“Hua’er!” Li said helplessly.

Turning his head to look at Ren Yaoqi, who is still kneeling in front of her bed, who has already received his tears, Li is confused, “Qi’er, your sister didn’t mean it, you…”

But seeing the shocking redness and swelling on Ren Yaoqi’s face, Li couldn’t speak any more, so he could only discuss with his eldest daughter: “Hua’er, for the sake of mother, can’t you take a step back?”

Ren Yaohua bit her lip when she saw the anxious look on Li’s tired face.

She didn’t want to make my mother sad, but let her put down her pride and apologize to Ren Yaoqi.

“Forget it, mother, no need.” Ren Yaoqi sighed lightly and suddenly raised his head to look at Li.

Li’s stunned, Ren Yaohua also frowned and looked over, as if she didn’t believe that this was said from her mouth.

Ren Yaoqi stood up on the edge of Li’s bed.

She remembered seeing Ren Yaohua after she recovered from her illness in her previous life, and she slapped her too.

Later, when she arrived in front of her mother, her mother also asked Ren Yaohua to apologize, but she felt that her mother was partial to Ren Yaohua. Otherwise, how could she let her return the two slaps instead of an understatement of sorry.

When she was young, someone always said in her ears that it was because of her birth that her mother would not be liked by her mother-in-law in Ren’s family, so not only did her grandmother dislike her, her mother also hated her, otherwise she would not favor her sister every time. , Wronged her.

This kind of thing happened a lot, Ren Yaoqi also believed, so there was always a gap between her and her mother Li.

Ren Yaohua called Li’s “mother”, but Ren Yaoqi always called her “mother.”

The same name as the Jiumei and the sixth brother.

Ren Yaohua looked up and saw Li looking at herself cautiously.

Seeing her look over, Li said hurriedly: “Ji, you are the best behaved, and more sensible than your sister.” A tone of comfort to the child.

Mother Zhou on the side also smiled at the right time: “The slave said that she felt a little different when she saw Miss Fifth. It turns out that she has grown up and is sensible, so you can rest assured in the future.”

Li nodded and said dryly: “Yes.” Thinking of the injury on Ren Yaoqi’s face, he hurriedly told Mother Zhou, “Hurry up and use a hot kerchief to apply Qi’er, otherwise it will definitely hurt at night. .”

Mother Zhou looked at Ren Yaohua and then at Ren Yaoqi, she was a little worried to let the sisters be together, but Li kept urging her, so Mother Zhou could only go out in a hurry.

There were only three mothers and daughters left in the room, but they became quiet. In the end, Li took Ren Yaoqi and sat on her bedside to break the silence and asked: “Qi’er, how have you been in the house this year? Okay? Have you been wronged?”

Ren Yaoqi shook his head: “I am fine, I am not wronged.”

“Oh, you have your father by your side, she, she doesn’t dare to wrong you.” Li looked at her and said.

“Heh!” Ren Yaohua sneered mockingly from the side.

Ren Yaoqi lowered his eyes: “Mother, did you just drink the medicine? Let’s rest today, and I will see you tomorrow.” Then he went forward and helped Li to let her lie down.

Li did not reject her kindness, but after lying down, he held Ren Yaoqi’s hand and said, “Qi’er, let Mother Zhou give you medicine before leaving, okay?”

Ren Yaoqi nodded, and sat quietly beside Li’s bed.

Ren Yaohua stood aside, his eyes cast coldly on Ren Yaoqi with scrutiny.

Li took Ren Yaoqi’s hand and looked at her with a smile: “Qi’er, you really have grown up.”

At this time, Mother Zhou, who had originally gone out, returned.

“Didn’t you ask for hot water?” Li asked.

Madam Zhou came over quickly: “Madam, the maidservant Shuhui has already instructed to go down. Auntie Fang is here, and she said she brought the Sixth Young Master and Nine Young Masters to please you.”

Li frowned and said tiredly: “I’m tired, let them go back.”

Ren Yaohua snorted coldly: “You haven’t seen her for a face-to-face meeting for so long since you came back. What are you doing now. Mother, you lie down, I will go out to see her!” He turned and left.

“Hua’er–” Li cried out, but Ren Yaoqi had already lifted the curtain and left the Xi Cijian, and Li could only let her go.

Madam Zhou said to the Li family: “Slaves follow along and have a look.”

Li nodded, and Mother Zhou followed Ren Yaohua.

Ren Yaoqi sat with Li for a while, thought about it, and said, “Mother, I’ll go out and find someone to apply medicine to me. You can rest first.”

Li thought about Mother Zhou, afraid that she might not be able to come back for a while, so he nodded hurriedly: “Then you go.”

Ren Yaoqi helped Li straighten the quilt, and then withdrew.

After leaving the Western Chamber, Ren Yaoqi heard a voice from the Eastern Chamber.

As I approached, I heard a still immature voice crying and cursing: “What are the rules? Grandma didn’t say to be the rules! What are you? Why are you scolding my aunt!”****** **Dear friends…can you vote for this new book…seeking support…grateful…

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