Scheme of the Official Descendant

Chapter 5: prevent

“I’m your aunt, the master of your aunt! What do you say I am? I haven’t seen you in a year, and you have fed the dog all the manners you learned? Aunt Fang, is this the result of your education?” Ren Yaohua sneered. .

“Miss Third Miss, forgive me, it’s the maidservant’s negligence of duty.” Aunt Fang’s voice is low and soft, and her posture is extremely low. “Miss Nine, go to Miss Nine and make a compensation?”

Ren Yaoying jumped up like a cat with its tail stomped on: “I don’t want to be with such a vicious person. She wants to kill the sixth brother and beat us. Auntie, let’s go!”

“Ren Yaoying, you say what you just said again.” Ren Yaohua said coldly.

“Just say, you…um…um…”

“Miss Third, please forgive Miss Nine’s unrestricted words. She is still young and naive. Everything is the fault of the maid. The maid knelt down for you.” Auntie Fang eagerly pleaded while covering Ren Yaoying’s The mouth will not let her anger Ren Yaohua again.

“Auntie——” Ren Yaoying cried, sounding a bit miserable.

Ren Yaoqi glanced at the door. The maid and wife brought by Aunt Fang should still be standing outside. She had a headache.

After thinking about it, she still raised the curtain.

Aunt Fang bowed her head and knelt in front of Ren Yaohua. Ren Yaoying tried desperately to pull Aunt Fang up, but she was thrown away by Aunt Fang.

Ren Yaohua stood in front of the kang and looked at it coldly. Mother Zhou looked at Aunt Fang and then at Ren Yaohua, hesitated.

Sixth Young Master Ren Yihong frowned and stood beside the curtain. He seemed to be embarrassed because he wanted to step forward without knowing what he could do.

Several people over there also noticed that Ren Yaoqi had come in.

“Miss Fifth, your face–” Aunt Fang saw the wound on Ren Yaoqi’s face at a glance, and couldn’t help crying in surprise.

Ren Yaoying also stared at the five fingerprints on Ren Yaoqi’s left face in surprise, then glanced at Ren Yaohua, and the other aunt said: “Fifth sister must have been beaten by the third sister!”

Affirmative tone, how can I listen to it a little gloating.

“What are you doing?” Ren Yaohua said with a cold face.

Ren Yaoqi glanced at Ren Yaohua, and walked over to help Aunt Fang to get up: “My mother asked me to come over and tell Aunt Fang that she just drank the medicine and she was not energetic to see you. She already knew and accepted the filial piety of the sixth brother and the ninth sister. Today it is snowy and windy, and the road is slippery, so I ask my auntie to take her sixth brother and ninth sister back to rest earlier, otherwise if she is not distressed by this, the mother of her will be distressed.”

Aunt Fang’s body stiffened, she quickly glanced at Ren Yaoqi and then at Ren Yaohua.

Ren Yaoqi also followed Aunt Fang’s gaze and looked at Ren Yaohua. Seeing Ren Yaohua standing there with a sneer, he continued: “I don’t want my auntie to be so sincere and still kneel and kowtow to her mother here. I will definitely tell you. Mother’s.”

Ren Yaoying yelled: “My aunt is not kneeling…”

Ren Yaoqi quickly cut off her words: “Who else is the aunt who is kneeling on her knees is not the mother? There are only the third sister, the sixth brother, the ninth sister, and the mother Zhou. The third sister, the sixth brother, and the ninth sister, although you are nominally aunts The master of, but Auntie Fang is the concubine of the mansion by her father. She is also a concubine in the mansion. She is half an elder. It is unreasonable and unreasonable to kneel on either of you. Wouldn’t it be true if she was known by outsiders? Say you are arrogant?”

The complexion of everyone present changed.

Aunt Fang seemed to want to talk, but Ren Yaoqi didn’t give her a chance: “Furthermore, even though we are all children and don’t understand these principles, my aunt has always been praised by her grandmother for being knowledgeable and rational. Doesn’t she understand this? If she kneels on you, doesn’t she deliberately get you wronged? I don’t believe that my aunt would do such a thing, am I?”

Ren Yaoqi let go to help Auntie Fang’s hand, stood up, turned his head and smiled at her, as if trusting her very much.

Aunt Fang lowered her head, slowly moved her knees and turned around, and respectfully knocked her head three times in the direction of Li’s bedroom in Xicijian.

After the kowtow, Aunt Fang got up and gently swept the dust on the tender yellow satin leather skirt. Then she looked up at Ren Yaoqi and said softly: “Miss Fifth is right. The concubine is kneeling by the wife, not someone else. .”

Aunt Fang concealed Ren Yaoqi’s inquisitiveness in her eyes very well. Ren Yaoqi also pretended not to see it. She was still familiar and briskly said: “In this case, Auntie and her sixth brother and ninth sister Go back. Mother Zhou, you should send a few women to light up Aunt Fang and the others. The road is slippery outside, but you have to help them carefully.”

Grandma Zhou was taken aback, looked at Ren Yaoqi, and then at Ren Yaohua, who had a cold face and said nothing. Finally, she lowered her head and said yes, and the other aunt bowed and said, “Auntie, Master Six, Miss Nine, please , The slave and maid let you send you back.”

Auntie Fang nodded to Madam Zhou, and said to Ren Yaohua: “Miss San, the maid will come and take care of his wife tomorrow morning.” After she finished speaking, she took a pair of children and left without any delay.

Mother Zhou also followed out.

Ren Yaoqi watched Aunt Fang’s soft but straight back walk out of the main room. Although the lacquered black eyes were still smiling, they were as quiet as a winter lake, deep and without waves.

Ren Yaohua’s eyes have been on Ren Yaoqi’s face since the beginning, as if he wanted to see a flower from her face.

“Ren Yaoqi, what do you mean?”

Ren Yaoqi thought for a while and looked at Ren Yaohua earnestly: “Sister Sister, what do you think I am interested in? Just now, if I let Aunt Fang knee down, let the seventh sister go down, and startled other people in the house. Who do you think will suffer?”

Ren Yaohua stared at Ren Yaoqi with unpredictable eyes, but he twitched at the corner of his mouth, and smiled somewhat ironically: “I thought you had a close relationship with Aunt Fang, brotherhood with your sixth brother, so I didn’t see them being affected by me. I’m wronged. Could it be that you have forgotten that in front of my grandfather and grandmother, who had insisted that I pushed the sixth brother into the water.”

Ren Yaoqi looked down and said nothing. This was the deadlock between her and Ren Yaohua, and the explanation was useless.

Moreover, freezing three feet is not a day’s cold, she does not expect to change the relationship between the two today.

“Just treat it as I don’t want my mother to be implicated anymore.”

At this time, Mother Zhou came in with four maids holding copper pots, basins, face towels and medicine chests, and bowed back to the two of them: “Miss San, Miss Fifth, the servants have already condemned four. A woman sent Auntie Fang back to Fangfeiyuan.”

Although Aunt Fang was their father’s aunt, she did not live in Ziweiyuan, but lived in a courtyard alone with a pair of children. Although it was just a small courtyard once entered, she was a big face.

Ren Yaoqi nodded, Mother Zhou instructed the maid to put the copper pots, copper basins and other things on the small plum table. The two little maids bowed out, leaving only the two big maids of the Li family. In the room: “Miss Fifth, let the slave and maid put on your face, otherwise it will be uncomfortable at night if the wind blows out later.”

Ren Yaoqi nodded and walked back to sit on the kang.

The maid Xier wet the face towel and wrung it dry. Mother Zhou took it and gently applied Ren Yaoqi’s face. The hot heat on the face towel made Ren Yaoqi tilt her head. Mother Zhou hurriedly said: “Miss Fifth, just apply it, don’t move.”

Ren Yaoqi sat and didn’t move. After all, he was not a wayward ten-year-old kid anymore.

The two big maids Xi’er and Que’er looked at each other, then lowered their heads, one holding the medicine bottle and waiting, the other wringing out a face towel and waiting for Mother Zhou to exchange it.

Ren Yaohua did not leave either. The other side sitting on the kang whispered to Mother Zhou about Li’s illness.

Ren Yaoqi listened in silence, only to learn that Li was caught in the wind and cold on the road. After returning, he knelt outside the old lady’s courtyard for a long time, and his condition worsened. The doctor came to see and gave prescriptions to cure the wind and cold.

In the previous life, Ren Yaoqi herself was also ill, so she didn’t know about Li’s illness and no one told her. After he was done, he went to ask his mother for peace but was slapped by Ren Yaohua.

She was ill for four or five days, and when she got better, Lee also recovered. It can be seen that Lee’s disease shouldn’t matter.

Ren Yaoqi thought that tomorrow, she would still find Mother Zhou and ask the doctor to give Li’s prescription to see.

Mother Zhou helped Ren Yaoqi apply heat several times, and then took the ointment from Que’er’s hand and applied a light layer to her. Ren Yaoqi sat still, letting her toss.

“Miss Wu, are you sick?” Mother Zhou took a look at Ren Yaoqi’s face and saw that she was a little swollen now, and her lips were not as moist as usual, thinking that Ren Yaoqi did not come back in Li’s When it was time to go out to greet him, he asked.

Ren Yaoqi paused and nodded: “I have been ill for a while, but I have seen it in the past few days, and I can heal it by taking two more doses of medicine.”

Mother Zhou was angry and anxious: “Miss Fifth, how can you see the wind when you are sick? Don’t the maids around you know how to stop them?”

Speaking of this, Mother Zhou’s face changed again: “You said you have been sick for some time?” They didn’t know about Zhuangzi Shanghao, and the people who stayed in Renfu didn’t deliver them to them.

“Well, I got sick when it was warm and cold last month.” After the autumn tiger, the temperature in the north dropped sharply, with alternating cold and hot, making it most likely to get sick.

Mother Zhou frowned and looked at Ren Yaohua, who was already full of icy expressions: “It seems that the people in the Ziwei Academy have forgotten their surname!”

Mother Zhou sighed: “We have been away for a year, and the old lady gave the Ziwei courtyard to her to take care of her, naturally now and then. I thought of the two maids, Yinger and Zhuer, who had a calm temper, and had been with them for too many years. It’s most appropriate to stay and see the courtyard. If there is something in the mansion that can send someone to Zhuangzi in time, it’s a pity that they don’t want to let the old lady get married. Now they can’t even enter the courtyard. “******The way to ask for support for T-T’s recommendation for a new book is to click on the “Vote for Recommendation” at the bottom of the cover…


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