Scheme of the Official Descendant

Chapter 6: Calculate

Ying’er and Zhu’er were rationed to two small servants in the outer courtyard and became ordinary servants in the outer courtyard.

The outer courtyard and the inner courtyard of the Ren family are clearly demarcated. Even if some people have worked in the Ren family for a lifetime, it is extremely difficult for some people to step into the hanging flower gate with the vertical lotus column and the eaves.

“Mother, you should say that this moment and this moment! Now that we are back, she still wants to be able to stretch out her hand so long?” Ren Yaohua said coldly, “I will arrange her to come in tomorrow, and The minions who had fallen on the wall in the yard were all driven out.”

Mother Zhou persuaded: “Miss San, we will come back. Let’s just leave this aside for now? The number of people we bring back is always a small number. The Ziwei Academy still needs people to serve as errands, even if we need to re-select people. , Or if you want to buy another one, you have to pay the old lady and the big lady first. Besides, you need a reason to push people out, and you can’t drive the people out of the yard for no reason. This will not only chill the people down, The old lady is not good at dealing with each other.”

Ren Yaohua already hated the other aunt in her heart, and raised her eyebrows after hearing Mother Zhou’s words, “Grandma, let me talk about it. As for the beginning? It’s not easy? Laziness, broken mouth, stealing, disrespect for the Lord… They have been convicted, can they still refute it?”

“Miss Three…”

“The third sister wants to offend everyone in Ren’s family before she is willing to give up?” Ren Yaoqi said suddenly.

Ren Yaohua looked at Ren Yaoqi with a cold face. Ren Yaoqi turned a blind eye to her anger and said quietly: “Auntie Fang re-arranged a lot of people to come in for the Ziwei Academy, except for Mother Zhu and the two who are next to me. Apart from a close-knit maid, most of them are not her own.”

“Not hers?” Mother Zhou thought for a while, and groaned, “It is reasonable to say that she does not have that great ability in more than a year…”

Networking needs to be managed. Mother Zhou helped Li’s business for more than ten years, but she managed to get more than a dozen true confidantes by her side, and two were sent away.

The other wives of the Ren family are not vegetarians, so how could Aunt Ren Fang sit too big and ride on top of them?

Ren Yaoqi nodded: “The maids in the Ziwei courtyard are mostly selected from various villagers a year ago.”

However, Ren Yaohua sneered and glanced at Ren Yaoqi: “This yard is in charge of Auntie Fang. Do you still have to pick people through her hands? Even if these people have nothing to do with her before, they will not be able to follow her path. Lost her?”

Although Ren Yaohua has a strong temper, he is not a dull person. Although he is not very young, he has his own opinion because he has helped the weak Li to make decisions since childhood.

Ren Yaoqi did not deny Ren Yaohua’s words. Instead, he nodded in agreement: “The third sister is right. These people have gone the way of Aunt Fang and got such a slack, so they are all grateful to her this year. Her reputation in the people’s mouths in the imperial palace is getting better.”

The Li family and Ren Yaohua went to Zhuangzi. There were few masters in the Ziwei courtyard, but the rules were the same, and Aunt Fang never deducted them. Therefore, the errands at the Ziwei courtyard were recognized by the servants of the Ren family.

Although Ren Yaohua’s face was even more ugly this time, he didn’t speak immediately.

The maid Xi’er couldn’t help but wondered: “But didn’t Miss Fifth say that these people are not Aunt Fang’s people? Now they say they are hers… Is that hers after all?”

Ren Yaoqi thought for a while, and said softly, “Although these people are all newly picked out from Zhuangzi by Aunt Fang, they are all with the old lady, the eldest wife, the second wife, and the powerful maids in the courtyard of the fifth wife. Some have a relationship with relatives. For example, the sister-in-law Niu who is in charge of the keys to our courtyard, her sister-in-law is the eldest daughter-in-law of Grandma Gui in the yard of the old lady, and the Liuer who is in charge of the tea when visiting guests in our yard is the first class next to the big lady. The sister of the maid at the Autumn Equinox, the lady in charge of hot water in the backyard, Liu, was originally a concierge in the outer yard of the Ren family, but her niece is now in charge of the fifth wife’s yard…”

Mother Zhou could be regarded as an old man crawling over in the backyard. After hearing such a few sentences, she could understand the powerful relationship, and her heart was even more turbulent.

The maid Que’er was also frightened and said: “She actually used our Ziweiyuan errand as a favor to please the other masters of the Ren family!”

Ren Yaoqi shook her head, she glanced at Ren Yaohua.

Ren Yaohua’s lips were pressed tightly, making her cold face look a bit stubborn, but her eyes were full of anger.

“She can please the old lady and the people around her, but the main purpose is not this.”

After hearing this, everyone turned their eyes to Ren Yaoqi.

Ren Yaoqi looked at Ren Yaohua: “Her purpose is the third sister and mother.”

Ignoring the stunned eyes of a few people, Ren Yaoqi continued to say without any haste, “She has calculated the temper of the third sister, knowing that you will not be able to tolerate the people she arranged to stay in the Ziwei courtyard, and will start to clean up when you come back. Inner courtyard. In fact, these people have nothing to do with her, and they will not hinder her wherever they are sent. She takes care of the favors she gives, but you offend the old lady, the eldest lady, the second lady, and the fifth lady. .”

According to what Ren Yaohua said, she is also the daughter of the Ren family, and the old lady always cares for her a little, so she will always return to the Ren family. Aunt Fang knew this from beginning to end, so she never thought that Ren Yaohua and Li could be completely driven out of the Ren family.

She is a concubine, and even after giving birth to a son, she can’t get right, so what she wants is the control of the three-bedroom backyard.

Even if Li and Ren Yaohua returned to the Ren family, they could no longer shake her position.

“This despicable and shameless poisonous woman!” Xi’er gritted her teeth.

Ren Yaohua gradually calmed down because of his anger, and said in a cold tone: “She just wait and see, I will make her look good!”

Ren Yaoqi asked calmly, “How do you make her look good? Let her set rules for her mother, and then take the opportunity to fix her?”

Ren Yaohua raised his eyes and looked at Ren Yaoqi with a calm face.

Mother Zhou was afraid that the two sisters would quarrel again, so she hurriedly ended the battle: “The third young lady has been thinking about us for a year, and the Ren family only knows that there is auntie Fang, and I don’t know that there is a serious master like his wife. I’m trying to give my wife a chance to set rules and give my wife a prestige.”

Ren Yaoqi didn’t want to argue with Ren Yaohua either, so he nodded: “The idea is not wrong, but the timing is wrong.”

“Oh? Why is it wrong?” Ren Yaohua raised her eyebrows and said coldly.

Ren Yaoqi said earnestly: “Didn’t I ask the third sister how to show her a good look before? Before you left the house, you did show her good looks several times, but have you ever thought about why you can show her good looks? Let her have nowhere to redress her grievances?”

Ren Yaohua didn’t say a word, but Xi’er said: “Of course, our third lady has more face than Aunt Fang in front of the old lady! With the support of the old lady, Aunt Fang naturally didn’t dare to be presumptuous after seeing the third lady.”

The old lady Ren did not like Li, but she was good to Ren Yaohua’s granddaughter.

When Ren Yaohua pushed Ren Yihong into the water, the old lady also thought that she was young and vigorous, and because of her failure, she did not deliberately frame her concubine’s life, and helped her to say good things to Elder Ren.

“Auntie Fang knows this too. So what if one day the old lady no longer stands on the side of the third sister?”

“How is this possible? The old lady has always loved Miss San. When we were at the Zhuangzi, she also sent someone to deliver food to Miss San.” Que’er shook her head hurriedly.

Ren Yaohua and Mother Zhou were silent.

There is no shortage of younger generations around the old lady. Today’s Ren’s family is the fourth lady Ren Yaoyin, who is the daughter of the eldest wife, and Ren Yaoyu, who is the fifth wife, and Ren Yaoyu, who is the daughter of the fifth wife, are the most favored. They are often stayed in the Dongnuan Pavilion of Ronghua Yuan.

Today, Ren Yaohua and Li Shi went to greet the old lady. Although the old lady was very happy to see Ren Yaohua, she coldly rebuked Ren Yaohua when she pleaded with Li Shi.

In the Ren family before, the old lady Ren would never say a word to Ren Yaohua. Every time the old lady is embarrassed by Li’s, with Ren Yaohua on the sidelines, she will show her granddaughter a bit of face.

“So the most important thing for the third sister now is not to try to find the trouble with Aunt Fang, so that her mean and domineering reputation is purposefully promoted to the point where everyone knows. Instead, she strives to consolidate her position in front of the old lady. As long as you are still the most favored granddaughter around the old lady, you will have more opportunities to teach Aunt Fang in the future.” Ren Yaoqi calmly and objectively pointed out.

No one noticed her indifference towards Mrs. Ren in her calmness. It seems that in her heart, the old lady Ren is just a tool for gaining a foothold in the house, which is of use value, not her grandmother.

“Miss Third, Miss Fifth makes sense.” Mother Zhou thought about Ren Yaoqi’s words, and the more she thought about it, the more she became frightened.

Aunt Fang first cut off the old members of the Li family who stayed in the Ziwei courtyard, firstly, she can cut off the connection between the Li family and the main house of the Ren family, and deepen the estrangement between Ren Yaoqi, Li family and Ren Yaohua. The second is to give her the empty places that she will get to the Ziwei courtyard next.

When she did this, she would be furious when Ren Yaohua returned to the house, so her late move came.

Let Ren Yaohua completely fall out of favor with Mrs. Ren, and offend the masters and slaves of the Ren family into isolation, this is her ultimate goal.

Ren Yaohua also wanted to understand now, and couldn’t help feeling aggrieved. She wanted to sarcastically ask Ren Yaoqi, “I fell out of favor with my grandmother, didn’t I just call you what you meant?”

But to the quiet eyes of Yaoqi in office, she still swallowed the words.

Although Ren Yaohua was noncommittal, Mother Zhou knew her very well and knew she must have listened. He was very pleased to smile at Ren Yaoqi and said, “Miss Fifth has grown up. Even the wife and the old slave have never thought about these things.”

Ren Yaoqi looked down and said nothing, her previous life under the tutelage of Pei Zhiyan, the twists and turns of these inner houses seemed to her now as if she had unveiled the curtain and console of the shadow puppet show, controlling the dense crowds of dolls. The lines of control are clear.

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