Scheme of the Official Descendant

Chapter 7: face

Seeing that all that should be said, Ren Yaoqi got up and said: “It’s getting late, I’ll go back first.”

She recently fell asleep after taking medicine because she was sick recently, and she was very tired after saying these words this morning after she went to bed.

Mother Zhou saw that she was a little vain in her next set, and knew that she must be uncomfortable, so she hurriedly asked Xi’er to step forward and help: “Miss Fifth, let Xi’er take you back to your room. Let her watch you tonight. The maids and maids around you are unreliable, so it’s better to guard against them.”

The grandmother of Zhou Ren Zhou carefully sorted out the large cloak and hood on her body: “Sister Xi’er, after sending me back, should go back to my mother as a errand. You only came back. There are a lot of outsiders in the Ziwei courtyard, and I am stretched. Although the two maids around me were sent to me by Auntie Fang, they didn’t dare to disobey me easily. They had been serving me for a while and hadn’t had any problems. Besides, my illness was better than my mother. Needs care.”

When Madam Zhou heard the words, her expression was warm: “There are slaves and maids beside my wife, so please don’t worry about Miss Fifth.”

Ren Yaoqi still shook his head: “At this time, it is better to do more than to do less. Let it be for the time being. If I still don’t get well in a few days, my mother will let Sister Xi’er take care of me.”

Mother Zhou is the steward Li’s relied on the most. Xi’er, Que’er, and the four maids, Ying’er and Zhu’er, who were sent to the outer courtyard by the matchmaker, are her confidantes carefully trained for Li’s. It is better for such people to stay with Li.

Seeing Ren Yaoqi’s insistence, Mother Zhou couldn’t persuade her anymore, so she sent her out in person, until she saw her disappearing at the corner door of the previous entrance hall surrounded by several maids and then turned back to the main room. .

Entering the east room, seeing Ren Yaohua still sitting in her original position, holding a small silver scissors in her hand, fiddled with the wick on the blue and white porcelain candlestick, the candle shadow was flickering by her.

Mother Zhou sighed and walked forward and gently took away the scissors in Ren Yaohua’s hand: “Miss San, please burn your hands carefully.”

Ren Yaohua always respected Mother Zhou, the old servant beside her mother, so she didn’t say much.

“Miss San, tomorrow, when Aunt Fang comes to please his wife, if she asks for help, let her refuse it. She is cunning, but her wife is honest, don’t know her secret loss. Although you can Containing her, but after all, her generation is inferior. No one has a concubine to teach her father’s concubine, and it is not good for you to spread it.

Ren Yaohua gave a faint “um”.

Although she is not afraid that her reputation will not sound good, Ren Yaoqi’s words are not unreasonable. She can’t commit to fall into the trap of that **** at this time, to clean up her, there will be opportunities in the future.

“This Auntie Fang really made good calculations. I didn’t expect her to be so sinister and vicious. If you are caught in her plan, you will ruin your reputation. Not only will you fall out of favor with the old lady, you will also offend other masters in the house. Ziwei. If you don’t turn around in front of the old lady in the courtyard, the madam’s life will be more difficult in the future. Wouldn’t we all be held in her hands when we go up and down in the three rooms, let her be at her mercy?”

Thinking of this, Mother Zhou couldn’t help but sweat in a cold sweat. Although Aunt Fang was designed to make Ren Yaohua offend the old lady, the eldest wife, the second wife, and the people around the fifth wife, Mother Zhou knows what role these powerful maids and women in front of the masters can play at critical moments.

“I’ll write down this account!” Ren Yaohua’s still slightly immature face, a fierce expression flashed away, causing the grandmother Zhou who had accidentally caught a glimpse of her to shudder.

Mother Zhou looked at Ren Yaohua’s gloomy look, and she was a little worried: “Miss Third, Miss Fifth, since she has shown you well first, you two sisters will get along well in the future.”

Ren Yaohua glanced at Mother Zhou, and said coldly: “She calculated that I was driven away from Ren’s house and that’s it?”

Mother Zhou was at a loss, and she could only persuade carefully: “Miss Fifth was only nine years old at the time, and Aunt Fang was so cunning. It is understandable that she could not tell right from wrong and was used by others. Look at what she said today, Which sentence is not for your good? You are the sisters of your direct and direct relatives, and you should support each other in the same boat. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be exactly what the woman meant, but caused your mother to cry secretly because of your discord? “

Ren Yaohua did nothing expressionlessly there.

Mother Zhou carefully looked at her expression and wanted to persuade her again, but Ren Yaohua had already stood up: “After a day and night, everyone is tired. Let’s rest early today. I will go back tomorrow. Come and visit mother again in the morning.”

Seeing that she was like this, Mother Zhou could only press the words in her heart and temporarily ignore her, thinking about waiting for the opportunity to come together later. The two sisters are determined, the other smart. If you can work together, why should you worry about that Aunt Fang?

Ren Yaoqi blew the wind the night before, and when he woke up late the next day, he was a little groggy.

But thinking that Auntie Fang from Li’s side was going to please her in the morning, she couldn’t lie down because she didn’t know if anything went wrong. I was about to call the maidservant in and waited for her to get up, but heard the voice of the maid Xier next to his mother Li.

“…It is cold today. This hot tea should be kept warm on the charcoal stove at all times, so that the masters can quench their thirst at any time. But you also need to know that the best silver-wire carbon is burned in the chamber for a long time. It will also make the chest tight. So this carbon stove must be placed in a ventilated hall, and the tea in the master’s inner room has to be changed every three quarters.”

“When we entered the mansion, my aunt asked us to learn the rules from the steward Yan next to the lady, but steward Yan didn’t teach us these rules.” Qingmei mumbled a little unconvinced.

Xi’er said coldly: “I’m not an orthodox now? If you can’t even learn these rules, go and tell your Aunt Fang, let her change a clearer maid to our fifth lady! You are a lady! The monthly bill for the second-class maid with 800 yuan a month is so easy to get!”

The two maids were silent.

Ren Yaoqi then called out softly.

After a while, Xi’er lifted the curtain and came in. She hurried to the bed and bowed to Ren Yaoqi. He smiled and said, “Miss Fifth, are you awake? Do you want to get up for breakfast now? The slaves let them take it. The rice is warm on the stove. When you have breakfast, the medicine should be ready.”

In addition to the New Year’s and holidays, Ren’s three meals a day are that each room and courtyard go to the large kitchen according to the number of people to receive meals according to the meals. Apart from this, only the old lady Ren’s Ronghua courtyard has a small kitchen, and the rest even the big lady in charge eats in the big kitchen.

Of course, if you give money in addition to the rules, the big kitchen can also open a small stove.

Seeing Ren Yaoqi nodding, Xi’er immediately ordered the two maids, Qingmei and Sydney, to fetch water and wash Ren Yaoqi. He came forward to help Ren Yaoqi put on a lotus blue Songjiang cotton face jacket.

This kind of jacket is worn in the interior when you don’t need to go out to meet guests in winter. It is comfortable, light and warm.

“Why are you here?” Ren Yaoqi asked, seeing that he and Xi’er were the only two in the house.

Xi’er buttoned her breasts, and smiled and said, “My wife knows that you are sick, so she can’t worry about it. If the slave and maid just come to look at you, the wife will get out of bed by herself. Miss Wu, please take care of your wife. , Don’t drive the servants away.”

Ren Yaoqi heard that it was Li who let her come, so he couldn’t say anything to let Xi’er go back.

“In addition, Mother Zhou asked her servant to speak to Miss Wu. Aunt Fang said that she wanted to stay here to treat our wife early this morning, but she was kindly persuaded to go back. Mother Zhou said to let Miss Wu you Take care of your illness with peace of mind. Don’t let your wife miss you because it’s your filial piety. If your wife is watching her, there will be no trouble.”

Others can’t say such things, but Mother Zhou next to Li’s side dares to say. She has an upright and stern temper, and she will not shy away from pointing out what is wrong with the little masters, and she is not afraid of being hated and scolded.

Ren Yaoqi nodded, indicating that he knew it.

In a short while, Qingmei and Sydney led the little maidservants in with copper basins, face towels, and spittoons.

Xi’er asked the two maids, Qingmei and Sydney, to watch, and she personally demonstrated how to serve her master to wash her face and wipe her teeth.

Xi’er was trained by Mother Zhou herself, and her care is naturally not comparable to the two maids, Qingmei and Sydney.

After washing up, Xi’er took care of Ren Yaoqi and had breakfast.

When the medicine came up, Ren Yaoqi sniffed it and found that she had changed back to the medicine she had taken.

I don’t know if it was because I was afraid that Li and the others would find clues in the medicine when they came back, or seeing that the trick to prevent her from easing the relationship with Li and Ren Yaohua had failed, he simply took it away.

Aunt Fang has always been a person who knows how to judge the situation and acts decisively.

By the third day, Ren Yaoqi’s body was almost full.

This means that she wants to restore her daily care for the old man and Mrs. Ren.

After a lapse of more than ten years, she has to face the so-called blood relatives again.

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