Scheme of the Official Descendant

Chapter 8: Renjia

The Ren family started by renting coal mines to operate coal kilns and settled in Youzhou in Yanbei for generations.

During the decades when Youyan Sixteen Prefecture was trampled by Liao people’s iron cavalry, even though the family property was scattered and the clansmen died, the Ren family did not leave this land and moved south with the court.

After that, the fourth king of Yanbei, Xiao Qishan, did not fall to the prestige of his ancestors, led a group of cadres to recover the Youyan Sixteen Prefectures, intercepted the Liao people outside Jiajing Pass, and the Yanbei area was returned to the rule of the Great Zhou.

At this time of waste, Baoming, then the director of the Ren family, took out three gold bars hidden by his wife under the toilet compartment, and regardless of the family’s objection, bought a few places in Xishan outside Yunyang City, Youzhou. Lord’s barren hilltop.

Xu Zhen’s Ren family came to work. This Xishan is actually a treasure of coal production. The coal dug from the four or five hills purchased by Ren family is especially high-quality. The annual output can not only supply the entire Youzhou area but also traffic to the surrounding state cities. .

In addition, the owner of the Ren family is good at drilling camps, but within a few years, the coal stacks of the Ren family have been opened to Yanbei.

With rich wealth, the Ren family has since claimed to be the Yanbei Hao family.

After the initial decision of Yanbei, the rich and powerful people in the Yanbei area have sprung up overnight.

In addition to the Yanbei Palace, which has been the uncrowned king of Yanbei for generations, some old northern families who moved back to the north after the war, such as the Yun family, and the Su family, who emerged as a celebrity following the Yanbei king in the Northern Expedition, and With all kinds of luck, the Ren family and his ilk made a fortune.

The old and new aristocrats were not convinced by each other. The upstarts could not understand that the old aristocratic families were clearly poor, but their eyes were higher than the top. The old aristocrats looked down on the upstarts because they were too weak and lacked the family tolerance.

It wasn’t until the king of Yanbei reconciled it, and the Yun family and Su family, the leaders of the two factions, first made peace with each other, and the situation in Yanbei really stabilized.

Over the decades, although there have been occasional disputes between the new faction and the old faction family, most of them have been able to coexist peacefully under the strong pressure of the Yanbei Palace, and many have become children and family members.

The wife of the current director of the Ren family, Yonghe, was born in the Qizhou family of Qizhou. Although Qiu’s father was not a descendant of the Qiu family, he adopted Qiu’s brother because the Qiu family had no children. The patriarch of the Qiu clan is actually the elder brother of the Qiu clan, the old lady Ren, and the Qiu clan has become more and more straightened in the Ren family because of this relationship. After all, even though the Ren family would be reluctant to become a Yanbei rich family due to fate, they were still a little less emboldened than the veteran families of the Yun family and Qiu family.

The main residence of the Ren family is located in Baihe Town, at the southern foot of Xishan Mountain, more than 90 miles outside Yunyang City. Although Baihe Town is not as prosperous as Yunyang City, the first city in Yanbei, it is prosperous because of its location on the north-south traffic fortress. It has always been a battleground for military strategists.

This house of the Ren family occupies a very large area, with carved beams and painted buildings, pavilions and pavilions as beautiful as the southern capital gardens.

It is said that this house was once the ancestral home of a famous family. The house was sold at a low price because of the family’s southward migration. It was later bought by the owner of the Ren family and moved in after some repairs.

Ren Yaoqi has lived here since she was born. Before she left Ren’s house at the age of 16, she rarely walked out of this place where old and rotten silverfish thrived, but was magnificently repaired by tiled and painted walls.

After recovering from his illness, Ren Yaoqi walked out of the Ziweiyuan for the first time, and when he walked under the Jiuqu Corridor and looked at the mansion again, he was in a different mood.

In all fairness, her great-grandfather, who was the last head of the family, had some insights when he bought the mansion, leaving aside the exquisite houses, the feng shui of the whole house was excellent.

It is high in the southeast and northwest, backed by the west mountains, and in front of the Xiaobaihe River. This is the “power of heaven and earth” pursued by Feng Shui. And because of the remote origin of the western mountains, the ups and downs became the source of the mansion’s “vigour”, making the whole house a place where wind and gas gather.

The pavilions are like clouds, the houses are tall and scattered, and the avenues and paths echo in all directions. The Ronghua Garden, where the owner lives, is located in the center. The layout resembles the picture of Tai Chi Yin and Yang fish. The inner courtyard and the outer courtyard form a total of eight courtyards to form a gossip.

Miao is prosperous when the land is good, and the people are prosperous when the house is good.

The man who built this mansion at the beginning must be an inexperienced master.

It’s just that such a mansion can be lived in even if you live in dragon son and phoenix grandson. Although the Ren family can borrow its fortune temporarily, after a long period of time, it will not be able to suppress its aristocracy. I am afraid that it will be backed by its fortune. .

It is no wonder that a few years after she left the Ren family, she heard people talk about the decline of the Ren family and that the house has changed hands again.

As for where the other people living in this house went, she was no longer interested in asking.

Passing through the tall gate along the wall decorated with glazed tiles and wall piers, the first thing you see is the giant Lingbi stone placed in the shallow pool in the center of the courtyard. The stone is named “Cangshan Xiong” because it looks like a mountain. squat”.

It is said that the stone was transported back from Anhui by the former head of the family by Bao Ming, who spent a lot of money, and it is considered to be a wonder in Ren’s house.

Bypassing Lingbi Stone, there are the three expansive flower halls of Ronghua Yuan. They are closed on weekdays. They are all open only during the New Year’s Day and banquets. When there are many guests, there are two courtyards on both sides and east and west.

Across the hall is the front courtyard of the main house of Ronghua Garden.

The old lady of the Ren family, Qiu’s, has a quirk. She doesn’t like flowers and trees, and she dislikes those colorful things to attract insects and ants. Therefore, the entire courtyard only has a neat seam of bluestone, and only one or two grasses emerge from the roots of the wall in spring and summer. Then you can see a little green, but unfortunately, you will be caught The woman-in-law who sweeps the yard uprooted.

After two days of heavy snowfall, it cleared up, and before the snow had bloomed, it was blown into hard ice by the north wind. Ren Yaoqi walked along the road picking up the corridor or the land covered with cotton lichen.

The courtyard of Ronghua Garden was clean and there was no trace of ice or snow. It had already been cleaned so that only the unchanging bluestone ground could be seen.

At this moment, two twelve or three-year-old little girls were kneeling on the bluestone floor in the front courtyard of the main house.

They wore the indigo blue winter clothes of Renfu’s second-class maids, kneeling with their foreheads upright and pious, but their bodies were fighting like those few dead leaves hanging on the branches, and they didn’t know whether it was cold or frightened.

Ren Yaoqi walked past them, and when he stepped on the treads attached to the foundation of the main house, he could still hear them sucking their noses.

“It’s Fang’er and Hui’er who are waiting for Miss Eighth.” Qingmei, who was one step behind, took a look at the two, and hurriedly caught up with the first two steps, pretending to be mysterious, half-covered her mouth and reported it in Ren Yaoqi’s ear. There was the excitement of having a good show to watch.

Ren Yaoqi turned a deaf ear, standing outside the curtain waiting for the women to report inside.

The rules of the Ren family are extremely great, especially the Ronghua Courtyard of the old man and Mrs. Ren. If there is no answer in the main room, they cannot enter. On the day Li came back, it was because the old lady Ren did not give her an order to enter the house and knelt down on this corridor for more than an hour.

Fortunately today, the old lady didn’t want to toss Ren Yaoqi, the woman at the door quickly opened the curtain for Ren Yaoqi: “Miss Five, please.”

The warm wind in the room came oncoming, Ren Yaoqi stepped in.

The main room of the Ronghua Courtyard sits in five rooms facing the north and the south. The middle room is the Ming Hall. At this time, it is empty. Only two maids are standing in front of the carved moon cave in the second room on the right.

Seeing Ren Yaoqi coming in, the two maids bowed their knees and bowed, and lifted the curtain of the blessing character pattern. A slight sound in the right room came out, and it was mixed with the fragrance of a burning box.

It’s almost time for the old lady and old lady to have breakfast.

The younger generations of the Ren family had to go to the yard on an empty stomach when they came to treat them. They waited until the elders had finished their dinner before they could go back to the yard to eat.

When Ren Yaoqi entered, he saw the eldest wife, Wang, leading her eldest daughter-in-law, Zhao, setting up the Kang table.

A large kang leaning on the north wall has already placed dozens of early foods, large and small, and a few maids are standing beside them holding food boxes with few open lids.

The elder Ren Shizhong led his son and nephews to sit on the nanmu chairs on the east and west sides. The third lady Ren Yaohua, the fourth lady Ren Yaoyin, and the ninth lady Ren Yaoying stood under the south window.

Ren Yaohua and Ren Yaoqi were in the same courtyard, but they had never entered and left together when they came to Ronghua Yuan to ask for An. Before, when Ren Yaohua was in Ren’s house, he lived in the warm pavilion at the east side of Ronghua Yuan for half of the month. When he lived in Ziwei Yuan, he came every day earlier than her.

Ren Yaoqi swept the room around and bowed his head to meet the elders.

The eldest lady turned her head and looked at her with a smile and said, “Five girls are in good shape? Yesterday, the old lady also asked you to rest for a few more days, so you don’t have to rush over in the morning.”

Ren Yaoqi bowed his head and said, “It’s all done, and it’s impossible to be too lazy.”

The eldest lady smiled and nodded: “Good boy. You can recover so quickly. Don’t forget that your auntie Fang is responsible for it. Although the eldest aunt is in charge of the house, the matter of asking your doctor for medicine this time depends entirely on you. Your aunt is Zhang Luo.”

Ren Yaoqi glanced at the eldest wife, smiled, and bowed his head in response.

The head wife of Wang has a good reputation in Ren’s family.

If you shouldn’t, just open one eye and close one eye.

She doesn’t take the credit, and naturally she doesn’t take the responsibility.

After Ren Yaoqi and his wife had exchanged greetings, they walked to the south window to stand with Ren Yaohua and the others, bowed their knees and saluted the third young lady Ren Yaohua and the fourth young lady Ren Yaoyin.

Ren Yaohua turned a blind eye to her as always, but the fourth lady, Ren Yaoyin, smiled kindly at her and returned the gift. Ren Yaoying, the ninth lady who was younger than her, curled her lips, and gave her a hastily salute. Ren Yaoqi only nodded and stood beside Ren Yaoyin.


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