Scheme of the Official Descendant

Chapter 9: grandparents

Just as soon as I stopped here, I heard the voices of the maids outside asking the old lady’s peace.

Ren Yaoqi’s erect back became stiff, and then slowly took a breath, forcing himself to relax.

The men who had been sitting in the East Room immediately stood up from their seats, and the big lady who was placing the dishes by hand also quickly put a plate of cold mixed Fu Lu tofu in her hands on the southeast of the Kang table. Anxiously greeted the carved moon cave gate.

Ren Yaoqi, like everyone in this room, leaned forward and stood upright, with his hands hanging on his side, his eyes half-closed.

The eldest lady only took three or four steps, and the old lady Ren and old lady Ren walked in.

Mr. Ren is fifty six this year, but he is tall and majestic, energetic, and his eyes are like torch. The old lady Ren standing next to him is a few years younger than him, with a round face, thin eyebrows, and although she is not too young, there are dimples on each side of her cheeks, which makes her smile when she is not smiling. Yes, I added a bit of kindness for no reason.

Ren Yaoqi watched the two people walk in, and sat on the kang on one side, bowed his head and followed everyone forward to knock the heads of Old Lady Ren and Lady Ren.

She saluted her with a good step, listening to the voice of the old lady from above, like a morning bell: “Get up.”

Somehow she remembered that when she left the Ren family in her previous life, this voice said with unquestionable majesty over her head: “Even if you leave the Ren family, you must always remember that you belong to the Ren family. People, remember that it is the Ren family who makes you grow up without worrying about food and clothing. Only when the Ren family can stand upright, you Ren family daughters can stand firm outside!”

She didn’t know if every woman who went out of the Ren family had to be taught by the old man of Ren’s family before going out. She just wanted to sneer at the time. That was the first time she heard someone say shameless things in a natural tone. So sounding.

Old lady Ren seemed to have forgotten that the Ren family daughter who was about to go out was not going to get married.

Her life was completely ruined, and he could calmly explain to her that she wanted her to play the last bit of heat for the family.

Ren Yaoqi’s right arm was bumped lightly, causing her to recover quickly, turning her head to meet the slightly surprised face of the fourth lady Ren Yaoyin.

It turned out that everyone had stood up, but she was still kneeling there motionless.

Ren Yaoqi pretended to be a little weak and stood up, Ren Yaoyin stretched out his hand to help her: “Fifth sister, are you still ill?”

Everyone’s eyes were drawn, and the eldest wife hurriedly walked over and raised her hand to touch her forehead: “What’s the matter? Isn’t it all right?”

Ren Yaoqi calmly loosened the tightly clenched fists under his sleeves, and whispered: “I took the last dose of medicine when I got up this morning. It must be because of the effect of the medicine. It’s really complete.”

The old lady Ren said quietly: “Since I feel uncomfortable, what do you do? I am missing one or two people here, please can’t make it?”

The eldest wife hurriedly smiled and said, “The five girls are also filial, and they came here as soon as they recovered.”

“Okay, let the children retreat to have a meal.” Master Ren’s hand lightly ate on the table, and the room immediately became quiet.

The old lady shook her hand, her eyes swept among the younger generations: “Hua’er, Yin’er stay and use it in my room, you all go down.”

Everyone bowed to retreat, Ren Yaoying pouted and looked at Ren Yaohua and Ren Yaoyin, a little reluctant.

Suddenly, a silver bell-like laughter sounded outside, and then the curtain was lifted, and a young woman in her twenties walked in with a reluctant girl.

This woman wore a true purple fox fur coat with a brocade face embroidered with a butterfly pattern, an apricot pleated skirt, and an ingot bun on her head. She was ringed with jingle bells. She looked sweet and pleasant, and there was a pair of people on her cheeks. The old lady has some similar dimples.

“Oh, am I late today?” The woman looked at the crowd in surprise, seemingly surprised by her lateness, and immediately put on a sweet smile: “Father and mother, please forgive my daughter-in-law. Has it happened? Your second elder also knows that the daughter-in-law can’t be more active in coming for peace on weekdays, and rarely comes late. The daughter-in-law kowtows to you.”

When she said that, she hurriedly pulled the little girl standing next to her and knelt seriously in the room, kowtow respectfully.

When she got up, Ren Yaoqi’s juniors went forward to salute and called her “five aunts.”

Mrs. Ren glanced at her: “I thought that the rules in this mansion were going to be abolished, and one or two of them would be called sick. I was about to discuss with the old man to exempt the rules of morning and evening. Your mind.”

The fifth wife, Lin, was not scared when she heard the words. Instead, she covered her mouth and smiled, with a very delicate appearance: “Mother, what are you talking about? Other daughters-in-law don’t know, if the daughter-in-law doesn’t come to the Ronghua Yuan every day. Waiting for your old man, but even the food is not delicious. The same is true for my Yuer, isn’t it Yuer?” She did not forget to gently pull her daughter’s sleeve after she said it.

The eighth lady, Ren Yaoyu, looked seven or eight points similar to her mother. Hearing Yan quickly raised her eyes to the old lady and nodded.

The old lady snorted softly, but her face was normal, she was not ugly, she was obviously not really angry.

“Father, mother, and daughter-in-law wait for you to eat.”

Lin took off a pair of jade bracelets from his wrists, and handed them to a maid standing aside to put them away. He stepped forward and stood beside the old lady, picking up a pair of silver chopsticks to prepare the dish. .

Mrs. Ren glared at her: “Okay, what’s the good thing to sell now? It’s a hindrance! I don’t need you here, let your sister-in-law and nephew and wife come.”

Lin pursed his lips and did not insist. He handed the silver chopsticks back to the elder wife, and said with a smile: “My mother dislikes me for being awkward, and my sister-in-law always favors her older people more than me.

The eldest lady smiled modestly and did not argue with her.

The old lady Ren looked at Lin, and then at Ren Yaoyu, who had been a little uneasy to stand since she came in, and looked out the south window from time to time.

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