Scheme of the Official Descendant

: The king of the outside world is over the world

In the winter of the twenty-eighth year of Qian Qian’s reign, he took the throne at a young age. After nearly 29 years of reign, Emperor Ping collapsed. The crown prince Li Mao of the Empress of Ping Emperor Zhenggong succeeded to the throne.

At that time, the court of the Great Zhou Dynasty was controlled by the power of Yan Ding, and the Manchu civil and military only knew that there was a Yan family but not the Li family, and the Yan family was powerful.

In the third year of Emperor Tai’an’s succession to the throne, Emperor Tai’an, with the support of the Empress Dowager’s Yan clan, launched a coup d’état with the Queen’s family, the Shen clan, in an effort to attack Yan Dang. The empress dowager and empress Shen were killed by the dove, and the whole family of the Shen family was slaughtered.

After the death of Emperor Tai’an, Yan Ding supported Emperor Tai’an’s eight-month-old son Li Huan to succeed him, and changed his name to Changshun.

In the first year of Changshun, Emperor Tai’an and Empress Dowager Zhou scolded Yan Ding “old dog” in the harem, and Yan Ding was hanged after he knew about it. In the same year, Xiao Weiyong, the son of Yanbei prince, died violently in the imperial palace. There are rumors that Xiao Weiyong was dissatisfied with Yan Ding and restricted his freedom of movement. Therefore, if he verbally offended Yan Ding, he would be killed by Yan Ding.

After Xiao Weiyong’s death, the people of Yanbei were furious, and officials from Yanbei jointly signed a letter to the Yanbei Prince’s Mansion asking the king of Yanbei to seek justice for his son.

The king of Yanbei was deeply mourned over the death of his eldest grandson, and suffered a serious illness. After he recovered from the illness, he established his second son, Xiao Jingxi, as the eldest son of the king of Yanbei, and handed over all affairs of Yanbei to his son.

In the spring of the third year of Changshun, the four-year-old little emperor Li Huan choked to death with a piece of cake. Everyone in the palace said that the little emperor was poisoned by Yan Xiang. Yan Xiang tried to exterminate the blood of Li’s family, and the fish and eyes made his grandson the emperor.

In the summer of the third year of Changshun, the Royal Mansion of Yanbei and the Mansion of Hezhong successively issued crusades, under the banner of “Excluding the traitorous officials and pursuing the emperor’s side”, they jointly sent troops to the south.

The army of the Great Zhou Dynasty was always respected and superior. Although it did not lose to the Yanbei Army in number, the strength gap between the two sides was huge. Under the leadership of Xiao Jingxi, the Yanbei Army went all the way south, and the imperial army retreated steadily. Finally, the Yanbei Army breathed a sigh of relief. When they hit the capital, the soldiers approached the city.

The Yanbei Army administers the army rigorously, and never disturbs the people all the way south. At first, ordinary people would flee and hide when they saw the Yanbei Army. Later, they saw that the Yanbei Army did not burn, kill, or loot. Even if they collect food and grass along the way, they will be reasonable. Gradually, the common people are not afraid of the price. Some ordinary people who don’t know the situation see that the soldiers of the Yanbei Army are all brave and mighty, and they also drag their daughters to deliver water and food, wanting to recruit a good son-in-law.

Mu Hu, known as the black general, has had this trouble.

At that time, a middle-aged peasant woman hugged Mu Hu’s thick legs and rolled around and prevented him from leaving.

“You take my girl’s purse, and you will marry my girl!”

Mu Hu glanced at him shyly and replied, standing by the side of the big five and three rough and darker than him, almost kneeling: “Mother, you let go, I will confiscate your girl’s purse! Don’t talk nonsense!”

Auntie with one hand on her hips, pointing to the coarse cloth bag of dry food on Mu Huma’s back: “Keep your eyes open and telling nonsense, what is this! Isn’t this the purse embroidered by my girl?”

Mu Hu’s face was distorted. His dry food bag was broken, so he picked up a dusty cloth bag everywhere. Is this a purse? Is it really okay to hang this huge thing on your waist?

There was a circle around watching the crowd, Mu Hu glanced around, and pointed at Xiao Shun not far away: “I will give it back to you! Give it back to you! You see that he looks good, you find him to be your son-in-law. , Lao Tzu is married, and the baby has given birth to three.”

The peasant woman took a look at Xiao Shun along Mu Hu’s hand, and frowned: “I want a son-in-law to do farm work, you are so talented.” She said that she patted Mu Hu’s waist and abdomen again, smiling very proudly. My mother’s family raises a donkey, I can see it right, you are such a good man.”

“Puff–” The laughter continued, and Zhu Ruomei, who ran over to see the lively, smiled wildly, and Mu Hu was so blushing that he could find a hole to get in.

I don’t want the sturdy lady to see Zhu Ruomei in the crowd at a glance, her eyes brightened, and she pointed at him and shouted: “You, baby, just you! There is still an unmarried girl in my family.”

Zhu Ruomei’s expression changed, and Sa Yazi ran away, causing a burst of laughter.

In the winter of the third year of Changshun, the Yanbei Army fought the Imperial Palace of the Great Zhou Dynasty.

Emperor Ping’s line is dead. The current emperor is a small puppet that Yan Ding found from the clan, or a milk doll over a year old. It is true that there is no such thing as a king of Hezhong in blood. Even the Great Zhou court was divided into two factions. Many upright courtiers who were persecuted by the Yan Party felt that instead of letting the Yan Party hold the blood of distant relatives of the royal family to control the government, it was better to support the King of Hezhong.

General Zhu, Xiao Jingxi’s subordinate, took people to copy Yan Mansion on the day he entered the city. Yan Ding and his eldest son and grandchildren hid in the palace, and the other masters of the Yan family were captured alive. Yan Beijun besieged the palace for three days and did not attack. Yan Ding and his son saw that the situation was gone, and they searched all the valuables in the palace. They wanted to escape from the secret road in the palace, but they did not want to hit the river that was waiting at the exit of the secret road. Wang Shizi Li Tianyou, and Yan’s father and son were both captured.

The Yanbei Army quietly took over the defense of the capital, and the people in the capital who were hiding at home didn’t know when they changed their dynasties.

The traitorous party has been eliminated, and the next step is to enthrone the new emperor.

Although the Yanbei Army Change this time seems to be considered as attempting to usurp the throne in future generations, the courtiers at that time were not aware of this problem because the whole process was relatively mild and rainy, and they naturally prepared to support Wang Ji of Hezhong when the Yan Party stepped down. Bit, after all, is the king of Hezhong also surnamed Li?

But until the Yan Party was wiped out and the capital was restored to order, the King of Hezhong didn’t intend to enthroned, and gradually the courtiers felt something was wrong.

In the first month of the fourth year of Changshun, the king of Hezhong took the lead in writing a letter, begging that he did not know when he had already entered the capital and the king of the north was enthroned.

Of course, some widows and children of the Great Zhou Dynasty refused to be emperors from other families, but when they were thinking about rebelling, they realized that the entire capital was under the control of the Yanbei Army. Although the emperor also paid attention to being justified, he was still It depends on whose fist is hard, the person trying to reason with King Yanbei was beaten to the ground by him or was not born yet.

On the eighth day of February in the fourth year of Changshun, the abdicated emperor, Xiao Yan, king of Yanbei, ascended the throne, changed the country name to Ming, and the date of the year was Jianyuan. On the day of his ascension, Xiao Yan took out the real jade seal of the country. It was discovered that the so-called jade seals used by the emperors in these years are all fake. There are rumors among the people that the Li family is exhausted and the Xiao family is the real dragon.

After Xiao Yan ascended the throne, he established the original Yanbei King’s concubine Yun as the queen. There is no suspense. The Yanbei King only has such a regular wife. However, when the prince was later established, Xiao Yan’s behavior caused controversy in later generations, because he did not establish his own son, that is, his only son, Xiao Jingxi, as the crown prince. He established his grandson Xiao Weizhuo.

After Xiao Yan ascended the throne, Xiao Jingxi was named the king of Yanbei and continued to guard the sixteen states of Yanyun.

After analyzing the history of this period, many scholars in later generations came to the conclusion that the reason why Xiao Yan established a grandson but not a son was the result of mutual compromise between Yanbei and Hezhong.

Xiao Yan wanted to be the emperor, but Li Gan didn’t want it? Compared with Xiao Yan, Li Gan is the grandson and grandson of the dragon and the phoenix. Even if the relationship between the Yanbei Palace and the Hezhong Palace is good, in front of the throne, no matter how many friendships there are, it is a cloud, so why is the emperor in the end? What about Xiao Yan of King Yanbei instead of King Ligan of the River? Is Li Gan really willing?

One reason that later generations learned: Li Gan did not want to be the emperor, he was powerless.

The king of Yanbei has been operating in Yanbei for many years. The Yanbei army is strong and strong, and Li Qian can’t beat the king of Yanbei in terms of force. After all, King Hezhong has not been in control of the Hezhong forces for a few years, and there are not many people in his hands. So Li Gan has to know the current affairs. You have no one’s own fist. What can he do besides handing over? .

Reason 2: Hezhong Wang has no trace.

The king of Hezhong and the princess had only one son and one daughter. The son had been married for many years and had nowhere to go. It is said that he was poisoned by the Queen Mother, and even if the bloodline of the king of Hezhong was ascended to the throne, he still had to establish the clan as heirs. Why bother? The only daughter was married to Yanbei, and her granddaughter was the daughter-in-law of Yanbei King Xiao Yan, and the biological mother of the emperor’s grandson, who was born by Xiao Yan, so the blood of Hezhong Wang was actually in the Yanbei Palace.

Reason 3: This is the result of mutual compromise between King Yanbei and King Hezhong.

No one in the river can succeed to the throne. Rather than a distant relative who is cheap and don’t know where, he might as well support his great-grandson. After all, he is of his own blood. King Yanbei also stepped back and set up a grandson but not a son, so as to ensure the interests of the Hezhong Palace. If Yanbeixiang had established his own son as the prince, who knows if the emperor’s seat will fall to the heir of the granddaughter of the Prince in the river after decades? Who knew Xiao Jingxi would marry several young wives and have several sons?

Reason 4: Lao Tzu is fighting outside, and his son is picking up the bargain behind. Is this just right?

The Yanyun Sixteen Prefectures were the northern barrier of the Ming Dynasty. The Yanbei Palace had guarded the northern borders for several generations and could not be given up. However, at that time, all but Xiao Jingxizhi was able to defend the Yanyun Sixteen Prefectures. There is no second person outside. If someone else had a heavy hand in hand, Xiao Yan might still be worried, but if his son guarded his grandson, he would still be worried. He, the grandfather who bears the world’s infamous hard work, won’t he be for his precious grandson in the future?

For all these reasons, Xiao Jingxi became the king of Yanbei and took his princess and young son to stay in Yanbei, and the eldest son Azhuo became the prince.

In the Yanbei Palace of Yunyang City, Ren Yaoqi is teaching his five-year-old daughter Awu to write. Although Awu is young, she is quiet and well-behaved. She is like her mother. Little Awu is her father’s favorite jewel.

Xiao Jingxi walked in from the outside and stood quietly watching her daughter write.

“Daddy, you’re blocking the light.” Auntie raised her head, blinked and looked at her father softly.

Xiao Jingxi quickly stepped aside, sat down on the other side of her daughter, leaned over and kissed her little cheek: “Sorry, Daddy didn’t pay attention.”

Auntie smiled softly: “It’s okay, Daddy should pay attention next time.”

Ren Yaoqi looked behind Xiao Jingxi and frowned, “Where is A Xuan? Didn’t you take him out to play?”

Xiao Jingxi watched her daughter strokes, while holding his wife’s hand, calmly said: “I will let the silly girl play with him.”

When Ren Yaoqi heard the words, he had a bad feeling in his heart. He glared at Xiao Jingxi and immediately stood up and walked out.

Auntie turned her head and looked at her mother, then looked at her father, and critically criticized: “Daddy, are you bullying your brother again? Mother is going to be angry.”

Xiao Jingxi smiled softly at her daughter: “Things gather together, so dad let Axuan play with silly girl. Is it okay for dad to accompany you and your mother?”

Little Auntie looked at her father’s gaze with sympathy: “Aunty and daddy said that it’s no use if it’s good or not. If my mother said that daddy is not good, you are going to be bad, and daddy will write to hide in Aunt’s closet.”

Ren Yaoqi went out from the house and saw his youngest son from a distance. A Xuan, who was just two years old this year, was rolling in the grass with a group of huge white flowers, rolling into a ball from time to time. It’s all grass clippings.

Seeing Ren Yaoqi walking over, A Xuan drooled and smirked: “Mother…play…”

The silly girl rushed over and flattered: “Woo-“

Ren Yaoqi gritted his teeth: “Xiao Jingxi!”

In the room, Xiao Jing moved her ears, then calmly picked up her daughter and walked towards the side door: “Auntie, Daddy will take you to play elsewhere.” rs

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