Scheme of the Official Descendant

: The outsider is not in the wrong boy

Xiao Yan first fell in love when he was fifteen and fell in love with a woman.

This woman has a very ordinary appearance, and her family sells noodle soup in a small alley on Xifeng Street in Yunyang City. It stands to reason that with Xiao Yan’s identity, it is impossible to overlap with a civilian woman with this identity.

It was just that the gentleman who taught Xiao Yan to study that day sued him in front of his grandfather, saying that in the five articles he handed in there was a picture of “Eagle and the Eighth King”. Tu Danqing was fine, but because of his low hands, he mentioned the word “Zhao” on the forehead of the bastard, and the gentleman was named Zhao.

So the old gentleman ran to the old prince to make a complaint and begged the old prince to be his master. Poor, that Mr. Zhao is almost 70, crying and crying several times because he couldn’t breathe and almost corpse on the spot.

Xiao Yan’s grandfather, Xiao Qishan, was also a generation of lords when he was young. He has a hot temper. The most annoying scholars are crying, crying, making trouble, and hanging himself. But when he gets older, he becomes amiable. The comforting Mr. Zhao. Said that Xiao Yan must be well disciplined.

After the old prince coaxed Mr. Zhao away, he didn’t let anyone call him a grandson. Instead, he called his son, Xiao Yan’s father, Xiao Xingjian, and beat him severely, and then handed him the task of disciplining Xiao Yan.

At that time, Xiao Xingjian had already started to be the home of the Yanbei Prince’s Mansion. He was as busy as a dog every day. The innocent was being trained by his old man and was aggrieved and angry. He immediately sent someone to tie Xiao Yan and beat him. board.

The Xiao family’s board is not the same as the family method in ordinary people’s homes. It is a military stick. Once the board is down, it will be bloody, immortal and half disabled. Xiao Yan learned that his father was going to hit him, and fled away watching the wind.

In fact, Xiao Yan was also very aggrieved. He drew the bastard, but the character “Zhao” did not insinuate that Mr. Zhao. Somehow it came to Mr. Zhao’s hands.

It was the end of November at that time, and the outside was dripping into ice. After Xiao Yan ran out of the house, he was afraid that his father would send someone to catch him. He only dared to walk around in the alleys in Yunyang City. It was cold and hungry before stopping in front of a dilapidated noodle soup restaurant.

In this kind of humble restaurant, food is usually served by vendors, and the tables, chairs, and chopsticks lack arms and legs. Xiao Yan hesitated for a while and still did not go in. It was not that he disliked this place, but that he went out without money.

Just as Xiao Yan was thinking about whether to sneak back to the palace, a crisp female voice said next to him: “Guest, do you want a bowl of noodle soup? Our soup base is boiled with pork and chicken bones, which is delicious.”

As soon as Xiao Yan turned his head, he saw a fifteen or sixteen-year-old girl standing in front of the noodle soup shop looking at her. Only a kerosene lamp was lit in the restaurant, and the flickering fire light made the girl’s facial features dim, but still You can see the girl’s thick eyebrows and big eyes, and a sharp smile.

If it’s another son, even if he doesn’t bring any money, he has to pretend to be coercive now. He certainly doesn’t want to be embarrassed in front of the flat-headed people, but Xiao Yan is not another son. He grinned at the girl indifferently and confidently. Authentic: “I didn’t bring any money. I’ll have a bowl and try it if you treat me.”

The girl obviously hadn’t encountered such a situation before, and she was stunned, then gave Xiao Yan a blank eye, and twisted in.

Xiao Yan didn’t know what was going on. Just now I thought this girl looked lacklustre, but that white eye seemed to suddenly open up his second line of Ren and Du. He felt that this girl was quite fresh and vigorous. .

So the girl was busy in the restaurant, and he happily stood outside and stared at people, not feeling cold anymore.

I don’t know how long I have been watching. There are fewer and fewer customers in the restaurant. When Xiao Yan’s hands and feet were cold, the girl walked out again.

“Hey! Can you eat a bowl of noodle soup?”

Xiao Yan didn’t feel neglected either. He looked at the girl with a bright smile and said, “You ask me to eat?”

The girl rolled his eyes again, turned around, and went in. After a while, she followed a large bowl of noodle soup from the inside room. Seeing Xiao Yan still standing outside, she said impatiently, “Hey! Come in now! Finish eating! It’s closed!”

Xiao Yan entered happily.

Although as Xiao Yan, if you want to eat free food, some people in Yunyang City cry and beg him to eat, but today no one knows his identity and he wears ordinary clothes, so he uses his own bowl of noodle soup. Personal charm earned.

To be honest, the noodle soup was not very tasty. Although the portion was large, the taste was average, but Xiao Yan was really hungry, so he still ate deliciously, not to mention the kerosene lamp that the girl was sitting not far away. After finalizing, the silhouette of the profile is warm and beautiful.

Xiao Yan finished a bowl of noodle soup, and his heart felt warm. He got up and walked quietly behind the girl, leaning her neck to look at her account book.

The girl frowned and glanced back at him.

Xiao Yan tried his best to make his smile look handsome and charming, but it was a pity that he was only fifteen years old at the time, and he was still very young, with a scallion on the corner of his mouth, and he looked stupid: “Are you literate?”

After asking, it became clear that what the girl had written on the ledger were not words, but symbols that he couldn’t understand.

Undoubtedly, he made another girl’s eyes: “I don’t know how to read? I can still reward you with a bite of food!”

Xiao Yan nodded quickly: “The girl is right. The nerd who is the most annoyed of reading and reading in my daily life, she cries and hangs herself at every turn, and has no idea what she is like.”

The girl sneered: “The straw bag says so.”

Xiao Yan was trying to argue. Someone inside called out “Alian”, and the girl responded with a “come”.

Xiao Yan humbled: “So your name is Alian, a good name.”

The girl squinted at him, and asked casually: “What is your name?”

Xiao Yan said, “My name is A Yan.”

The girl glanced at him, got up and went inside, while returning: “We are going to close the stall, you go.”

Sure enough, not long after A-Lian entered, a middle-aged couple came out to clean up the table and chairs. Xiao Yan waited for a while. Seeing A-Lian didn’t mean to come out again, he touched his nose and left.

Coming out of Xifeng Street, Xiao Yan wondered that his father might have forgotten to clean up his stubbornness, so he surreptitiously returned to the Yanbei Palace.

He didn’t want his father to be in a bad mood today, and kept thinking about him. When he finally touched his yard, his father’s four guards were standing in the darkened yard waiting for him.

This time Xiao Yan didn’t want to escape so easily anymore, so in the end he still ate the fifty army sticks.

Xiao Yan originally thought that he would go to Alian’s noodle soup restaurant the next day, but unfortunately his **** was blooming and he couldn’t get up even if it was copper skin and iron bones.

When Xiao Yan was lying on the bed until the third day, his cousin came to see her.

Xiao Yan curled his lips when he heard it, and said to the left and right: “Say that you are asleep, and you are not free.”

Xiao Yan has two cousins, both of whom are the nieces of his birth mother, Yun’s concubine, but the one here today is the one named Yun Chuxue, who is bleeding from Chuxue. Xiao Yan dislikes her name, especially when she hears it today, she feels asshole. pain.

Xiao Yan didn’t like his two cousins ​​since childhood, especially Yun Chuxue, who was very boring and insidious.

When Xiao Yan was a child, she pulled her pigtails. The little girl liar just refused to cry. She only looked at him with a pair of dark eyes, seeing that Xiao Yan had a guilty conscience and let go. In the end, I don’t know why. Every time he bullied Yun Chuxue, he would be unlucky. He was either punished inexplicably for writing large characters or sent to a military camp for training. Xiao Yan suspected that Yun Chuxue secretly accused him of being black, although he had not found strong evidence for so many years.

Last month, Xiao Yan overheard his father and mother talking and wanted to make him and Yun Chuxue married. This news was a thunderbolt for Xiao Yan.

Although Xiao Yan is the eldest grandson of the Yanbei Royal Mansion, he has a distinguished status, but when he is fifteen years old, he doesn’t even have a maidservant. Although the elders have arranged for him to have two beautiful maids who are slightly older, that means He understood, but he didn’t move.

It wasn’t that Xiao Yan was innocent, pure and self-conscious. In the dead of night, Xiao Yan’s young boy was also in the bed and thought about a soft girl, but Xiao Yan had a secret that was ashamed to speak out.

A huge scab grew in the place where the man under him had…

Well, it doesn’t affect the function but some affects the aesthetics.

Although Xiao Yan was heartless and accustomed to it, he still had to show some face when it came to men. Of course, after waiting for a few years or so, Xiao Yan, who has a thick skin like Xiao Yan, will definitely not care much about this little detail that does not affect the function, but he has not experienced love affairs. Xiao Yan, a 15-year-old boy Still a little shy.

Originally, Xiao Yan thought, after marrying a wife, it would be fine for his wife to see him. His wife would never laugh at him. But the premise is that this wife can’t be Yun Chuxue!

Although Xiao Yan didn’t want to admit it, he had some scruples about Yun Chuxue’s cousin. All the boys and girls of his age had cried in his hands. Only Yun Chuxue was an accident. Yan instinctively felt that Yun Chuxue was not easy to provoke.

Xiao Yan couldn’t imagine the serious consequences if Yun Chuxue knew his secret.

Since then, Xiao Yan even avoided Yun Chuxue.

When Xiao Yan was lying on the ground thinking about it, he suddenly heard a gentle female voice sounding not far away: “Is my cousin better?”

Xiao Yan was startled when he heard the sound, and almost jumped up from the bed. As a result, the muscles in his buttocks were affected. The pain caused him to grin and tears.

“My grass! Didn’t I say that I was asleep! Who let you let people in!” Xiao Yan shouted angrily.

As soon as his voice fell, a cold voice said: “What kind of **** are you talking? It seems that you have missed the board.”

Xiao Yan turned his head and saw his birth mother Yun Side Concubine standing beside her with a cold face, and a beautiful girl standing beside her birth mother gently.

Xiao Yan suddenly felt some toothache, and then gave Yun Chuxue a fierce look when his mother didn’t see it.

Yun Chuxue smiled softly at him, and Xiao Yan’s smile was chilly.

When Concubine Yun side went to see the doctor’s prescription for Xiao Yan, Yun Chuxue stood not far from the bed.

“Does cousin want to drink water?”

Xiao Yan gave her big eyes, and said, “Don’t bother.”

Yun Chuxue smiled in a good temper, and said nothing.

Seeing that Concubine Yun Bian did not pay attention to this side, Xiao Yan turned his head, looked up and down Yun Chuxue with a critical gaze, and then whispered a warning to her: “I won’t marry you, don’t dream!”

Yun Chuxue didn’t blush or change color when he heard this. Instead, he calmly said in a homely tone: “Why?”

Xiao Yan was stuffed for a moment, and then suddenly thought of A-Lian’s blank eye that day, so he confidently said: “I have a sweetheart, I don’t like you.”

Yun Chuxue was silent.

Yun Chuxue’s silence made Xiao Yan a little uncomfortable, and a little faintly proud, so he turned his head pretending to be careless, and then met a pair of dark and quiet eyes. Xiao Yan and her looked at each other for a while, and then endured. Can’t help turning his head back again.

Not long after, Yun Chuxue’s still calm and gentle voice sounded: “It doesn’t matter if you don’t like me.”

For some reason, Yun Chuxue’s words made Xiao Yan a little bit angry, because how he heard it felt that there was a subtext in this sentence: It’s okay if you don’t like me, anyway, I don’t like you, as long as your surname is Xiao It becomes.

So Xiao Yan yelled angrily: “You have nothing to do with Lao Tzu. Lao Tzu doesn’t want to marry a woman he doesn’t like as his wife. Lao Tzu will only marry the person he likes in this life!”

Yun Chuxue looked at Xiao Yan thoughtfully for a while, and then gave Xiao Yan an ambiguous and perfunctory answer: “Oh.”

Xiao Yan felt that his injury had worsened, and it was still an internal injury.

In the end, Yun Chuxue left with Concubine Yun Side, but Xiao Yan was not in a good mood for the next few days, until his injury was almost healed and he was able to jump around again.

After Xiao Yan’s **** got better, the first thing he did was to go out to A-Lian’s noodle shop. This time Xiao Yan still didn’t bring any money, and it was deliberate.

Seeing Xiao Yan’s surprise, A-Lian rolled his eyes and went to work again.

Xiao Yan sat down in the noodle restaurant happily and watched A-Lian busy going up and down.

The more he watched, the more he felt that A-Lian was pretty good, unlike Yun Chuxue’s moody and indecent, she seemed to wear a mask all day long. Xiao Yan felt that if he married Yun Chuxue, they would definitely not be able to fight once in their lives. What’s the point of this?

A-Lian is different. In front of A-Lian, he is just an ordinary man. If A-Lian likes him, he likes him, not his identity. When he was young, Xiao Yan actually had a deeply hidden girl heart, proud and hypocritical, but he himself would not admit this.

Xiao Yan still sat at the restaurant to close the stall, and then Alian brought him a bowl of noodle soup from the back kitchen and put it in front of him heavily: “Here, eat.”

Xiao Yan ate this bowl of noodle soup happily, he felt that he was still relying on his own charm in exchange for noodle soup.

Since then, Xiao Yan has come to Alian’s noodle soup every day, deliberately not bringing money with him every time, and every time he waits until Alian closes the stall, every time he eats a bowl of no-cost noodle soup.

Xiao Yan liked A-Lian more and more day by day, and day by day he felt that marrying a woman like A-Lian would be considered a true life of his own.

However, Xiao Yan knew that his elders would not allow him to marry a woman with the status of Alian, so Xiao Yan was happy and painful for a while.

Later, Xiao Yan thought about it clearly. If his grandfather and father didn’t agree with him to marry the woman he liked, he would take Alian away. Anyway, he is not rare to inherit the Yanbei Prince’s Mansion. His father is tired like a dog every day, and he has to look at the face of the court. This Yanbei King has nothing to do.

He took his woman to guard the Jiajing Pass for the rest of his life and gave birth to a nest of children. Wouldn’t life be arbitrary?

After I figured it out, Xiao Yan was happy. He felt that the sky was blue and the water was clear every day. Even Mr. Zhao, who taught him to read, looked beautiful.

However, Xiao Yan’s good mood did not last long, because his grandfather suddenly announced a “good news” on the day of his birthday, and he and Yun Chuxue had made a kiss.

Xiao Yan looked at Yun Chuxue with a calm face and graciously accepted the hairpin his mother gave her. He was very angry, but he didn’t make a fuss on the spot.

On this day, Xiao Yan went to find A-Lian later than usual, but A-Lian did not ask. When Alian closed the stall and brought him a bowl of steaming noodle soup, Xiao Yan took the chopsticks and did not eat.

A-Lian stared at him and said, “Don’t eat? I’ll take it away if I don’t eat.”

Xiao Yan looked at A-Lian’s vivid face and suddenly didn’t know what to say.

A-Lian frowned: “What’s the matter?”

Xiao Yan looked at Alian for a while, and suddenly said, “Will you follow me?”

A-Lian was taken aback.

Xiao Yan said seriously: “Just being my wife, you can rest assured that I will be good to you, and I will be good to you all my life.”

A-Lian was silent for a long time, and then said: “You said you want to go? Where to go? Is Yunyang City bad?”

Xiao Yan smiled bitterly: “Something happened at home, I plan to go to Ningxia to seek refuge with friends. But don’t worry, I still have some savings and some abilities, and I won’t let you suffer with me.”

This time A-Lian was silent for longer, Xiao Yan was a little nervous, and after a while, A-Lian said, “I have to think about it.”

Seeing that A-Lian did not refuse, Xiao Yan was overjoyed. Thinking about it was a little sweet, he immediately took out a piece of jade from his arms and stuffed it into A-Lian’s hand: “This is for you. Think about it.”

A-Lian looked down at the jade pendant in her hand, without speaking.

On the third day after Xiao Yan confessed, A-Lian finally gave him a reply.

“When will you leave?”

Xiao Yan looked at A-Lian with bright eyes upon hearing this: “I will make arrangements for the fifth day of next month.”

Xiao Yan did not stay with A-Lian to eat noodles that day. He wanted to go back and plan for the future of himself and A-Lian. A-Lian stood at the door of the restaurant and watched him leave. He stood there for a long time.

In the following days, Xiao Yan was very busy and stopped. He planned to take A-Lian to Ningxia for a while. Wu Xiaohe of Ningxia had a good relationship with him, and waited for him to stand firm with the strength of the Wu family. Go to Jiajing Pass. Fifteen-year-old Xiao Yan wanted to live the life he wanted wholeheartedly.

On the third day of the junior high school, two days before he left Yunyang City, Xiao Yan met Yun Chuxue again at the Yanbei Palace.

Yun Chuxue looked at Xiao Yan quietly.

Xiao Yan suddenly felt a little guilty when she saw it this way, and felt a little sorry for Yun Chuxue. Yun Chuxue did not do anything wrong.

So Xiao Yan cared about Yun Chuxue with a rare and pleasant expression: “It’s still cold, why doesn’t my cousin wear one more when going out?”

Yun Chuxue looked at Xiao Yan for a while, then suddenly asked, “Is my cousin busy these days?”

Xiao Yan was startled when he heard this, thinking that Yun Chuxue asked if it was impossible to see what? But after thinking about it, he found it impossible, so he said impatiently: “Well, my father has ordered me something, but it’s not something you can ask.”

However, Yun Chuxue continued to ask, “Do you want to travel far?”

Xiao Yan: “…”

Yun Chuxue looked at Xiao Yan, and seemed to be waiting for him to answer. Xiao Yan didn’t care about it, but she still didn’t get angry and said, “Don’t go out!”

Yun Chuxue nodded and said warmly: “That’s good. I just saw Grandma Li flipping through the almanac from my aunt. She said that this month is a rare month in decades. It is not suitable for traveling. My cousin has something to do. Please postpone some days when you go out.”

After saying this, Yun Chuxue Shi Shiran and left.

Xiao Yan looked at Yun Chuxue’s back and suddenly felt a little irritable in his heart.

On the night of the fifth day of the fifth year, Xiao Yan went to the restaurant to pick up A-Lian. A-Lian packed up and waited there. Xiao Yan knew that A-Lian had no parents. She followed her uncle and aunt. She didn’t care much, and she didn’t know how she told her uncle and aunt, Xiao Yan had previously given Alian two hundred taels of silver to her family as a betrothal gift.

Xiao Yan stepped forward and took A-Lian’s hand. This was the first physical contact between them. A-Lian’s hand was a bit cold, and Xiao Yan sighed.

“Come on, the carriage is ahead.”

A-Lian did not move, but looked at Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan grinned. In fact, he was a little nervous: “What’s the matter? Isn’t it a remorse? It’s too late to repent now.”

A-Lian shook her head and let Xiao Yan lead her away.

The carriage left Yunyang City, and took advantage of the darkness to go to the official road. In the carriage, Xiao Yan and A-Lian did not speak. Xiao Yan was thinking about Yun Chuxue that day. A-Lian might have never traveled far. disturbed.

So when the carriage suddenly stopped and an arrow hit the wall of the carriage, Xiao Yan almost didn’t recover. However, he was not an ordinary frail young man. He soon knew that he was in an ambush, and immediately hugged A-Lian and threw himself in the carriage to avoid the dark arrow.

Xiao Yan eloped this time, so he only brought eight personal guards who had been following him. He didn’t expect to reveal his whereabouts, because he did the preparations for going out by himself, and there were no artificial hands. Now Xiao Yan is unwilling to think about it. Why would anyone wait here to assassinate him.

Xiao Yan opened the curtain and looked out. Under the moonlight, about twenty men in black fought with eight of his guards. His guards are all good, but the opponent is not weak, and there is no cloud here. Yangcheng was already a little far away and in a remote place, no one passed by except his line, and there was no way to ask for help.

The Xiao family didn’t shrink their heads and tortoises. Xiao Yan just took a look outside and calmly took off his saber to go out to meet the enemy. He was about to get out of the carriage, but his sleeves were torn.

Xiao Yan looked back at A-Lian who was pulling his sleeve, and pursed his lips: “You can hide in the carriage.”

A-Lian shook her head and dragged him desperately. Tears couldn’t help but flow out.

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