Scheme of the Official Descendant

Vol 2: Chapter 534: Natural vision

Xiao Jingxi sighed: “Do you know why Bei Jing has been stable for so many years, and has only been making noise in the past few years?”

Ren Yaoqi pretended to have an epiphany: “It’s nothing more than days are too stable.”

The couple looked at each other for a moment, then smiled again.

As expected by Xiao Jingxi, Yelv Sage immediately went into the fight for throne after returning. The Great King of the Southern Court of Liao Kingdom self-supported Yelumoqi’s son-in-law, but the Northern Court was divided into two forces, one supporting the youngest son of the former King of Liao, and the other force was faintly gathered by Yelv Sage. Although everyone knows that it is useless to disperse military|politics in the country at this time, human desire|hope is a kind of magical thing, and people who do not stand on the top of power cannot appreciate the seductive power of power. “Stay away from the outside and settle the inside first” is definitely not a strategy that one or two in power will adopt.

And the reason why Yelv Sage would be able to gather the forces of the North Court after one return was naturally due to the credit of a man in Yunyang City who had done nothing.

What happened this year was a big event in the history of the Great Zhou Dynasty, but after the big event passed, the people still lived as they pleased. The panic of the army’s pressure on the city was gradually thrown by ordinary people in Yanbei. In the back, after all, eating and sleeping is the most important thing.

In a twinkling of an eye, it was March, and the grass grew long and ying flew, thriving, and everywhere.

The Yanbei Palace was so nervous from top to bottom today because Ren Yaoqi was about to give birth.

The princess began to prepare for Ren Yaoqi’s birth three months earlier. Ren Yaoqi also started to have abdominal pain on the expected day of delivery. Mother Gong took the other two midwives to live in Zhaoyang Hall in recent days, so In the beginning, Ren Yaoqi production went very smoothly.

The reason why it went well at the beginning was not because Ren Yaoqi encountered any danger in the production process, but because the weather suddenly changed when the child was about to croak to the ground. The sky suddenly darkened and the black layer rolled over. , Thunder and lightning intersect, but only thunder and lightning but not rain.

Everywhere in Yunyang City was originally lively streets, the pedestrians all ran away suddenly, everyone hid in the houses on both sides of the street or under the eaves, looking up at the black and purple prints on their heads. Clouds.

Thunderstorms are also common in spring, which is a good thing for farmers. Although it is strange that only thunder and lightning does not rain, it is not strange, but in later generations, some people still think that the weather will be different on this day.

And Ren Yaoqi gave birth to the child in this thunderous thunder.

“Congratulations to the prince and princess, congratulations to the second son, the young lady is a young son.” With a loud cry, the delivery room door opened, and the people in the delivery room came out to announce the joy.

The prince and the princess were overjoyed when they heard the words. The princess was emotional, raised his hand to cover his mouth and didn’t let himself cry. The princess who stood aside lightly embraced the princess by the shoulders, and was rarely comforted in a soft voice.

The first sentence of Xiao Jingxi asked: “How about Madam Young?”

The Annunciation hurriedly said: “It’s a good birth. The young lady is very well, but she is a little weak.”

Xiao Jingxi’s ugly expression finally faded, and his eyes were filled with joy.

Needless to say, no one in the Yanbei Palace was unhappy on this day, and there was an endless stream of people coming to congratulate.

When Ren Yaoqi woke up again, it was already dark. Now it was not because of the weather, but it was late. The thunder and lightning of the day came suddenly and went fast. It didn’t take long before the sun was shining again and the sky was clear. But at that time Ren Yaoqi was working hard to have children, and he didn’t know it.

As soon as he opened his eyes, Ren Yaoqi saw Xiao Jingxi who was sitting on the bedside staring at her. A warm feeling came from the palm of her hand, and Xiao Jingxi held her hand in her hand.

Ren Yaoqi still felt tired, but she still smiled hard at Xiao Jingxi: “Why sit here? I’m fine, just a little tired.”

Xiao Jingxi gently opened the hair sticking to her cheeks: “Well, I also just came in. I will sit here for a while.”

Ren Yaoqi guessed that he must have been sitting for more than a while, because she faintly felt that someone was sitting next to her when she fell asleep, which made her feel at ease.

However, Ren Yaoqi didn’t say anything wrong. She looked at the room and found that she and Xiao Jingxi were the only ones there, not even the maid.

Xiao Jingxi noticed her gaze and said warmly: “I’m afraid they will be arguing for you to rest, so I dismissed them. The child is in the next room, do you want to see?”

After the child was born, Ren Yaoqi only glanced at it, knowing it was a son, and then fell asleep faintly. Hearing Xiao Jingxi’s mention of the child, his heart was warm and he nodded: “Okay.”

Xiao Jingxi adjusted Ren Yaoqi’s quilt, then got up and walked out. It didn’t take long for him to come in with a big red baby swaddling. Ren Yaoqi’s eyes fixed on them motionless.

Xiao Jingxi gently placed the swaddle by Ren Yaoqi’s side, and sat down on the edge of the bed, and whispered: “It’s still crumpled and not good-looking. My mother said it will look good in a few days.”

Ren Yaoqi looked at Xiao Jingxi looking like she wanted to comfort her, and couldn’t help being a little funny. She turned her head to look at her son. The little guy who was closing her eyes was still a little red, and the hair on his head was sparse. And because it’s too young, I can’t see who the facial features look like.

“Do you want to hug?” Xiao Jingxi whispered when he saw Ren Yaoqi’s eyes fixed on his son’s not-so-good-looking face.

Ren Yaoqi shook his head and whispered, “Let him fall asleep, I don’t have much strength now.”

Xiao Jingxi also talked casually, and didn’t say anything when he heard the words. The couple lay one by one and sat the other, looking at the sleeping child. Sometimes they looked at each other and smiled. Xiao Jingxi always held Ren Yaoqi. Hands.

On the second day, Ren Shimin, Li and his wife Ren Yaohua came.

Seeing that his little grandson was too happy, Li kept saying “Blessed Bodhisattva, Blessed Bodhisattva”, and refused to let him hold the baby.

Ren Shimin frowned and looked at the child in Li’s arms carefully, and commented with restraint: “It seems to be very clever and smart.”

Li also looked down at the child, and then at Ren Shimin. The child has not opened his facial features and has been sleeping with his eyes closed. How eccentric is this to get a clever evaluation? Even if the Li family liked his grandson very much, he couldn’t agree!

But fortunately, Li did not refute Ren Shimin’s words very much, and nodded in agreement when he heard what he said: “The master is right. Look at the child’s forehead and the master.”

Ren Shimin tilted his head to look at it and nodded: “Well, it is true.”

Ren Yaohua and his wife: “…”

Li and Ren Yaohua went in to see Ren Yaoqi.

Li said while wiping his tears: “You are a blessed one, now I really feel relieved.”

Speaking of Li, he looked at Ren Yaohua again: “How is your body recuperated? The little girl is also big, so it’s time for you…”

Before Li was finished, Ren Yaohua interrupted her and said: “Mother, I’m still young, and children will always be born, so don’t worry about your sex.”

Ren Yaohua has been the mistress of Lei’s family for so long, and her whole person has changed greatly from her aura to her temperament. When her daughter was born, she might have been a little worried, but now she won’t. Although the offspring is very important, she clearly understands that even if she can’t give birth to a son in her life, she can still secure the position of the wife of the Lei family. What’s more, Ren Yaohua and Lei Ting have been a husband and wife for so long, and she trusts Lei Ting extremely.

Seeing that she was like this, Li could only soften his attitude and sighed: “It’s good if you know it in your heart. You can hug more children later, and maybe you can bring one in your belly.”

Ren Yaohua didn’t believe this, but he did it in a perfunctory manner, and then asked Ren Yaoqi’s: “Has the child’s name been given?”

Ren Yaoqi cooperated with Ren Yaohua to change the subject: “The name hasn’t been decided yet.” The child’s name was decided by the prince, but the king of Yanbei hadn’t decided yet.

Seeing the two sisters talking, Li thought of his grandson outside, and after sitting for a while, he went out again, and simply let the two daughters talk in the house.

After Li left, Ren Yaohua breathed a sigh of relief. Every time Li saw her, she would mention the child’s affairs. If Li was not her mother, she wanted to walk around every time she saw her from a distance.

“By the way, do you know the rumors outside?” Ren Yaohua asked with a deliberately softened voice.

Ren Yaoqi had only given birth to the baby yesterday, and his body was still very weak. Naturally, he didn’t know what Ren Yaohua was referring to. However, when Ren Yaohua asked her now, it must have something to do with her, so he asked, “What is the rumor.”

Ren Yaohua glanced at Ren Yaoqi, hesitated for a moment before lowering his voice and said, “Do you know that the celestial phenomenon was different yesterday?”

Ren Yaoqi was stunned, she really didn’t know that she didn’t have the energy to pay attention to it yesterday, and no one asked her before.

Ren Yaohua said: “Yesterday, when the police were in production, there was a sudden lightning and thunder, and the clouds turned over and there was a faint purple gas. It is rumored that the young man from the Yanbei Palace was born extraordinary, and he will be too expensive in the future.

Ren Yaoqi could not help being surprised when he heard this.

With the status of the Yanbei Palace, the child itself is already extremely expensive, and Ren Yaoqi naturally understands what the indescribable implied is, but she was not pleased with it, but frowned.

She doesn’t believe this, thunder and lightning are very common at this time, but she can’t help others believe it. Even if others don’t believe it, those with ambitions have scruples about it.

As a mother, Ren Yaoqi hopes that his children can grow up in peace. This is the most important thing. She didn’t want her child to be branded as “extraordinary” as soon as she was born, which would arouse much attention, because it meant that her child would encounter much more danger than others in the process of growing up.

After Ren Yaohua and the others left, Ren Yaoqi asked Xiao Jingxi to come back and asked him about the rumors outside.

Xiao Jingxi saw Ren Yaoqi’s worried gaze and said: “You can rest assured, I will take good care of our child and let him grow up safely, and will not let the rumors outside endanger him.” RS

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