Scheme of the Official Descendant

Vol 2: Chapter 537: Hard for women

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Ren Yaoying was still dreaming of her official wife’s dream, but she didn’t know that she was already a dead person without household registration.

Zhou Wen kept Ren Yaoying in Jinwu for a month, and when he went to Yizhou to take office, he took Ren Yaoying, but Zhou Wen not only brought Ren Yaoying, but also brought his wife Gao to give him the maid.

Gao’s is a very educated and virtuous woman. Although she is only beautiful, she is very good at dressing, and she is very knowledgeable and interesting. Not only Zhou Wen’s mother is very satisfied with this daughter-in-law, even Zhou Wen himself and Gao’s are very similar. To divide the friendship between husband and wife, even after accepting Ren Yaoying, he never thought of divorcing his wife.

According to Ren Yaoying’s meaning, Zhou Wen was asked to hide her existence from Gao, but Zhou Wen felt that his wife was a rare and virtuous person, and thought that in the future his wife would serve his parents and raise children, and could not bear to deceive her. , Before leaving Yunyang City, he told the Gao family about Ren Yaoying.

After the Gao knew about it, he did not blame Zhou Wen. He even asked Zhou Wen and Ren Yaoying’s past. After listening to them, he comforted Zhou Wen and helped him with his ideas. He went to Yizhou to find a decent family to adopt. Ren Yaoying, and then accepting her as a good concubine, Zhou Wen is now in official status. If Ren Yaoying is oblivious to follow Zhou Wen and humiliates Ren Yaoying, this good girl will not be good for Zhou Wen’s future career.

After hearing this, Zhou Wen nodded again and again, grateful for Gao’s thoughtfulness, and stayed in the main room with Gao for several days.

After Zhou Wen told Ren Yaoying of Gao’s words, Ren Yaoying lost her temper, saying how she could recognize an ordinary person casually in her own capacity. Gao clearly wanted to hold her against her.

Facing Ren Yaoying’s crying and making trouble, Zhou Wen first coaxed her with patience, and analyzed the situation for her. However, Ren Yaoying was willing to listen, and finally Zhou Wen couldn’t stand Ren Yaoying’s rudeness and made trouble and went back to her own home. Gao’s tenderness is gone.

Before he left, Gao said that he was worried that Zhou Wen was out and asked the maid to follow him. Zhou Wen was a little afraid that Ren Yaoying would make trouble again, but Zhou said that he had two handkerchiefs married to Yizhou. There is a husband’s family who has a lot of connections in the officialdom of Yizhou, and the other husband’s family is still a famous family in Yizhou. Although this general house is just a maid, she grew up with her. He can read and settle accounts and be a housekeeper. They are all familiar with her handkerchief, and they are also helpful to Zhou Wen with the words of the past.

Zhou Wen was overjoyed when he heard it. In addition, the appearance of this room was not worse than that of Ren Yaoying, and he knew how to serve people. Zhou Wen was a bit reluctant to bear it, so in the end he happily took the maid given by Gao and left.

Ren Yaoying saw Zhou Wen coming with Gao’s general house, and she was so angry that she dropped two cups, so she didn’t pay attention to Zhou Wen for a few days. The new official Zhou Wen was very busy when he took office, so there was no mood to coax Ren Yaoying, so after returning home, he stayed in the Tong house.

By the time Ren Yaoying regretted it, the inner courtyard of Zhou Wen’s new mansion in Yizhou had been controlled by the maidservant. Originally, the people who followed Zhou Wen this time were from Gao to Zhou. What Wen prepared, no matter how round it was for Ren Yaoying to intervene.

Ren Yaoying was itchy with hatred, but she could only coax Zhou Wen back into her anger, and when Zhou Wen was willing to come to her room to rest, Ren Yaoying asked for a housekeeper. However, Zhou Wen is working hard to socialize with Yizhou officials. The letter Gao wrote to handkerchiefs and the maidservant in the room helped him a lot. The maidservant in the room also managed the house’s internal affairs in order and Zhou Wen was very satisfied. Naturally, he refused Ren Yaoying’s request to be a steward.

Less than two months after Zhou Wen took office, there was news from Yunyang City saying that Gao was pregnant. Obviously he was pregnant during the period before he came to Yizhou, and a few months later Gao gave birth again. One son, Gao’s position in the Zhou family has become more and more stable, and Zhou Wen is also refreshed at happy events and walks with wind.

But when others are happy, Ren Yaoying is not happy. After Zhou Wen took office, it was naturally indispensable to entertain. Ren Yaoying wanted to act as the mistress of the Zhou family to socialize with the official ladies. Although Zhou Wen had a romantic nature, she knew that this was wrong, so she didn’t agree. Go in and out of the inner courtyards of several high-ranking households to help Gao give something to the ladies.

Once Zhou Wen was troubled by Ren Yaoying, so she let her go to the temple to burn incense. On the fifteenth day of the new year, many official wives went to the temple, and Ren Yaoying wanted to break into the circle of these wives. But when she went to the monastery, no one was willing to talk to her when she met a few well-known wives who reported themselves.

A young lady looked at her for a few moments and then spoke: “Mrs. Zhou? How do I remember that Mrs. Zhou was still serving in-laws in Yunyang City? I have known her for more than ten years, and I don’t know that she will become you. This look.”

The several wives on the side laughed as they listened, looking at Ren Yaoying as if looking at the clown who didn’t know the height of the sky.

“Where is the female liar from?”

“I heard that there was a concubine in Zhou Da’s family, who acted as a blessing while Madam Zhou was still in her hometown, and forgot which green onion she was. The one who saw the sky regarded herself as Madam Zhou.”

“Tsk, this week, the adults are really confused. Mrs. Zhou served him in his hometown and raised the children, but he let a concubine who didn’t know the sky and earth came out to embarrass him.”

“Hey, aren’t all men like this? It’s just that Mrs. Zhou is really kind-hearted this week. As I see it, she is aggrieved by her birth as Lord Zhou. She is a soft temper. She asked her father to give her a few days ago. I wrote a letter from my sanny, asking me to take care of Mrs. Zhou. I’m not worth it for her.”

Ren Yaoying was flushed with anger by these wives’ cynicism, dizzy, and finally had to go back dingy.

However, Ren Yaoying’s appearance had a very bad influence on Zhou Wen. Yi Zhou was rumoring that Master Zhou would dote on his concubine and let a concubine take charge of his family. His brother-in-law also sent him a letter asking about it. , Half-truth reminded him that his father-in-law heard that he was a little unhappy.

Zhou Wen regretted that Yaoying shouldn’t let Yaoying go out, and he never dared to let her go out again. Then Zhou Wen wrote a letter to his wife Gao at home, and Gao wrote back to relieve Zhou Wen, saying that Zhou Wen should not worry about her. Will handle this matter well. It didn’t take long for Gao’s family to speak to Zhou Wen, helping him restore his reputation.

However, the Zhou family did not show up in Yizhou, and the rumors outside were not so easy to dissipate. Zhou Wen did need a female family who could help him to meet other officials and wives. Gao asked him to bring him a housekeeper, although she has some skill. After all, his status was bad. Zhou Wen wrote back and wanted Gao Clan to come to Yizhou, but he was rejected by Gao Clan.

Gao’s reply to Zhou Wen was very affectionate and touching, to the effect that the husband was away from home. As a wife, she would serve his parents instead of him, and she would also reassure him that she would marry him another concubine to serve him. Zhou Wen was moved by the letter, and rejected Gao’s act of giving her a concubine.

Zhou Wen wrote a letter to his mother, told his mother about his plight, and emphasized Gao’s pure filial piety. Finally, Zhou Wen’s mother went to the Gao family and said that she was still young and did not need a wife to be there. Waiting on her, let her follow Zhou Wen to take office in Yizhou.

Gao shoved it again and again, and finally was forced to go to Yizhou by his mother-in-law. Gao married into the door and gave birth to two sons. This time he took the eldest son to Yizhou, and the youngest stayed with his in-laws temporarily. Take it again.

Zhou Wen looked forward to his wife with a thousand hopes, and stayed in the main room for a month. Zhou Wen entrusted all the entertainment of the inner courtyard and the outside to the Gao family, and the Gao family did not fail Zhou Wen’s entrustment. He took care of it both inside and out, which saved Zhou Wen a lot.

Gao’s and Ren Yaoying finally met. Gao was very kind to Ren Yaoying and rewarded her with a pair of good-quality jade bracelets. She didn’t need to ask her morning and evening, and she didn’t have to set rules. The cost of food and clothing was never deducted, and the outside said it was high. The virtuous family can tolerate others, and Zhou Wen also loves the Gao family more and more.

On the contrary, Ren Yaoying always sees Gao’s dislikes, secretly scolding her for being infatuated with her heart, and has a deep heart. Gao doesn’t care about her, but Zhou Wen is gradually getting tired of Ren Yaoying’s provocation.

On this day, Gao went to visit his handkerchief, and three young wives sat in one place and chatted, leaving only the big confidantes beside them.

Gao gave tea to the two handkerchiefs and smiled and said, “Thanks to the two sisters for their help.”

The lady Ren Yaoying once met in the temple waved her hand and said: “What my sisters say is that it is not easy for us to be daughters-in-law. Just be filial to their parents, raise their children, and take care of their Yingyingyanyan. If nothing is done well, there will be a seven-pointed rule waiting to sweep us out. Shit-good things let them take care of it, I don’t want to think about whether they burned so many high incense in their previous life, and whether their ancestral graves were buried in the right place!”

Gao sighed: “As a woman, I came here like this. What can I do.”

Another young woman also said: “Especially the high-ranking households, whoever is not a man with three wives and four concubines, the first wife becomes a decoration when he is old. Our family is pretty good, at least everyone is motivated, and in important matters. Not confused.”

The woman began to speak, but said: “I think we have done less good deeds in our previous life. There are good men in this world, but we have not met them. Look at our Yanbei King is a good one. Said that I only married a princess, and several of his children were from the princess. Although a princess of the Liao Kingdom came in at the beginning, everyone knew that the princess was not a good product and was forced by the emperor. None of our princes had **** with her.”

The Gao family nodded when he heard this, and sighed: “The princess is a blessed one. Not everyone like King Yanbei is blessed to meet him.”


It is about to end this evening, mainly about the major events involved in the age of the male and female leaders. Yanbei will be relatively stable in the next ten years. If you write it down, the age span will be relatively large. It takes a process to change the dynasty. .

There will be several chapters in the next chapter, and the things that are not clearly explained in the text will be explained in the chapter, so that the characters you like will appear.


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