Scheme of the Official Descendant

Vol 2: Chapter 538: Wife and concubine

In Yanbei, the unmarried young lady yearned for the wishful man Yun Wenting, and Yun Wenfang was such a beautiful young man, but in the hearts of married women there is a mountain that no one can surpass, that is the old man. The male **** Yan Beiwang.

King Yanbei himself might not know how good his reputation is. As long as there are women in Yanbei, no one would dare to say that King Yanbei was not good, otherwise he would end badly.

“The second son is also a good man. I heard that there is no concubine, and he only married one Ren.”

“The second son has only been married for a few years now? The days are still long. Isn’t it a good idea to wait a few years and see.”

“By the way, the vixen you brought from Yunyang City is also named Ren. Doesn’t it have anything to do with the young lady of the Xiao family?”

Gao clan shook his head when he heard the words, but he said, “It’s just the same name, how could it be possible.”

“That’s true, what kind of person the Ren family is, how can they raise such a shameless woman.”

Another young woman said cautiously: “It’s better to find out. If you have a relationship with Mrs. Xiao Jiashao, you should be more careful when dealing with it in the future.”

The Gao family smiled upon hearing this: “Don’t worry, I have asked my natal brother to check it out. Mrs. Xiao Jiashao has only one sister who is concubine. This sister who was concubine was disliked by her father and was kicked out of the house long ago He died last year and is recorded in the official household register. As for the Ren family, there are only a few well-known girls, except for those who are married, there is only one fourth lady, one seventh lady, and one eighth lady Miss Fourth is devoted to the Buddha and has been eating fast and reciting the Buddha in the temple. Miss Seven was married to Shunzhou in July this year. She was the master of her maternal grandfather Su’s family. Miss Eight is not in good health and she hasn’t talked about others. I saw it from afar when I was in Yunyang City.”

The other two wives were relieved when they heard this.

Gao did not stay outside for a long time, because Zhou Wen was going to have lunch at home at noon today, so she sat for a while and went back.

As soon as she entered the second door, a big maid she had left at home hurriedly greeted her, and whispered in her ear: “Miss, my uncle is back. Just now the one from Westinghouse was making trouble again. The sound of smashing the cup is heard in the main room, and my uncle is losing his temper.”

Gao took a step, but only smiled: “Wait for Aunt Ren to change a new tea set.”

The maid curled her lips: “How many times have this happened? Uncle’s possessions are not enough for her to smash.”

Gao said indifferently: “It’s not a rare thing, she likes to smash it. This time I replaced it with Shunzhou Zhoujia Kiln porcelain, the sound is crisp.”

The big maid said with no irritation: “Miss, why do you follow her in everything? My uncle doesn’t go to her house much now. We are still afraid that she will fail?”

Gao still said quietly and quietly: “It’s just a gadget, you can’t care about her. Without her, there will be other aunts, I would rather be like her.”

Another big maid who just came back with Gao cried her mouth and smiled: “Miss is right. If it weren’t for Aunt Ren this time, Miss, if you want to come to Yizhou with your uncle, we have to thank her. It.”

Men are outside, which woman is willing to stay in her hometown to serve her in-laws and cede her man to another woman? It’s just because of filial piety. Gao originally planned to follow Zhou Wen two months after he took office, but he happened to be diagnosed with a happy pulse. Gao is a smart man, knowing that heirs are more important to women than men’s love, so he stayed After the child was born in Yunyang City, Ren Yaoying used Ren Yaoying to ask the Zhou family to ask her to come to Yizhou.

Gao’s smiled: “Where is Auntie now?”

The maid smiled and said, “My uncle is in the main room. When you didn’t come back, my uncle asked three times and asked when you were back.”

Gao nodded, and took the maids to the main room.

Ren Yaoying has been very unhappy recently, she regretted it. Regretted that she shouldn’t have watched Zhou Wen become an official at the time, and she had an unforgettable relationship with her, so she ran away from He’s marriage and followed him to Yizhou.

Although the Zhou family said that the Gao family was a virtuous person who could tolerate others, Ren Yaoying knew that the Gao family was a great man. Zhou seemed to have done nothing but suppressed her from time to time. When the Gao family did not come to Yizhou Her maidservant is very powerful. Now that Gao has come to Yizhou by herself, she hasn’t even heard a word in this backyard. The maid in her room has to ask Gao for anything to do.

However, Zhou Wen’s freshness for her has passed. Zhou Wen used to coax her when she lost her temper, but now she leaves without saying a word, and Ren Yaoying feels aggrieved.

But what is the use of regret now? Can she return to Ren’s house?

Thinking of the Ren family, Ren Yaoying had a little hope in her heart. She left the Ren family secretly, and the Ren family would definitely look for her too. If she went back, she would lie that she had been taken away. Ren Yaoying was unfamiliar with the place where she was born in Yizhou, and she had no natal family to support her. The Zhou family regarded her as a concubine. Ren Yaoying really didn’t want to live like this again.

Ren Yaoying considered for a long time, and finally made up her mind to leave Zhou’s house and leave Zhou Wen. If Zhou Wen would not let her go, she would go to the government to sue him, saying that she was kidnapped by him. If Zhou Wen wanted a face, she had to let her go.

Thinking about this, Ren Yaoying called the maid to find out where Zhou Wen was now and whether Gao had returned. After learning that they were both in the main room, he asked the maid to help her wash her face with water, comb her hair again, and then arrogantly Go to the main house.

When Ren Yaoying entered, Zhou Wen and Gao’s family were both sitting on the kang. The distance between the two was very close. Gao’s face was still slightly red and the temples were a little messy. Ren Yaoying had also experienced love affairs and naturally understood that just Zhou What Wen and Gao were doing, looked at Zhou Wen with hatred.

Zhou Wen was a little embarrassed by Ren Yaoying’s look, so he coughed slightly and bowed his head to drink tea.

Gao asked gently: “Anything Aunt Ren came to see me?”

Ren Yaoying glanced at Gao, and said coldly: “I know your Zhou family can’t tolerate me, I’m here today!”

Zhou Wen suddenly raised his head when he heard the words, frowned and said, “What nonsense are you talking about!”

Ren Yaoying glanced at him and sneered: “I was deceived by your sweet words and followed you to Yizhou, but what did you do to me? I won’t say anything else. You gave me a thousand taels of silver. , And send me to Yunyang City again, we shall assume that we have never met before.”

Zhou Wen was inexplicably fooled by Ren Yaoying’s duties, and also lost a man’s face in front of the Gao family. Zhou Wen felt that Ren Yaoying was unreasonable to make trouble. He didn’t think he had treated Ren Yaoying badly. Since Ren Yaoying had followed her, his food and clothing costs were good. Even Gao made clothes and fabrics. Ren Yaoying was the first to choose. She never forgot Ren Yaoying’s share when she was making jewelry, but Ren Yaoying was still unsatisfied with this, and was picky everywhere.

Compared to Zhou Wen’s anger and depravity, Gao’s family was much calmer. She smiled and asked Ren Yaoying: “Aunt Ren is going back to Yunyang City? Are you from Yunyang City?”

Ren Yaoying looked at the Gao family contemptuously: “I am naturally a member of Yunyang City. My father Ren Shimin is a gentleman from Yunyang Academy. My two sisters are the young lady of Yanbei Wangfu and the other is the wife of the Lei family.”

Zhou Wen’s face changed after hearing this.

Gao patted Zhou Wen’s hand lightly, and said to Ren Yaoying without changing his face: “I know which Ren family you said that, but as far as I know, Ren family does not have a daughter like you. “

Ren Yaoying thought that Gao was talking about Ren Shimin’s severing the relationship between her father and daughter, and she immediately said loudly: “My father was only angry with me for a while, as long as I am willing to go back, he will definitely recognize me!”

The Gao shook his head and said: “I heard that Mr. Ren had three daughters, one is the young lady of the Yanbei Wangfu, one is the wife of the Lei family, and one concubine, but they died last year. Except. There are no other daughters besides this.”

Ren Yaoying was taken aback when he heard the words, and then screamed: “You are talking nonsense! I stand here so well, how could I die!”

Gao looked at Ren Yaoying pityingly: “What did I lie to you? When you were with the xianggong, I wanted to give you an identity and let the xianggong accept you as a good concubine. I don’t want you to be unwilling. But if you stay as a xianggong Having an unknown woman by his side will affect his future career, so I thought that since you are the girl of Ren’s family, I will go to Ren’s family to beg Ren’s family, so that you can be justified as Ren’s daughter. I entered Zhou’s house. I didn’t want me to find someone to inquire, but found that Miss Ren Jiajiu was dead. I didn’t believe it at the time, so I asked my natal brother to go to the office to check the household registration, and found that it was Mr. Ren who went to the government to eliminate the household registration for you. It’s clearly written in the official documents that Miss Ren Jiajiu committed suicide after encountering a gangster.”

Ren Yaoying felt like the sky was spinning when she heard the words, and she almost fainted on the ground. Her face was pale and she shook her head and said, “No, how is it possible, I’m alive and well, how could I die?”

Gao sighed: “Even if you are really Miss Ren Jiajiu, and now we let you go back to Yunyang City, how do you explain your whereabouts over the past year to Ren Jia? It’s not good to say, Ren Jia is afraid. I’d rather you were dead outside.”

Ren Yaoying really couldn’t stand still, and she staggered and fell to the ground.

Gao hurriedly said: “Come on, please doctor.”

After the maids carried Ren Yaoying away with all their hands, Zhou Wen said to Gao with a face full of shame: “I… I really shouldn’t…”

The Gao family comforted Zhou Wen and said: “The matter is over, what does the Xianggong say? I can trust the character of the Xianggong. At the beginning, Aunt Ren must say that she can’t stay in the Ren family, so you will risk taking her away.”

Zhou Wen nodded. Ren Yaoying wrote a lot of letters to her, saying that the Ren family forced her to marry an old man who was old enough to be her grandfather, and begged him to take her away. She also said that she refused her because she didn’t mean it. It was coerced by her grandmother.

Gao sighed, but said to Zhou Wen sternly: “Msang Gong, what has happened can’t be changed, but you are now an official. For the sake of your future, you still need to think twice when doing things in the future. Now.”

Zhou Wen nodded quickly: “Madam is right, I must be careful from now on for my husband. What about the Ren family? If you really want to send her to Yunyang City?

“Msang Gong, you are confused again!” Gao said softly, “Miss Ren Jiajiu is dead, where would you send her? Since Mr. Ren has cancelled her household registration, he does not want her to return. Ren family, otherwise where do you let Ren family face? You send people back in a humble manner. Ren family will not be grateful to you, but will make enemies with you.

“How about that?” Zhou Wen was a little scared when he heard it. He didn’t want to make enemies with the Ren family. He still wanted to hang out in Yanbei’s officialdom.

Gao’s Wen said: “Naturally let Aunt Ren stay in our Zhou family, but she is just the aunt you bought back, not Miss Ren Jiajiu.”

Zhou Wen was also a smart, and he immediately understood what Gao said. Miss Ren Jiajiu is already “dead”, even if she is not dead, she can only be regarded as dead. If she is allowed to go out and make trouble, the government may condemn him for abducting a woman from a good family. In that case, his future will be over.

Seeing Zhou Wen’s understanding, Gao took his hand and said, “When Aunt Ren wakes up later, you can go and persuade her. She and you are young. You will treat her well in the future. I would also treat her as a relative sister, so that she can feel at ease in Zhou’s family. But if she talks nonsense again, I can only be a wicked person to lock her up for the sake of the future of the mate. Aunt Ren is a smart person, she will think understandable.”

Zhou Wen held Gao’s hand backhand: “I’m wronged you.”

Gao’s mouth pursed his lips and said, “Now it sounds good. I will really shut her down by then. Don’t blame me for being cruel and bullying your sweetheart.”

Zhou Wen looked at the Gao family affectionately: “Don’t you know who my sweetheart is? I have a wife like this in this life, so what can I expect from my husband.”

Gao blushed and lowered his head shyly.

After waking up, Ren Yaoying really refused to be honest, and continued to make trouble. Gao’s family persuaded Ren Yaoying several times to refuse to listen. In the end, Gao’s family could only order Ren Yaoying to be locked up, and Ren Yaoying was crying in the room all day long. Finally, my throat broke from crying, and then when I talked loudly, I became irritated and coughed up blood.

Zhou Wen was originally willing to go to her room and sit down, trying to coax her to change her mind, but then gradually became cold and refused to enter her room again. Another year later, the Gao family and the maidservant were both pregnant, and the Gao family gave Zhou Wen a good-looking concubine. All of Zhou Wen’s colleagues envied Zhou Wen’s marriage. Good wife.

Although Zhou Wen was romantic, he always respected the Gao family. After Gao’s old age and decay, he stayed in the main room for at least half of the month. When Zhou Wen’s descendants were full and Gao passed away, Zhou Wen couldn’t help himself in grief and fell seriously ill. After that, Zhou Wen wrote a eulogy for his deceased wife every year on Gao’s memorial day, and two of them were also regarded as classics of missing his deceased wife by future generations, and they were passed on to future generations.

As for Ren Yaoying, Zhou Wen had already forgotten such a person. Ren Yaoying had a bad life. She died of tuberculosis within a few years after working with Zhou Wen. Afterwards, Zhou Wen occasionally recalled it, but only vaguely remembered that it was a romance from when she was young. Debt, just laugh it off.


Well, Zhou Wen and Gao are the models of loving couples in feudal society

Don’t be too envious~o(∩_∩)o


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