Scheme of the Official Descendant

Vol 2: Chapter 545: Little Fuwa

After Xiao Jingxi said that, the rumors that the young man from the Yanbei Palace was “expensive” really stopped. Of course, it was also spread, but the rumor was that the young man was “Fu Xing Gao Zhao” or “Wen Qu Xing Xing”, etc. Wait. Over time, the people of Yanbei knew that Young Master Xiao was a blessed child, until no one associates him with the so-called “emperor’s appearance”.

Ren Yaoqi naturally breathed a sigh of relief.

After giving birth, Ren Yaoqi sat down for the confinement according to Mother Gong’s instructions. During this period, she didn’t do anything except eating and sleeping. Sometimes she wanted to get a few books from the study to relieve her boredom, but she was stopped by the maid, saying that she was the most taboo during confinement.

The child can be seen every day, and the little guy is well taken care of, and his life is getting more and more tender every day. Ren Yaoqi always couldn’t help but want to pinch that little face when he saw it. Because of this, Ren Yaoqi doesn’t feel that confinement is depressing. The grandfather’s children are all by his side, so what can her husband do?

Because the child’s full moon wine didn’t make a big deal since he was born, he only verbally invited his loved ones, and didn’t even post any posts. This is what the princess meant. Yanbei had just experienced a war, and the old princess did not die. One year, the most important thing is not to lose the blessing of the child, Ren Yaoqi also agrees.

On the day of the full moon, King Yanbei named the child Xiao Weizhuo and his nickname “Azhuo”. “Great straightforwardness, great skill like clumsy, great discernment if it’s awkward.” The name of King Yanbei may also be due to the popularity of the child when he was born.

Several family members of the maiden family joked and laughed here in Ren Yaoqi, the third sister-in-law Qi also came, and the Ren family only came to the Qi family and Ren Yijun couple, because Qi family and Ren Yijun had a better face than the rest of the Ren family in front of Ren Yaoqi. Now they also have a lot of say in Ren’s family, but neither Ren Yijun nor Qi’s has ever made any offer for Ren’s to reach Ren Yaoqi.

The Ren family is no longer what it used to be. When people mention the Ren family, they all say that the Ren family has fallen. The Ren family was indeed defeated. Nothing was left of the industry back then. Even the ancestral house was paid off, and the money in his hand was only enough for an old snack. Even the servants and servants were scattered seven or eight times. But Ren Yaoqi felt that the Ren family today is better than ever.

Master Ren was a little frustrated after this blow. The two juniors, Ren Yiyan and Ren Yijun, stood up and are now trying to do business with their fifth uncle Ren Shimao. They don’t want to make a comeback, but only want to maintain the family. Little food and clothing.

It’s good to say that Ren Yijun surprised Ren Yaoqi. This young master’s temperament is somewhat similar to that of his third uncle Ren Shimin. He regards merchants as a low-level business and is quite distinguished.

Ren Yaoqi asked Ren Yijun about this. The young master glanced at Ren Yaoqi from the corner of his eye and said, “A family is going to starve to death. What can I do to be arty? Can the little master depend on a woman to make a living? I’m sure my identity! The big man can bend and stretch, and he won’t come back to listen to the saint’s words after the little master has supported the old lady and the wife!”

Make Ren Yaoqi and Qi laugh all the time.

Ren Yijun and Ren Yiyan raised the family outside. The eldest wife taught Zhao and Qi the two daughter-in-law butlers, and the family was also happy when they arrived, but it was a pity that neither Zhao nor Qi had children, which made the eldest wife white hair. If Mrs. Ren and Mrs. Ren were still in charge, the long room would be unavailable, and the two daughters-in-law would definitely have to suffer serious crimes. Although the eldest wife is also dissatisfied, she is thinking about whether to give her two sons a concubine, but she was given a sentence by Ren Yijun Dismissed “No money to raise idlers!”

The eldest wife knew that the Ren family couldn’t stand the tossing anymore, so she didn’t mention it again.

Ren Yaoyin was still staying in the nunnery, and the eldest wife thought about picking her back. After all, Ren Yaoyin was too old, and the Qi and Zhao did not stop and say not to let the eldest wife pick up.

This is what Qi said: “The fourth sister has been in the nunnery for so long, and it is time to take it back, but just so rashly to take people back is afraid that the talkative people will gossip about the fourth sister, the fourth sister. I’m not young anymore. Why don’t my mother help the fourth sister find a good family? When the time comes, she can say that she is bringing her fourth sister back for marriage.”

The Zhao hurriedly echoed.

The eldest wife thinks about it and feels right. She also knows in her heart that Ren Yaoyin’s brother is actually in charge now, and the opinions of the two sister-in-laws are also very important. After all, Ren Yaoyin’s dowry will be from the public. , She can only subsidize some old jewelry she left behind.

But when he really wanted to say a kiss, the eldest wife became worried. The Ren family fell to this point. Naturally, people who had been with the Ren family would not look at Ren Yaoyin. Only some squires and ordinary merchants can marry Ren Yaoyin. , And even widowers. The psychological gap was too great, and the eldest wife was a little unacceptable for a while, and she couldn’t help but blame herself for not marrying Ren Yaoyin earlier, and a little bit hatred that Ren Yaoyin had delayed her career by making a fool of herself. The matter of taking over Ren Yaoyin’s return was put on hold again, and the eldest wife was afraid that after Ren Yaoyin came back, seeing this situation became more troublesome and did not want to marry. Ren Yaoqi also saw from the matter of Ren Yaoyin that the third sister-in-law Qi had some tricks, and would never be soft when he should be cruel.

The Qi family teased with Azhuo and said casually: “The Ninth Sister’s wedding date is also near.”

Ren Yaoqi could not help but raised his eyebrows and glanced at Qi Shi. Qi Shi always knew that she and Ren Yaohua were not waiting to see Ren Yaoying, so they rarely mentioned it in front of them. If it weren’t for Qi Shi, Ren Yaoqi would almost forget. This person is Ren Yaoying.

Ren Yaohua really calmed down and said, “What do you mention her on a good day? What does her marriage or not have to do with us, my father has said, we will not recognize this family.”

Ren Yaoying’s marriage has been dragged to the present for various reasons. Originally, the He family wanted to divorce, but the He family master once went to Baihe Town to meet Ren Yaoying for business matters, so he dismissed the idea of ​​divorcing.

Ren Yaohua sneered and said: “The inner courtyard is in a deep house. See you when you see. She has some abilities when she arrives!”

The Qi family couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed when he heard the words: “The wife originally ordered someone to watch her, but now the family has insufficient hands. If one does not watch…”

Ren Yaohua said: “No need to talk about the third sister-in-law, I didn’t mean to blame you. Originally, the matter of disciplining Ren Yaoying would not reach the eldest mother and your sister-in-laws. It is still not ours. If it weren’t for the grandmother… We know exactly what kind of stuff Ren Yaoying is. Even if you send someone to look at her every step of the way, she can always think of ways to take advantage of a man.”

Qi was amused by Ren Yaohua’s ruthless and simple and rude contempt: “Speaking of which, I also don’t understand what Nine Sister thinks. Didn’t she make a fuss and refuse to marry? It’s over.”

The enemy knows the enemy best. Ren Yaohua immediately disdainfully said: “What’s so hard to figure out. At first, she quarreled and refused to marry because she thought that she could marry better. Now her father expelled her from the house. If she loses, can she climb into a family more wealthy than the He family?”

Qi’s smile said: “But if the Nine Sister wants to marry herself, it will save a lot of things. She is determined to be the head wife of the He family. This time, she will naturally be at ease to marry and have fewer moths. The big lady is now working. Because of her fourth sister’s marriage, I’m afraid that she won’t have the time to choose a wishful man who suits her wishes.”

Ren Yaohua frowned: “When you say this, why do I think this thing is not so easy to end?”

Ren Yaoqi took the sleeping son from the Qi family, and he gave Ren Yaohua a helpless look: “Crow’s mouth!”

Ren Yaohua was about to refute, suddenly his face changed, turning around and covering her mouth and retching.

Seeing her face suddenly turned pale, Qi was frightened, and quickly stepped forward to support her: “What’s the matter?”

Ren Yaohua kept retching, trying to speak but couldn’t speak.

Ren Yaoqi was also a little anxious at first, and wanted the maid to ask the doctor, but after thinking about it, he seemed to have thought of something. With a little hope in his eyes, he asked in a low voice, “Sister, did you come in Kushui last month? “

The Qi family was taken aback when he heard the words, and he thought about it, and looked at Ren Yaohua’s abdomen.

Ren Yaohua’s face was still a little pale, but he finally stopped retching temporarily, and said in a somewhat uncertain manner: “No, but sometimes I am a little inaccurate.”

Ren Yaoqi was overjoyed when he heard the words, and quickly told Mulberry: “Go and invite Mother Gong to come.” After a pause, he said, “Also, please call in another doctor.”

The people outside were also disturbed by the movement inside. The Li and the others hurriedly walked in, thinking it was Ren Yaoqi.

Mother Gong came soon, and after giving Ren Yaohua two pulses, she smiled and nodded: “It’s Huamai, happy!”

A word calmed everyone’s hearts, and the doctors who had been invited were naturally useless, and Ren Yaohua was pleasantly surprised when he stroked his abdomen.

Lei Pan’er clapped his hands to the side and said joyfully: “There’s going to be a brother again! Another brother is going to be there!”

Li, who had been worried about her daughter, immediately wanted to offer incense to the Bodhisattva, but in her heart she believed that Ren Yaohua was pregnant with Azhuo this time because Ren Yaohua had often embraced Azhuo recently.

Because Ren Yaohua was diagnosed and was pregnant, Xiao Weizhuo’s little doll’s full moon banquet became more and more enthusiastic, and more people believed that Azhuo was a blessed child. Qi family even held Azhuo and refused to let it go. Don’t care anymore.

The birth of Xiao Weizhuo also reminds people of another child of his generation, the youngest son of the Yanbei Palace, Xiao Weiyong in Beijing.

Many people think that it was an expedient measure that the king of Yanbei Li Xiaowei Yong was the eldest son at the time, and the son of the elder would eventually fall to Xiao Jingxi. Now the birth of Xiao Weizhuo, the younger son, is a good opportunity.

However, no matter how the outside world guessed, the Yanbei Palace did not intend to change the son. When someone knocked on the side, King Yanbei would sincerely express his affection for the eldest son and grandson who was far away in the capital. RS

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