Scheme of the Official Descendant

Vol 2: Chapter 546: Heart is higher than the sky

Ren Yaoqi resumed his daily entertainment after confinement. The princess began to hand over most of the palace’s internal affairs to her gradually, and she finally had a leisurely life with a sweetheart and grandson. Fortunately, Ren Yaoqi is smart, and the princess is giving pointers from the side, making it easy to start a family.

Xiao Jinglin said before that she would accept her little nephew as an apprentice, so every day she would come to cultivate the relationship between master and apprentice with future apprentices. Xiao Azhuo liked Xiao Jinglin very much. Every time she was hugged, she would not cry or make trouble. This is very satisfying. If it weren’t for the princess’s strict prohibition, she would have started to teach Xiao Azhuo to squat.

On this day, Xiao Jinglin came to bid farewell to Ren Yaoqi and A Zhuo.

“Where are you going this time?” Ren Yaoqi asked Xiao Jinglin, looking at the brave and brave Xiao Jinglin in a uniform.

Xiao Jinglin grabbed Azhuo’s chubby hand that had pulled her chest soft armor: “Zeng’s father and son hid in the party’s territory. I went this time to completely cut the grass and root.”

Ren Yaoqi looked at Xiao Jinglin suspiciously upon hearing this: “You don’t need to go there yourself, right?”

The Zeng family’s father and son are now just bereaved dogs, and they can’t find any storms anymore. Even if the Yanbei Palace wants to cut the grass and roots, it doesn’t need Xiao Jinglin to go out.

Xiao Jinglin pursed her lips, lowered her head to tease Azhuo, as if she had not heard it.

Ren Yaoqi squinted her eyes for a few moments, and suddenly felt a movement in her heart: “Is it to hide from someone?”

Xiao Jinglin squeezed the hand of A Zhuo’s little paw, and Ren Yaoqi understood that he was inseparable.

Before Yun Wenting followed Xiao Jinglin back from Jiajingguan Pass, Yun Wenfang was seriously injured, and Xiao Jinglin also had a lot of work to do, so Yun Wenting returned to Yun’s house first. Now Yun Wenfang’s injury has gradually improved, and unexpectedly, he has begun to take over the affairs of the Yun family. Yun Wenting, the eldest son and grandson designated as the next successor of the Yun family, has been idle. From time to time, the eldest son of the family appeared in the Yanbei Palace.

Grand Master Yun didn’t come to Xiao Jinglin, he came to greet the old princess and the princess. The old princess has always liked her grandnephew of her family’s family very much. Although the princess’s attitude towards Yun Wenting is a bit incomprehensible, she doesn’t mean to hate him. I can’t find a few people.

Therefore, Xiao Jinglin has seen Yun Wenting a bit more recently. When something was busy at the beginning, Yun Wenting followed Xiao Jinglin to help her read the paperwork, and took care of the aftermath. Xiao Jinglin didn’t think he was annoying. Now that she is gradually idle, Yun Wenting is still dangling in front of her all the time, and Xiao Jinglin is a little anxious.

Seeing Xiao Jinglin like this, Ren Yaoqi only sighed and didn’t want to persuade her.

Others can’t help you with emotional matters, only you can figure it out.

But what Xiao Jinglin didn’t know was that the princess had discussed Yun Wenting and Xiao Jinglin with Ren Yaoqi in private. The princess is an enlightened person. Although the Yun family’s affairs are a bit complicated, she still has no prejudice against the younger Yun Wenting. If Xiao Jinglin agrees, the princess will not stop her.

As for King Yanbei’s opinion… the princess said calmly that it was not a problem.

Later, Xiao Jingxi came and heard their mother-in-law and daughter-in-law talking about the young master of the Yun family, and made a rare comment: “Yun Wenting is not a serious problem, but he lacks vitality and his temper is too soft. “

The princess laughed when she heard this: “This is to pick a son-in-law, not a leader. What do you need to be determined? A mountain cannot accommodate two tigers, even a male and a female. A couple wants a long time. One is strong and one is soft. Well-matched, two hard-tempered people make up a pair, and it’s easy to bump into each other over time.”

Speaking of this, the princess sighed: “Lin’er wants to guard the border. If she really does what she wants, it is Yun Wenting’s temperament that suits her best.”

Xiao Jingxi and Ren Yaoqi looked at each other and bowed their heads to indicate that they were taught.

After saying goodbye to A Zhuo with Ren Yaoqi, Xiao Jinglin left Yunyang City and took her own soldiers to Ningxia. Less than half a day after Xiao Jinglin left, Yun Wenting also left Yunyang City.

Xiao Jinglin and Yun Wenting have been away for nearly a year.

During this period, something happened to the Ren family. The marriage between Ren Yaoying and the He family master still failed. Ren Yaoying regretted the marriage one month before getting married and fled the Ren family.

Ren’s family is no longer than it was in the past, and the subordinates have been disbanded a lot. The access control is naturally no better than the deep house compound. Ren Yaoying used some money to buy a man, pretending to be a little girl, and escaped from the back door. Before escaping, she stole the wife’s Jewelry Box.

The eldest wife immediately sent someone to chase her after she found it. She thought that a teenage girl would not be able to run far, but she didn’t want to find anyone for three days. Ren Yaoying lost her track inexplicably.

The people of the He family didn’t know how to find out. They came to the door, and the Ren family really couldn’t pay Ren Yaoying, so they refunded the betrothal gift and paid the He family five hundred taels of silver. Although the He family was not happy, I can only admit to myself bad luck.

Ren Shimin and the Li family also knew about this. Although Ren Shimin and Ren Yaoying had severed their father-daughter relationship, he was Ren Yaoying’s biological father after all, so the Ren family still informed Ren Shimin and Li about the disappearance of Ren Yaoying. .

Ren Shimin no longer recognizes Ren Yaoying’s daughter. He didn’t get very angry when he heard the news of Ren Yaoying’s escape. He just told him to report to the government with a cold face, and then asked Li to prepare five hundred taels of silver tickets to the Ren family. The jewellery lost by the eldest wife was converted into silver and given to the elder wife.

Because Ren Yaoqi took over most of the affairs of the Yanbei Palace, and the new year was approaching, she was relatively busy. Although she had heard about Ren Yaoying’s affairs, she did not pay much attention to it.

However, although Ren Yaoqi did not intervene, it was the government that Ren Shimin sent to report. People in the government naturally did not dare to neglect, so when Ren Yaoying was missing for ten days on the fifteenth day of the twelfth lunar month, the Li sent someone to tell Ren Yao Period said that Ren Yaoying had been found.

It turned out that Ren Yaoying did not leave Yanzhou after escaping from the Ren family. She came to Yunyang City and lived in a two-in house in a hutong called Jixiang Hutong in the west of Yunyang City.

After finding someone, the government did not rush in to arrest them. Instead, they first sent someone to report to Ren Shimin. It happened that Ren Shimin went out to visit friends, and Li sent someone to Yanbei Prince’s Mansion to ask Ren Yaoqi.

Ren Yaoqi was a little curious about what Ren Yaoying was doing, but she didn’t want Ren Yaoying’s rat **** to ruin the reputation of the entire Ren family, so she asked the government to keep silent, and then sent a few people to live in Ren Yaoying. Staring at Ren Yaoying in Jixiang Hutong.

On the first day, there was no movement on Ren Yaoying. In the house she entered, apart from a newly bought maid serving her daily life, there was also an old couple in charge of the concierge and kitchen, except for the lady who went out to buy in the early morning. After a meal, the door of that house has never been opened.

On the night of the second day, the person who was in charge of staring at Ren Yaoying finally got news that a man had entered the house where Ren Yaoying lived. After this man entered, he did not come out until early the next morning.

The identity of this man was naturally found out quickly. Hearing the name reported by the person below, Ren Yaoqi was not too surprised. This man was still an acquaintance, and it was the Zhou who was unclear about Ren Yaoying. Master Zhou Wen.

Zhou Wen is going well now. He did have some real knowledge in academics. Although he was depressed for a while after his frustration in the examination room, he was lucky to come back after he got married. He did well in this year’s local examination. His father-in-law is a small local official in Zhuozhou, and he has found a way to find a job in Yizhou, and he has a promising future.

Although Zhou Wen already has a sweet wife, his wife gave him a son last year, and gave him a beautiful dowry maid, but Zhou Wen has a romantic nature, and somehow she hooked up with Ren Yaoying. . Sure enough, a wife is worse than a concubine, and a concubine is worse than stealing.

Ren Yaoying compares Zhou Wen, who is now full of spirits in Yushu and Linfeng, with the grandfather He who can be her grandfather. So she was unwilling to marry and go to He’s family. Somehow she moved Zhou Wen and asked him to rent a house in Yunyang City for her to live in temporarily. When He family retired, Ren’s family didn’t look for her. Now, you can follow Zhou Wen to take office in Yizhou.

Zhou’s family only has one son, Zhou Wen, so his wife is going to stay in Yunyang City to serve his in-laws. Ren Yaoying has a very good abacus. When she follows Zhou Wen to take office, Zhou Wen will rarely return to Yunyang City once a year. Naturally, the feelings with the wife of the regular wife are not comparable to her, who is a waiter on her own. After another three to five years, when Zhou Wen can gain a foothold without the help of the Yue family, she divorced her regular wife, and she resumed her status as Miss Ren, Zhou Wen Then she will be able to marry her and come in, and then she will be a serious official’s wife.

Ren Yaoying has a great abacus, but it’s a pity that she has her aunt’s heart, but not her aunt’s brain.

After Ren Yaoqi found out these things, she was asked to talk to Li, and asked her to wait for Ren Shimin to come back and wait for Ren Shimin to deal with it. She herself continued to be busy with this year’s New Year ceremony.

After Ren Shimin came back from visiting friends, he heard Li talk about Ren Yaoying. Ren Shimin didn’t say anything at the time, so he sent someone to take his post to the government the next day.

At noon, when Li and Ren Shimin were at the same table for dinner, Ren Shimin lightly said to Li: “Send someone to Baihe Town to pick up a few old things she has used. The Ren Shimin who has been surnamed for more than ten years is in the ancestral grave of the Ren family. Find a place to bury it nearby. She was not married before she was alive. She was looking for a thin coffin and everything was simple.”

When Li heard the words, he was stunned for a long time: “Master meant…”

Ren Shimin picked up the chopsticks: “There will be no such person as Ren Yaoying in the future.”

Master Ren simply wiped out Ren Yaoying’s household registration and turned her into a dead person. The cause of death recorded in the official documents was: encountering bandits and committing suicide. RS

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