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Chapter 442: There is always someone hitting my sister's attention!

“Brother Feng!”

When Chen Yefeng walked for more than ten meters, he heard a sound coming from behind him. Turning his head and looking around, he found that A Liang was excited and ran up with a blushing face, eagerly saying hello.

“Yeah.” Chen Yefeng nodded slightly looking at A Liang who ran in front of him.

He didn’t have much to say about Aliang, after all, everyone has their own goals, not to mention that it might be better to stay in the Sky Blue team than in the Blood Red team.

After all, joining the Sky Blue team is a top event, but the Blood Red team has to fight from the beginning step by step.

This is at a loss. What if it fails?

“It’s pretty good in the team?” Chen Yefeng asked casually. He is not the kind of careful person. Although Aliang’s path is different from the one that Chen Yefeng gave him previously, he still did not violate it. Aliang’s desire to be professional, so the necessary greetings are of course indispensable.

“Very good!” A Liang smiled and nodded. This shy big boy who had seen Chen Yefeng blush before has become more confident now.

“Ge Lu is very nice to me, and he gets along well with his teammates, just a little bit…”

Seeing that A Liang wanted to say something but stopped, Chen Yefeng also continued to ask with a smile: “If you have anything, I might as well talk about it.”

“Actually, it’s nothing!” A Liang grabbed the back of his head and said embarrassedly, “I was killed by Brother Feng just now, and I felt a little unconvinced in my heart!”

I heard that Chen Yefeng smiled.

“I just kept an eye on it. In fact, you have made a lot of progress. I believe it won’t be long before I won’t be able to easily win you one-on-one.”

Naturally, what Chen Yefeng said is not a polite remark. He can see the huge potential from Aliang. This is a very good potential stock. Otherwise, Lu Qingkong would not personally find people, I believe he can see it too. Only because of the great potential in Aliang.

“Why, if I want to defeat Brother Feng, I have to practice for a few more years!”

Seeing the somewhat slick Alian, Chen Yefeng was also stunned. The change of the environment looks like a person is really not just talking.

As they headed to the arena, they chatted without a word.

Suddenly, a familiar voice came from behind Chen Yefeng.

“Damn! Your uncle, finally let me catch you!”

Listening to the voice, Chen Yefeng knew that it was the **** Ning Fei without turning his head.

as expected.

Behind them, Ning Fei, Wang Wei, and Wan Ming hurriedly followed.

“You kid!” Ning Fei walked up to Chen Yefeng without saying a word, and punched directly, of course without force, just like an old friend meeting.

“Damn, you are a violent method. I want to sue the referee to disqualify you from the competition!”

“Don’t come here!” Ning Fei didn’t listen to Chen Yefeng’s intimidation. “The four of us had eaten the opposite side steadily, but your uncle’s interference from the side caused us to ruin two generals. During the game, I immediately took off my headphones to let you know why the flowers are so red!”

“If you dare to do this, don’t think about playing professionally in the future!” Chen Yefeng said with a smile.

“Okay, it’s bad luck for our blood red team to meet you!” Ning Fei grinned, then bumped Chen Yefeng with his shoulder, and said thiefly: “Then what, Afeng, I shouldn’t ask!”

“Why shouldn’t you ask?” Chen Yefeng was stunned. Seeing Ning Fei’s expression, he felt as if he was ready to vomit ivory again.

“Then what, has Lingmei come?”

“What are you asking about this!” Listening to Ning Fei’s question, and looking at this guy’s humble expression, Chen Yefeng suddenly raised a guard.

No way, this guy has been paying attention to his little princess, so people have to guard against it!

“I just want to ask Xiaoyuan if she saw my brave operation just now. As an old acquaintance, I can sign her for free!”

Seeing Ning Fei’s **** expression, Chen Yefeng almost couldn’t help but slap it up!

“Fuck, you deserve it too!?”

“Why don’t I deserve it!” Ning Fei didn’t give up, “I said Afeng, you can’t do this, we are brothers, don’t you want to let our brother’s affection be sublimated!”

“Roll!” Chen Yefeng said irritably, “I tell you, you don’t hit my sister’s attention, and other things can be discussed, but it is impossible for me to tell you about it. No, there are no windows!!!”

“Oh, I wanted to kiss you and kiss you, but I didn’t expect you to be so ignorant of praise, nothing more, you will regret it!”

Seeing Ning Fei’s look of regret, Chen Yefeng almost went violently. Why is there always someone hitting her little princess’s attention? She is still a child, and her brother should take care of her for a few more years. She pushed into others’ arms.

“I regret a hammer. If I really introduce my sister to you, I will regret it for a lifetime!”

“It’s got it, it really is a dead sister.”

“What the hell?” Chen Yefeng was unhappy when he heard Ning Fei say this. Am I the sister control? I am obviously the sister control + sister control dual control, OK!

“I don’t bother to talk to you!” Ning Fei smiled, and then he looked at A Liang next to him in hindsight, “Good boy, the change is a bit big, I almost can’t recognize it, A Liang, you can do it, Team Sky Blue You can get in, and I heard that you are still a core member of the team, and the future can be expected!”

“Brother Fei!” A Liang also yelled, and then said very embarrassed, “Brother Fei, what are you talking about? I’m just lucky!”

“Very good, very good, it’s a shame not to stay in our blood red team, otherwise you won’t be able to achieve today!”

In a word, Alian didn’t know how to answer the call.

After all, when Chen Yefeng introduced A Liang to Ning Fei and his team, Ning Fei readily agreed, without any hesitation or disgust.

Naturally, Chen Yefeng saw A Liang’s embarrassment, and immediately said, “Xiao Ningzi, let me tell you, if you can’t speak, you can sew up your mouth. No one will treat you as dumb. That’s fine. A big man, how come his mouth is too long!”

“Ahem!” Ning Fei also realized that what he said just now can easily cause A Liang to ambiguity. Although he is heartfelt happy for A Liang’s current achievements, it may not be so in A Liang’s heart. It’s up.

Maybe Aliang would think that he was teasing him or deliberately teasing him.

After all, as a team that has stepped from the lowest level of Internet cafes to the current team, the blood red team is also very popular. I believe that in time, there will definitely be a place in the PUBG e-sports circle!

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