Super Special Forces King

Chapter 1: Zhang Feng

Chapter One Zhang Feng Wandering Around the Rivers and Lakes

“Little girl, the lines on your palm clearly show that you are a clear-headed person, but the slight yellowing in your white palms shows that you have been under a lot of pressure recently.” The old Taoist gently held the woman’s hand in his palm. The old **** said.

The woman wears professional attire, her chest is full of ups and downs, and her short black skirt with a hip wrap reveals two long slender legs.

Listening to the words of the old Taoist priest, she kept nodding her head. She has been harassed by the company’s leaders recently. Today, this is taking advantage of the noon time to walk on the pedestrian street to relax. I don’t want to see someone set up a booth to watch the palms. Come and take a look with the attitude of a try. I didn’t want every word of the old Taoist priest to speak into the heart.

“Master, should I solve this?”

The master in her mouth is wearing a shabby Taoist robe, with a gray beard on her lips. If it weren’t for his hands to constantly rub the woman’s palm, it would really feel like a fairy style.

“I got the bait, I got the bait, oops, this little hand is really soft…Tsk tut.”

Zhang Feng’s heart blossomed with joy, but he didn’t miss the slightest bit on his face, he coughed, and said calmly: “Life is not to be empty and sad, you must know that I will lose my life… eh?” He did not continue. The words went on, but a hand was freed from the woman’s delicate palm, and the thumb and index finger were twisting each other.

The woman would immediately take out her wallet and pull out five red old heads and put them into Zhang Feng’s hand.

“It’s too polite to use so much, don’t do this, alas, okay!”

Zhang Feng refused to accept it, but he quickly took the money and stuffed it into his pocket.

“Little girl, close your eyes gently, yes, relax, and feel the gentle breeze blowing around you…”

Speaking slowly, seeing the woman closing her eyes, Zhang Feng stood up quietly, slowly picked up the thing about the guy on the ground, and continued to say: “Do you feel the feeling of the wind blowing on your face? It’s like a mother’s touch, a lover’s touch, so gentle and quiet feeling…”

While speaking, Zhang Feng had already left the woman’s place more than five meters away, and said in his mouth: The wind is screaming…

Into the crowd, he pulled off his shabby robe and stuffed it into his backpack, and pulled off the sticky beard on his face, revealing a young and tender cheek, but with a scornful smile on his mouth. Looks fluent.

The woman slowly opened her eyes and saw that there was no figure in front of her. She muttered in her mouth: “The master is the master. There is no trace of it. I have already figured out what to do. Thank you, master.”

Zhang Feng didn’t know the woman’s reaction and didn’t have time to think about it, because he was blocked by four people in the alleys around the pedestrian street.

Bald head, elastic vest, naked tattoos, big gold chains with the thickness of fingers on the neck, standard four-piece suit of ruffians.

“Several brothers, I don’t know what offended me, little brother, please forgive me…”

With a cowardly smile on his face, he took out a cigarette from his pocket, and said flatly: “Brothers smoke and smoke, if you have something to say, you have something to say!”

“Mad, you dare to eat on the pedestrian street if you don’t worship the pier? We have been staring at you for several days, and today we finally blocked you.” The bald man standing in the front handed Zhang Feng a hand. The coming cigarette fell to the ground and said in a bad tone.

Zhang Feng didn’t have any shame, but he was more respectful, “Big brother, little brother, I don’t understand the rules when I first came here, don’t mind. What you say, I will do it right away.”

The bald man nodded, it seems that this kid is very acquainted, but he can save a lot of trouble.

“Well, three thousand yuan a month protection fee, we cover you.”

Hearing this, Zhang Feng was furious, and it was really a lion’s open mouth. He gave people a fortune-telling income of one hundred and eighty yuan a day in the pedestrian street. If he paid three thousand a month, wouldn’t it be a waste of money? Great use, how could it be given to them.

His eyes rolled round and round, Zhang Feng still had a flattering smile on his face, and said: “It’s easy to talk about, brother still doesn’t know what you call it.”

When the bald man saw Zhang Feng going on the road like this, he patted his chest cheerfully and said: “People on the road call me Brother Tiger for their face.”

“Brother Biao, Brother Biao!”

Zhang Feng muttered a few words in a low voice, and suddenly his expression changed, “I’ll go to your grandma Tiger Brother.”

While speaking, he slapped his yin foot on Brother Tiger’s lower body.

I saw Brother Hu’s body suddenly raised by three centimeters, his face turned purple, and his eyes widened. After holding back for two seconds, a terrible cry came out of his throat, and then he covered the severely injured with his hands. The crotch can’t stop jumping.

Seeing the boss being raided, the three horses of Brother Tiger were taken aback and turned to an anger. They all took out folding knives from their pockets and rushed toward Zhang Feng fiercely.

But just two steps forward, they stopped and slowly moved back.

“Just you smashed and want to collect the protection fee for my little master, and pay back Brother Tiger, I yuck, it’s just an old cat!”

Zhang Feng held a black pistol in his hand, and walked forward as he spoke. He took a step, and the three horses took a step back.

Usually when he took out the knife, the opponent was paralyzed in fright. When did they see a ruthless character with a gun, if it weren’t pointed at by the gun, they would have wiped the soles of their feet.

“Come on, throw all the knives down! You three stand side by side for me, stand closer!” Zhang Feng commanded.

Under the threat of a pistol, Ma Zi naturally didn’t dare to obey, and hurriedly threw the folding knife into the ground, Yiyan stood side by side shoulder to shoulder!

After two steps forward, Zhang Feng suddenly grinned, revealing eight neat white teeth.

Fingers squeezed the trigger, the violent gunfire as imagined did not sound. Instead: Bah!

A stream of water spurted from the muzzle of the black hole and splashed on the faces of the three horses.

“Made, this kid plays with us. It’s a toy water gun… Ah, what a shit, it’s pepper water, my eyes…”

Zhang Feng unhurriedly stuffed the water gun back into his clothes, walked over and slapped Ma Zai’s face with a smile, and said, “Master, I have been wandering the rivers and lakes for more than ten years, how can I be planted in your hands? ?”

“Oh, Brother Tiger, are you okay? Go to the hospital as soon as possible, otherwise you will become the last **** in the 21st century.”

With a strange sound of yin and yang, Zhang Feng walked over and pulled the gold chain from his neck into his pocket, then patted his shoulder and comforted: “Brother Tiger, this is your price for bullying me. Up.”

Humming a little tune, Zhang Feng walked out of the alley with ease.

He didn’t even know that everything that happened here was being watched in secret.

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