Super Special Forces King

Chapter 10: Midnight alert

Chapter 10 The Midnight Alarm

After the sentry released, Zhang Feng looked around.

Except for the three-story low and square building in the distance, this place looks completely different from the military camp passing by, more like…

Zhang Feng didn’t know how to describe it in his heart. After thinking for a long time, he felt that the word battlefield was more appropriate.

The sentry painted with grim and meticulous expressions, dense barbed wire, high-level surveillance cameras, parked multifunctional tactical vehicles, deep trenches and stacked bunkers.

When the vehicle stopped in front of the building, Li Jian said, “Get off the car, the captain is waiting for you!”

Zhang Feng nodded and followed Li Jian into the building.

Step by step up the steps, at the door of the room in the mouth of the third floor, Li Jian said again: “You go in, the captain is waiting for you inside?”

Seeing that Li Jian was about to leave after he finished speaking, Zhang Feng said quickly: “Brother Li Jian, see if you are with me, I’m… a little nervous!”

Hearing what he said, Li Jian almost turned around and gave him a slap. Your kid dared to use high-efficiency anesthetics on the captain, and now you are nervous, the ghost will believe it.

Li Jian left, Zhang Feng knocked on the door and pretended to shout: “Report!”

“Come in.” Uncle Luo sounded in the room with a slightly hoarse voice.

open the door.

Zhang Feng walked in, but was stunned by the layout of the room.

The whole room is not a bright office at all, but rather groggy like a wartime command post.

The heavy curtains completely shielded the eyes from the outside, only illuminated by the dim light bulb overhead. In the center is a sand table with small red and blue flags interlaced on it.

Around the wall is a map full of contour lines, and huge arrows represent the marching route.

In front of the desk where Uncle Luo was sitting was a monitoring screen, with patches of images covering the entire area.

“Just sit down.” Uncle Luo raised his head and looked at Zhang Ye and said.

“Then I will do whatever it takes!”

Zhang Feng smiled, the straight waist he had stood upright softened, he sat down on the chair opposite to Uncle Luo, smiled and said, “Uncle Luo, what the **** is that Huangquan Road? Are you? Talking to me also makes me feel a little deep in my heart.”

Uncle Luo’s rigid face moved slightly, and said, “You’ll know in two days. I heard that you got into trouble again? Did you put the black pot on the troops?”

His expression stiffened slightly, Zhang Feng didn’t expect the news to reach Uncle Luo’s ears so quickly, and the old man Li Jian could really give a small report.

“Uncle Luo, I am totally self-defense. I just came to school for one day, and their school tyrants have to bully me because of the number of people. Do you think it’s easy for me to go to university without a father or mother? If it weren’t for me, would it be possible to resist? Was it beaten by them? It doesn’t matter if I beat me, I will endure it, but I’m already a member of the army, it’s Uncle Luo’s. If I get beaten, it will be the face of the army, it’s your Uncle Luo’s face. …”

Uncle Luo saw Zhang Feng’s crying face and waved his hand to interrupt his performance. In his heart, he was really blue and better than blue, and he was better than your father.

“I see. People fight and fight!” The army is the place where the shortest guards are united. Uncle Luo fights when he hits, even if the matter is over.

Seeing Zhang Feng’s face bursting into a smile, Luo Shu once again thought of Zhang Feng’s father, his comrades-in-arms, and brothers, and he was deeply embarrassed.

He opened the drawer, took out a photo, put it on the table, and handed it to Zhang Feng, saying: “There is your father in the photo, please take a look. As for other things, I will tell you after you pass Huangquan Road, if you cannot pass You have no right to know.”

Mentioning the word father, Zhang Feng’s expression instantly solidified, and his hand trembling took the photo.

There are a total of four men in the photo, all wearing camouflage uniforms with oil on their sweaty faces. Zhang Feng saw his father in it.

The other three people all smiled faintly, only one of them grinned and made faces.

He is his father, because Zhang Feng saw his father for the first time.

“Can you give it to me?” Zhang Feng asked calmly.

Uncle Luo shook his head and said: “No! Three people in the photo are still alive! It leaks out, I don’t know how many people will kill them, do you want this?”

Return the photo to Uncle Luo, “Thank you, Uncle Luo.” Zhang Feng’s expression was a bit sullen. He heard a trace of Uncle Luo’s words. There are four people on the photo, and three are still alive. The dead person must be Own father.

Although there is no nurturing grace, the blood connection still makes his heart cramp.

“Starting tomorrow, you, I and Li Jian, let’s go and rest first.” Luo Shu said sighfully.

Zhang Feng stood up and said nothing. He was full of doubts in his heart but did not ask, because he knew that the thing that Uncle Luo didn’t want to say was that he would not get the answer if he put a knife on his neck.

The only way to know the answer is Huangquan Road!

“Huangquan Road? No matter what the **** you are, I have to break through, Xiaoye, and it’s best not to get in my way!”

When Zhang Feng walked to the door, he heard Uncle Luo behind him say: “Zhang Zhan!”

After a slight pause, Zhang Feng remembered his father’s name, Zhang Zhan!

When I walked downstairs, I saw Li Jian standing at the gate waiting.

Li Jian saw Zhang Feng’s desolate expression, and he was a little surprised. What is it that this bulletproof guy can hit him?

“Boy, what’s the matter? Head drooping!”

“Grass, my little master, I’m thinking, how can someone like you understand my melancholy temperament.” Hearing Li Jian’s taunt, Zhang Feng immediately countered. The original desolate appearance disappeared instantly, turning into a smile on his face.

Li Jian’s face suddenly seemed ugly as if he had eaten a bomb, and he cursed: “Are you a donkey? You can’t see anyone else?”

Hearing what Li Jian said, Zhang Feng still had a smile on his face. He walked over and grabbed his shoulders, and smiled: “Brother Li Jian, I have heard that Uncle Luo said, tomorrow the three of us will go together, hehe , You have to take care of me a lot!”

Li Jian was completely defeated by his shameless spirit. He was angry just now, and he immediately came over to hook up his shoulders and pat his horse. Doesn’t this emotional change require intermediate transition?

Zhang Feng, who was still asleep, was suddenly awakened by the sound of rapid and sharp footsteps. He talked to Li Jian for a while and went to bed last night.

He got up from the bed and looked through the window.

“Damn, what the **** is this, disturbing dreams!”

Da Da Da Da!

The sound of rapid footsteps sounded in the corridor, and he ran downstairs quickly. Zhang Feng secretly said in his heart: Could it be a fire or an earthquake? Otherwise, why are everyone anxious to run for their lives?

Thinking of this, he also wrapped his clothes, opened the door and ran downstairs.

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