Super Special Forces King

Chapter 11: ready anytime

Chapter 11

The continuous short trumpets continued to ring, shaking Zhang Feng’s eardrums, and he ran downstairs while putting on his clothes.

But when he got downstairs just now, he was stunned, because all the soldiers stood neatly in front of them, carrying a military bag, holding weapons in their arms, and meticulous military uniforms.

“The report should be twenty-two people, but actually twenty-two people, please instruct!” Li Jian roared with a dark face.

Uncle Luo nodded and said: “Bring it back!”

Zhang Feng’s head was numb. What is this going on? Just after the emergency assembly was completed, he brought it back directly. Is there any point in tossing around?


Li Jian replied. Twenty-two people walked inside in an orderly manner, passing by Zhang Feng who was still confused.

Zhang Feng followed the end of the team and followed Li Jian into the building. Just as Li Jian was about to enter the dormitory, he quickly grabbed the latter and said, “Brother Li Jian stay, hehe.”

“What are you doing?” Li Jian asked in surprise.

“It’s okay, it’s not that the group was woken up for a while and couldn’t fall asleep, find your eldest brother for a chat!” Zhang Feng said with a smile.

“Wait for me to remove the equipment.” With that, Li Jian walked into the dormitory.

Within two minutes, Li Jian walked out of the dormitory and looked at Zhang Feng and said, “You still don’t call me eldest brother. As soon as the words eldest brother come out of your mouth, my back feels chilly. I’m Li Jian!”

“Don’t, you are older than me. I won’t suffer from calling your eldest brother. Come on, smoke.” Zhang Feng took out the crumpled cigarette case from his pocket, took out one and handed it over.

Li Jian looked at the cigarette in Zhang Feng’s hand with some caution, but he knew that this kid had used this cigarette to overcast the captain.

Zhang Feng didn’t see any embarrassment, and smiled: “Don’t worry, brother, there is no problem with this cigarette.

Hearing this, Li Jian took the cigarette in doubt, walked to the window of the stairs, lit the cigarette and took two puffs, and said, “You kid never suffocated any good farts when you opened your mouth. Let’s talk, what’s the matter? ?”

“Brother, what you said, I’m not talking to you, what can I do?” Zhang Feng himself lit a cigarette and took two sips in his mouth.

Li Jiandao: “I have spoken, and the cigarette has been smoked. I have nothing to do, but I am leaving!” As a gesture, he was about to turn around and leave.

Zhang Feng’s question of holding his stomach has not yet been answered, how could he let him go so easily, and quickly said: “Don’t, brother, I have a very small question!”

When he glanced at him for nothing, Li Jian knew that Zhang Feng couldn’t do nothing without courtesy.


“Big brother, I don’t understand what trumpet to play this big night? Bring it back after the assembly is over. How cute is it? Does it make sense?” Zhang Feng asked the question just now.

Li Jian’s face immediately became extremely solemn. He looked directly into Zhang Feng’s eyes and said: “How can emergency gatherings be cute and meaningless? We are soldiers, and the mission of soldiers is to be ready for us at all times. Our country and our lives are dedicated to everything! Be prepared at any time, we must be alert enough, the emergency assembly number is training to test our reaction speed! This is the case for ordinary standing troops, and even more so for our special forces!”

ready anytime!

The five words seem to have a thousand catties on Zhang Feng’s heart!

Wandering on the streets since he was a child, he has seen too many deceitful and deceitful worlds, the streets are crowded, bustling, all for profit, all for profit. In such a realistic society, there is a person who is not selfish, not for personal benefit!

But when Li Jian in front of him said these words, his face was holy! The sanctity of inviolability and profanity cannot be tolerated.

Zhang Feng finally understood how narrow his mind was. Not everyone is vying for fame and fortune, there are always people who are silently paying, what else is more moving than “always be prepared”!

What is always ready is dedication, and what is dedicated is everything, including life!

Zhang Feng remained silent, and took two swift puffs of the smoke in his mouth, and then expelled the smoke. The feeling of blockage in his chest eased a little.

“What on earth is Huangquan Road?” He asked the biggest question in his mind.

Li Jian paused and said, “The captain didn’t tell you, so naturally I can’t tell you! You will understand when it’s time!”

Without a satisfactory answer, Zhang Feng naturally refused to give up. He asked, “Does it really need to be kept secret like this? No one can know?”

“Well… I can only tell you that that is the place that every soldier aspires to!”

After speaking, Li Jian put out the cigarette **** in his palm and walked straight back to the dormitory.

Zhang Feng, who was still standing in place, inhaled the last puff of smoke into his lungs, and also returned to the dormitory where he was alone.

A place that every soldier longs for? What does it mean? Zhang Feng drew a big greeting in his heart.

Accompanied by the wake-up number, Zhang Feng got up from the bed, wore his clothes and stood in front of the window, and saw the team running on the playground downstairs.

The black-faced Li Jian still led the team, while Luo Shu stood unsmiling on the side.

Waiting for the military song to be finished before dinner can finally be served, Zhang Feng was already a little impatient, and quickly started the wind and the clouds.

But he found that his speed couldn’t be compared with the soldiers at the same table. He had only eaten half of his bowl of rice, and everyone else had started the second bowl.

After finally filling his stomach, Zhang Feng was called over by Uncle Luo.

The jeep had been parked at the entrance of the canteen, and all the soldiers stood there and watched Uncle Luo, Li Jian and Zhang Feng with a bewildered look into the car.

Zhang Feng looked at the soldiers who were seeing off, their faces were full of envy, uncontrollable envy!

He resounded again what Li Jian had said: a place that every soldier envied!

“It seems that Huangquan Road should be a good place, otherwise why would everyone be so envious!” Zhang Feng thought heily.

“Where are we going? Uncle Luo.” Zhang Feng asked Uncle Luo who was sitting in the front co-pilot.

“Airport!” After speaking, Uncle Luo closed his eyes and didn’t mean to speak any more.

Mao Xiaorui in the ward severely smashed the phone to the ground, smashing it to pieces.

He just received a call from his father, saying that the matter of being beaten would end here, so that Mao Xiaorui should not be held accountable.

“Not to be held accountable?”

Mao Xiaorui couldn’t swallow this breath at all in his heart! He thought that he was beaten because of Hu Xinting, and the anger on his face was unstoppable!

“Hu Xinting, you stinky woman. I pretend to be high-minded with Lao Tzu, and I happily pursue you. You are indifferent, and you actually got together with a big soldier. Then you don’t blame Lao Tzu for destroying flowers!”

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