Super Special Forces King

Chapter 13: : It's not that the enemy doesn't get together

Chapter 13: It’s not that the enemy doesn’t get together

“Huh, what a joke. Soldiers, tricks too.” Li Jian said with some disdain while holding his shoulders.

Chai Chong wanted to refute angrily, but searched for a long time and didn’t know how to refute. After holding back for a long time, he could only say viciously: “Li Jian, don’t take advantage of your tongue. You are able to see us on Huangquan Road and see who can To the end!”

“I’m still afraid that you won’t succeed!” After speaking, Li Jian greeted Zhang Feng and walked toward the dormitory building.

Zhang Feng’s face was full of excitement. This Huangquan Road has not started yet, the smell of gunpowder is so strong, it looks very interesting!

Each special team has its own independent dormitory, as does the Snow Wolf special team.

Three years ago, Li Jian had participated in Huangquan Road. It was still a familiar road. He found the sign of the Snow Wolf Special Team directly on the second-to-last room on the second floor.

Walking over, tearing off the snow wolf special team’s sign and putting it in his pocket, Li Jian walked into the dormitory.

Zhang Feng was a little confused and asked, “Brother Li Jian, why did you tear off the Snow Wolf Special Team logo?”

Li Jian put his backpack on the lower bunk bed, tidying up, and replied without looking up: “This is just to tell us that the dormitory is ours. Since Huangquan Road, there is no special team name, everyone has only one name. , China Army!”

Seemingly, he threw his backpack on the upper bunk and climbed up. There is only a thin layer of mattress on the rigid board, and the bones hurt when lying on it.

However, Zhang Feng had slept in the street and the bridge hole, and he didn’t care about such a rigid bed.

He was resting on his backpack and humming in his mouth.

Li Jian, who had packed up his things in the lower bunk, said uneasy: “Zhang Feng, now in the Yanjing Military Region, it’s no better than in the Snow Wolf Special Forces. You don’t want to make trouble, know? All actions must be subject to discipline. You haven’t even practiced in the queue military posture, so if you are in a queue, just follow others!”

Zhang Feng turned around, held his hand on the head of the bed, stretched his head outside and said with a smile: “Brother Li Jian, what are you talking about? Do you think I am the kind of troublemaker? Let’s talk about it. Say I have participated in military training, how could I not stand in military posture and walk in line?”

Li Jian’s eyes turned white, his face said that I think you are the person who caused the trouble, and he said with some surprise: “Have you been in military training? Did the captain train you?”

“No. Three years ago, when I was in high school, I had half a month of military training. Brother Li Jian, what is your expression? I’ll tell you, ah ah ah… don’t go, I was exposed at the time It’s dark, what are you going to do? Don’t leave me alone.”

Seeing Li Jian about to leave, Zhang Feng put his hands on the bed, jumped down, and chased Li Jian who had already walked to the door.

Li Jian is really speechless, this kid is too capable of pulling a calf. The military training of the school is completely compared with the military. Can it be compared?

“It’s getting tanned. If your instructor was me, I would have to let you peel off!”

Zhang Feng, who was catching up, heard Li Jian muttering and asked, “Brother Li Jian, what are you talking about?”

Soldiers selected by various special forces from other military regions to join Huangquan Road all entered the dormitory one after another.

Soldiers, as a group of male hormone secretion process, especially these special soldiers with eyes higher than the top, it is naturally impossible for the cats to be stable in the dormitory.

Three gangs and two gangs stood in the activity area downstairs, which was extremely unpleasant to everyone.

These special forces are the backbone of various military regions. There are often opportunities to fight against each other in major exercises. If they fight against each other, they will bear the burden. Therefore, both sides look at each other not pleasing to the eye.

As the old saying goes, it’s not that enemies don’t get together.

Zhang Feng, who was not idle, and Li Jian, who was silent and mumbling, met again with Chai Chong from the Lijian Special Forces Brigade.

“Hmph, some people revisited their old places, and it is estimated that they will go back dingy in the end.” As they passed by, Chai Chong pointed the spear at Li Jian again, and said in a weird manner.

His voice was not too small, and it attracted the attention of other people who were chatting.

Li Jian didn’t want to make matters worse before Huangquan Road started, so he kept silent and continued to walk forward.

He can bear it, but someone can’t bear it!

Zhang Feng raised his eyebrows and said loudly, “What’s the smell? This **** smelly, I don’t know how to find a place where no one is farting.”

The corner of Chai Chong’s mouth twitched. Who is this kid who dares to say that he farts.

He directly stood in front of Zhang Feng, holding his chin, and asked condescendingly: “Boy, who do you say is farting! Make it clear, is it because the skin is tight and you want to loosen up!”

The special forces around watching the excitement all have an expression that is not afraid of the excitement, and some people have even begun to blow the hooligans whistle.

Hearing what he said, Zhang Feng pretended to vomit and vomit!

Chai Chong thought he was really going to vomit, and quickly backed up two steps, pointing at Zhang Feng and shouting, “What are you doing?”

“Brother, I’m sorry, a grandson just stood in front of me and put a big stinky fart, I want to throw up!” Zhang Feng made a scared expression on his face.

Everyone was taken aback, and then burst into laughter crazily.

Wasn’t it Chai Chong who stood in front of him just now? This is interesting now, not only is Chai Chong talking fart, but he is also a grandson!

After Chai Chong was taken aback, he also reacted, and he was about to open his posture to take a shot, frightening the other two people behind him from the special forces of the Sword Special Forces Brigade and quickly grabbed him.

It’s a trivial matter to quarrel in the army and dislike each other, but private fights are taboos. Those who are less likely to be punished, not to mention that in the critical period now, I’m afraid they will be beaten back to the original army. At that time, I lost my face.

Chai Chong was also angrily, throwing away his companion’s hand, and shouted at Zhang Feng: “Boy, what is your name? I want to learn from you. All the comrades around you can witness it, kid, dare you?” , Seeing that Zhang Feng didn’t respond, he squeezed a smile on his ugly face, and said, “Are your Snow Wolf Special Forces gangsters?”

Li Jian couldn’t stand it anymore, and roared: “Chai Chong, you don’t want to get involved with our Snow Wolf Special Combat Team for everything. Do you want to try? I’m better than you!”

Seeing Li Jian really going up, Zhang Feng quickly grabbed him and said to Chai Chong, “Brother Chai Chong, my name is Zhang Feng, hey, the bow is Zhang Zhang, the peak of the mountain.”

Li Jian, who was still going to talk, heard Zhang Feng say the word eldest brother, his eyelids jumped. Every time this kid called someone else’s eldest brother, he had to calculate.

“Hmph, I don’t care what peak you are, do you dare?” Chai Chong snorted coldly, and said aggressively.

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