Super Special Forces King

Chapter 14: : I'll ask if you accept it

Chapter 14: I’ll Ask You If You Accept It

“Damn, Chai Chong is not really stupid. He also knows to threaten himself with the reputation of the Snow Wolf Special Forces.”

Thinking of this, Zhang Feng knew that he could never refuse. Once refused, it hurt Li Jian’s heart and the reputation of Uncle Luo’s Snow Wolf Special Combat Team.

“Okay, isn’t it just for discussion? I’m next. Brothers and comrades in arms, everyone is a witness. I saw that it was him who Chai Chong proposed to study.”

Li Jian frowned when he heard Zhang Feng’s words. Although Chai Chong had a fiery temper, his skills were absolutely excellent. Even if he wanted to take him down, it might not be easy.

“We all saw it.”

“We can all witness!”

The soldiers around were all shouting.

Li Jian pulled Zhang Feng and said in a low voice, “Don’t be too reckless. Chai Chong is not so easy to deal with. Besides, your conspiracies and tricks are not applicable at all!”

“Don’t worry.” Turning his head, said to Li Jian, Zhang Feng blinked.

The surrounding soldiers formed a large circle, enclosing the two men in the middle.

Zhang Feng and Chai Chong fought against each other. Chai Chong was full of anger, flexing his hands, and squeezed out a voice between his teeth: “Boy, I will let you taste the taste of my fist.”

Zhang Feng pretended to be a deep, white crane with wings, hooked his fingers at Chai, and said, “Come on!”

The corner of Chai Chong’s eyes twitched, and he was taken aback when he saw Zhang Feng’s weird starting style. Did this kid practice martial arts?

After waiting for a long time, when he saw Zhang Feng squinting his eyes, motionless, he roared, “Boy, I’ll let you pretend!”

Taking two steps, his body exploded at a terrifying speed, and he hit Zhang Feng’s head directly with a punch.

Zhang Feng seemed to turn a deaf ear to the howling fists. Just when Chai Chong was still one meter away from him, he suddenly opened his eyes, closed his hands, stood at attention, with a loud voice, and screamed, “Good leader!” “At the same time, he raised his hand in salute.

The surrounding special forces were all taken aback, and quickly stood up and stood up and looked in the direction Zhang Feng was looking at, preparing to raise their heads to salute.

Chai Chong also hurriedly accepted the move, stood at attention, turned around, prepared to salute, and his actions were extremely standard.

“Damn, see if you haven’t been hit yet!”

Zhang Feng chuckled, flying a big flying leg on Chai Chong’s buttocks facing him, kicking unsuspectingly, he staggered towards the ground.

Taking advantage of the power and not forgiving, Zhang Feng naturally cannot let go of this opportunity while you are sick and killing you.

Chasing after him, with his legs crossed around Chai Chong’s waist, his arms squeezed his neck tightly, and shouted: “Chai Chong, I will ask you if you are not convinced?”

The soldiers who watched the excitement as witnesses were all stunned!

What is the strange thing about the person sent by the Snow Wolf Special Forces Brigade this time? They dare to use Colonel Jianrui to deceive people. The acting skills are so good that they deceived everyone present.

Li Jian couldn’t wait to find a place to get in. He really didn’t have the face to admit that Zhang Feng was a member of their Snow Wolf Special Combat Team.

“I’ll just ask if you accept it?” Zhang Feng roared.

Chai Chong’s face was flushed, he was restrained by others and couldn’t break free, but it was impossible for him to yield.

His throat was strangled, and his voice changed, but everyone heard clearly what he said: “It’s okay to let me die, but it’s impossible for me to admit defeat!”

Standing in the office, Cheng Jianrui put down the binoculars and picked up the walkie-talkie and said: “These guys have experienced overcapacity, give me a good practice, and the one named Zhang Feng will give me special care.”


Cheng Jianrui sat back on the seat with a smile on his mouth. He somewhat believed Lao Luo’s words. This Zhang Feng was really interesting.

“Grass, it’s a terrible donkey!”

With a mumble, Zhang Feng knew that he couldn’t force Chai Chong to surrender. He released his arm and walked to Li Jian’s side with a smile.

Chai Chong, whose face had become purple, was half kneeling on the ground, coughing fiercely, as if he was about to be coughed out of his throat by his lungs.

The feeling of suffocation finally disappeared, he staggered to his feet, pointed Zhang Feng and cursed: “This is not counted, it’s your kid playing tricks! Otherwise you can’t beat me, I won’t lose!”

“It’s really funny. Our great leader Grandpa Deng said that if he cares about black cats and white cats, he is a good cat if he catches a mouse! Whatever method I use, do you subdue it?” Zhang Feng directly took Grandpa Deng Moved out. I can’t clean you up yet?

Sure enough, Chai Chong, who had a grumpy mouth and a stupid mouth, didn’t know how to refute, and he held back for a while before saying, “You are nonsense!”

Zhang Feng pointed to his nose and asked in surprise: “You said I was nonsense, then what you mean is that Grandpa Deng said something wrong, hey, you have a problem with your comrade’s thinking and consciousness!” The high hat must have been thrown away.

“I… didn’t say what Grandpa Deng said was wrong. You…you…you…oh!”

Chai Chong was so angry that he couldn’t say anything. He became a party member in his second year as a soldier. There is definitely no problem with his ideological awareness.

Just as Zhang Feng had the upper hand, he heard a roar: “Very well, the soldiers sent this year are very energetic. I like it. It’s not interesting to pack it up!”

Hearing the roar, everyone turned towards the straight-faced man who was approaching. He was about 30 years old. His face seemed to be chopped by a knife and an axe.

Wearing a camouflage training suit, the armband on the shoulder reads the word’hell’!

“All of them, stand at attention. Introduce yourself, I am your instructor Yama! Now take off all the armbands belonging to your troops and put them in the bag. Your trash is not enough to embarrass the old troops. You still have a face. With an armband.” As he said, he took out a cloth bag from his pocket.

“You have no right to insult my troops!” a lanky soldier shouted.

He stretched out his finger and shook it twice and said: “Listen clearly, I am not insulting your troops again, I am insulting you! Also, before speaking next time, I will call to report, otherwise I have the right to clear you at any time. Get out!”

Wen Kaiqi bit his teeth and creaked. He was naturally unwilling to be cleared away. He shouted with his throat: “Report, you have no right to insult my troops, and you have no right to insult me!”

Yan Wang smiled disdainfully, and said: “Wen Kaiqi, a top university student, the best pilot of the Air Route Brigade, is excellent in gun fighting. Well, but it is still **** in my opinion! Now tear off your armband for me. Put it in the bag, or get out of Huangquan Road immediately!”

Everyone took a breath of air, and I didn’t expect that Hell would give everyone a predicament right after he appeared, and it even shattered everyone’s arrogance in the original army!

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