Super Special Forces King

Chapter 15: : Nausea will kill you

Chapter 15: Disgusting to Kill You

Wen Kaiqi’s face flushed, a pair of eyes stared at the Hades, without concealing his anger.

If it weren’t for considering that if he gave up now, it would affect the Army Aviation Brigade, he would turn around and leave without hesitation. What is the strongest unit, the special forces among the special forces? Just look at this instructor, you know, a bandit!

The man trained by the bandits is the king of soldiers? Dingtian is the bandit leader.

Wen Kaiqi said nothing, standing there motionless.

Hades looked very patient, lifted his chin slightly, and hugged his shoulders!

Just as everyone was waiting for the king to speak again, the king who was still very loose just now, his body suddenly tightened and bowed slightly, like a full curved bow!

It burst out, and the speed changed the face of the elites of the special forces present!

Because it is so fast!

Zhang Feng is the boss with his mouth wide open. It is completely unimaginable that the speed of the short-distance burst can reach such a terrible point.

“Damn, is this still a human?” Zhang Feng commented on Yan Wang!

Originally, he was already strong enough for Uncle Luo, and he hadn’t even made a sneak attack with smoke. Now I see King Yan again… Zhang Feng can’t imagine.

The one who felt the deepest was Wen Kaiqi, because he was the first goal of Hades.

The speed made him too late to defend. He felt a sharp pain in his abdomen and his body bent down involuntarily. Then the bridge of his nose made a brief and intimate contact with a bottom-up hard knee, and then flew out.

“It hurts!” This was Wen Kaiqi’s last thought before unconsciousness.

What he didn’t know at the moment was that if Hades’ knees hit his nose instead of his throat, the result would not be coma, but death!

The scene became silent again, and even the eyes of everyone watching Hades changed.

The soldiers who can get here are all top-notch special forces.

The thirst and desire for strength are not imaginable by ordinary people, but Hades uses actions to tell everyone what true strength is.

Chai Chong was the first to walk out of the team, tore off the epaulettes representing the troops and put them into the bag in the hands of the king.

He is a tendon, and he has only one goal when entering the army, and that is to become the strong. With his persistent thoughts, he entered the Sharp Sword Special Team. Now that he saw the hope of becoming stronger, he would naturally hold onto it tightly.

King of soldiers! What a wonderful title. At this moment, they have not seen the meaning of these two wonderful titles.

Soldiers went out one by one and tore off the epaulettes and put them into the bag in Yama’s hands.

The army is such a place, two: iron discipline, respect for the strong! Nothing else!

The king of Yama conquered the soldiers who were inexhaustible in the original army with the strength that made all soldiers temporarily out of reach!

Zhang Feng’s philosophy of life prevents him from being the first bird like Chai Chong, and if it were not for his repeated provocations today, he would not even be gambled against him.

Ordinary height, ordinary appearance, if you ignore the sly smile that flashes on his face from time to time, it can be said that everyone is confused.

In the middle of the crowd, it was not too early or too late to put the epaulettes into the bag in Yama’s hands.

At this moment, if Zhang Feng sees Uncle Luo, he might tune in to scold his mother. Not to mention anything else, just from the instructor Yan Wang in front of him, he could tell that Huangquan Road would not be a place for leisure and health.

If you don’t see that this is a selection anymore, Zhang Feng can buy a piece of noodles and hang himself.

At the same time, all those who participated in the selection were fighters from various special forces like Li Jian, and Zhang Feng couldn’t see where he was better than others.

If it were put in society, everyone would starve to death, and Zhang Feng would be able to live alive. But here is the army, the test is professional military skills, not fraud.

If he didn’t worry about knowing the news of his father in his heart, Zhang Fengming would leave without hesitation.

Seeing the epaulettes in his hand, Hell raised his mouth slightly and said disdainfully: “I said you are all rubbish, do you admit it now?”

As he said, he walked over and tore off the unconscious Wen Kaiqi’s epaulettes and put them in his pocket. Within two minutes, he was obliged to carry it away on a stretcher.

Hades was naturally reluctant to let the genius of the Army Aviation Brigade leave like this. All he had to do was to crush the pride of these heavenly prides. Only in this way could he break and stand!

“When I walked over just now, it seemed to be very lively? It’s interesting. The two sides of the battle should come out by themselves.” Yan Wang said with a tepid smile, letting people see any thoughts from his face.

Zhang Feng snorted in his heart. He thought he would forget this when he was troubled by Wen Kaiqi. He was still grateful to himself, but he didn’t expect to mention it so soon.

Standing in the first row, Chai Chong strode forward and said loudly: “Report, it’s me!”

He nodded slightly, his squinted eyes revealed a disturbing light, and he looked around, and said, “If you don’t clap your hands, isn’t it because Chai Chong is singing a one-man show alone? Don’t just be a man with a bird under his crotch Don’t dare to be it, be a turtle!”

Zhang Feng knew that the catastrophe must not be evaded, so he shouted loudly: “Report, instructor Yan Wang, it’s me!”

After shouting, he patted the soldier standing in front like a wooden stake, and smiled: “Dude, I’m sorry, I borrowed it!”

The buddies who were photographed by Zhang Feng were completely stunned. Where did this kid come from? It doesn’t look like a soldier at first glance. When is this a train aisle or a vegetable market?

Regardless of his stunned expression, Zhang Feng leaned on his side and squeezed out with a slight bow. He nodded and bowed to Yan Wang and said, “Instructor, the other person is me.”

“Huh! The big forest has all kinds of birds, and all kinds of goods are sent to me? I advise you to give up and get out as soon as possible! Otherwise, I will waste a death target at that time!” Yan Wang said rigidly with a cold snort.

Facing Hades’s cynicism, Zhang Feng’s flattering smile not only didn’t fade away, but became even more intense. It’s contemptuous.

Zhang Feng is not a rich second generation, not a second generation official, or even a greenhouse flower grown up in a well-off family. He is also an iron-blooded soldier who has been in the army for several years.

When he was young, he ran through the trash can and picked up the tatters to fill his stomach, and to feed himself and collect the tuition fees.

proud? That is reserved for the living. Zhang Feng didn’t!

But Zhang Feng’s bones are more stubborn than anyone else. He would rather eat steamed buns that are not much softer than bricks than eat leftover burgers sent by others.

The more you let me go, the more I have to stay here. Even disgusting will kill you. This is Zhang Feng’s stubbornness. This is the code of conduct.

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