Super Special Forces King

Chapter 16: : Pig Food Feast

Chapter 16: Pig Food Feast

Not only Hades, but also the soldiers standing behind Zhang Feng are ashamed of being a team like him.

Chai Chong unabashedly cast a contemptuous look at Zhang Feng.

“Don’t go? Very good! I like to train someone like you!” Yan Wang said with a sneer: “Energetic, very good! All of them, push-ups! Do as long as I am happy!”

No one hesitated, all creeping on the ground, they all understood that Huangquan Road had begun.



Hades shouted with his hands on his back.

A thousand push-ups are not difficult for these special forces, but they are not as easy as imagined.

Under everyone is wet sweat, gathered together, as if it had rained.

Zhang Feng is not so relaxed, although his physical fitness is much better than those of the pampered people, but there is no way to think about it with these special soldiers.

His face was a little pale, and big beads of sweat smashed into pieces on the ground.

His arms were hot as if they were being burned on a fire, and every movement was a piercing pain.

If it weren’t for the stubbornness in his heart to tell himself that he couldn’t lose to others, and couldn’t make such a living Hades look down upon him, he would have long been unable to support it.

Chai Chong turned his head slightly to look at Zhang Feng with trembling lips, with sarcasm on his face.

The more he felt angry when he thought that he was defeated by such a trash. If you are defeated by Hades, not only will you not be ashamed and angry, but will be acceptable.

“I’m here now! Stand at attention! The target canteen is running!” Hell shouted.

Everyone stood still like a green pine, and the sweat on their faces flowed into their eyes without blinking.

Zhang Feng almost got up. When he stood up, he staggered and almost didn’t fall to the ground.

Watching the team running towards the cafeteria, Yan Wang said to the walkie-talkie: “Colonel, I want Zhang Feng’s information, all!”

Cheng Jianrui didn’t have any surprises, and said, “No problem.”

There is no tradition of singing military songs before meals. Everyone sits at the empty table under the order of the king.

Two soldiers from the cooking squad came over carrying two large wooden barrels and a stack of large bowls.

A foul smell instantly diffused in the cooking class.

I just finished a thousand push-ups, and my stomach is already empty. When I smell this, I lose my appetite in an instant. On the contrary, it makes my stomach churn and I want to nause!

The soldiers in the cooking squad didn’t care about these at all. They filled the bowl with a large spoon and put it down, and then went to the next soldier as usual.

Zhang Feng looked at the big bowl of food in front of him. What he could see with his naked eyes were: buns with soaked hair follicles, fat flesh with the thickness of fingers with black hair on the skin, black tofu, rotten As for the boiled vegetable leaf, Zhang Feng couldn’t tell what its body was.

The food was placed in front of me, and the smell went straight to my nose and made me nauseous.

Quite a few warriors have begun to retching, but they have not vomited out because of the command of Hades and their strong endurance.

After a full bowl was placed in front of everyone, the soldiers from the cooking squad walked over again with their dinner plates.

Braised pork, dry stir-fried beans, a stew and a small stir-fry, plus a large bowl of fragrant rice, put it straight on Yama’s own table.

“Let’s open up, we don’t have so many rules here. If you don’t have enough appetite, you can have another bowl, and it’s enough!” After finishing speaking, the king threw off his cheeks and started to eat.

The soldiers looked at each other, unable to hide their anger. You open a small stove to eat alone, let us eat the stench of pig food? And there is no tableware, how to eat it?

Seeing that no one was moving, he sent a piece of braised pork with five different layers and said: “Everyone has to eat at least one bowl. It’s an order. If you can’t execute the order, you can get out of here!” After speaking, he continued to pay attention. I put my force on the food in front of me.

The soldiers are all angrily. They are not recruits. The troops have strict requirements for the food of special forces. Now, the king of Yama is torturing and demanding soldiers.

“You are abuse!” someone stood up and shouted.

“Remember to call a report before speaking next time. Just this time, not as an example. You don’t have to bear the abuse and get off immediately. Don’t worry, there will be a car that will send you out of the camp.” Yan Wang said without looking up.

Zhang Feng didn’t speak. He knew that Hades would not aimlessly. It was definitely not as simple as letting everyone eat a meal of pig food.

Besides, what about pig food? In order to survive, he even ate rotten vegetable leaves.

The hands trembling slightly because of the loss of force slowly lifted, holding up the bowl, and poured it into his mouth.

A lot of it came out along the corners of his mouth, and Zhang Feng licked it in with his tongue.

Li Jian couldn’t make Zhang Feng pour directly into his mouth, so he put his hand into his mouth directly. Resist vomiting, swallowing into the stomach.

When Chai Chong saw that Zhang Feng had started to eat, he couldn’t make people look down on him, so he just ate it.

Quite a few soldiers vomited while eating. This is not pig food, even pigs would not eat it.

He was full, holding his shoulders and admiring the scene of swallowing and vomiting, the corners of his mouth were slightly smiling, making it impossible to see his thoughts.

When his eyes rested on Zhang Feng, the originally squinted eyes widened slightly, and in an instant, they returned to their original state.

Zhang Feng got up, took a large spoon and filled himself with a bowl.

Swallowing bitterly, people look at Zhang Feng like monsters, with the words on his face: This is a beast of Nima, one bowl can complete the task, you want to eat two bowls, I really don’t know how to swallow Down.

Finally, someone couldn’t bear the disgusting taste and smashed the bowl directly on the ground and shouted: “Hammer, I want to react to it! This is not training but abuse to satisfy your perverted thoughts. It has no meaning!”

Shrugging his shoulders, the king said disdainfully: “As you wish, now you are eliminated. Want to react upward? It’s up to you!”

The soldier who Zhang Feng didn’t even know his name was eliminated on the first day, with such a disgusting picture.

Seeing Hades really eliminated a person without even thinking about it. Those who originally wanted to stand up and blame them all sat on the stools obediently and continued to swallow food.

When Zhang Feng swallowed the second bowl into his stomach, all the soldiers used various methods to destroy their own pig food into the stomach.

Under everyone’s stunned eyes, Zhang Feng stood up again and filled the third bowl!

No one can understand Zhang Feng, even Li Jian who came with him cannot understand.

People who can feed themselves will never understand how much food is craving for people who almost starved to death!

Taste, that can be tasted by living people!

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