Super Special Forces King

Chapter 17: : Focus on Zhang Feng

Chapter 17: Focus on Zhang Feng

All the soldiers got into the oldest military truck under the order of Yama.

The heavy green tarpaulin covered the entire carriage without a trace of light coming in, and the entire carriage was dark.

The road became more and more bumpy, the people in the carriage swayed right and left, and the pig food filled in the stomach was surging up and down. Although there was no pungent smell, it still felt like vomiting as long as you think about it.

Zhang Feng brought his head close to Li Jian who was sitting next to him, and asked in a low voice: “Brother Li Jian, didn’t you participate in the last Huangquan Road, and it was like this?”

The inside of the car was very quiet, only the creak of the car body could be heard. At this moment, Zhang Feng’s voice was small, but it still fell into the ears of others.

These people all set their ears up and wanted to hear what Li Jian said. After all, people who have participated once have some experience.

Li Jian was silent for a while in the dark, and then slowly said: “The Huangquan Road three years ago was completely different from this time, and the instructor was not alone. But one thing is for sure. Layering is impossible!”

There was a burst of air-conditioning sound next to him. If you hear this sentence from someone else’s mouth, you still need to weigh whether it is an exaggeration, but no one will doubt Li Jian’s words.

Zhang Feng chuckled his mouth, murmured and cursed in a low voice: “I said that the old fox, Uncle Luo, didn’t hold any good farts.”

Think about the wonderful university life, there is a breath of youth everywhere, how great. Now that I actually got on this thief ship, I have to join some Laoshizi Huangquan Road to select you as a big-headed ghost.

Thinking about Hu Xinting again, Zhang Feng’s thoughts of retreat that had just risen suddenly vanished.

If I go back now, I must not be able to raise my head in front of the beautiful senior sister.

“Hmph, I think you just rolled back obediently, why waste is waste!” Chai Chong’s loud voice rang unabashedly in the carriage.

“What’s wrong with the waste? The waste can be recycled, unlike you are rubbish, only what is discarded and buried!” Zhang Feng shouted without showing any weakness.

On cursing the street, how could Chai Chong be able to compare with Zhang Feng, who has been in the street since he was a child, with five shrews.

The angry Chai Chong just wanted to pay back his mouth. Zhang Feng didn’t give him a chance at all. He said in a weird manner: “Oh, some people’s big **** are really soft, I didn’t know if I kicked him. It hurts, I see only one mouth is hard.”

There was a roar of laughter in the carriage, and everyone thought of the two fights, Chai Chong was kicked by Zhang Feng on his **** to grab shit.

Chai Chong turned into Guan Gong’s face, glowing red. Fortunately, he couldn’t see it in the car, otherwise Zhang Feng would laugh at him as a monkey butt.

After more than four hours of jolts, the vehicle finally stopped. When the thatch was untied, the sleepy people in the vehicle realized that it was already dark outside.

After everyone got out of the car, they gathered quickly and stood upright without squinting.

Only Zhang Feng, who was shrinking in the middle of the team, shook his head slightly, and looked around.

Two big and three tents, this is the only thing you can see except the dense jungle and weeds.

“This is where you will stay for the next two months. You can eat, drink, and sleep here to solve it! Tent, a place to sleep and rest, but I am afraid there are very few places that can use him! Lazar is behind the tent Solve it in the dung tank, don’t annoy me, otherwise I don’t mind throwing you in! As for the training subjects, you will know when you know it!”

After speaking, he clapped his hands and said with a smile: “Let’s do that today. Choose the beds in the tent at will. Huangquan Road will officially start tomorrow.”

No one would believe that Hades did not toss them so they let them rest, even if Hades walked into the small tent, there was still no movement.

Zhang Feng, who probed his head, grinned, and he was really maddening to scold these big soldiers in his heart. He said that he would not move to sleep!

With that, he Sa Yazi left the team and ran towards the tent.

Someone took the lead, and others started to move towards the tent one after another, for fear of some traps and other waiting.

When Zhang Feng got into the tent, he immediately got into the uppermost bunk and lay on it.

It is very loyal to leave the lower bunk to Li Jian.

It was confirmed that there was nothing wrong in the tent. Everyone quickly fell asleep. Zhang Feng put his head out of the bed and whispered to Li Jian lying on the lower bunk: “Brother Li Jian, are you asleep?”

Li Jian was about to fall asleep when he was called by Zhang Feng. He immediately lost his drowsiness. He turned his body and said impatiently: “Fell asleep.”

Zhang Feng’s face comparable to the thickness of a city wall didn’t feel embarrassed at all. He sneered and muttered quietly: “Why do I always feel something wrong? What kind of medicine is sold in this Hades Gourd?”

“are you crazy?”

Li Jian was completely convinced. He didn’t understand how Zhang Feng’s head grew, how could he think that he was different from others? Others thought that pig food was unpalatable, so he ate three bowls instead. Others thought there was a problem with the tent, so he didn’t mind getting in. Now other people are sleeping peacefully, and he said that the king of Hades is not peaceful.

“I just don’t think it’s right!” Zhang Feng muttered.


Hades sitting in the small tent, the display in front of him was exactly 360 degrees without a viewing angle and clearly captured everything in the big tent.

However, his attention was completely attracted by the file just sent in his hand.

The above records are Zhang Feng’s experience from childhood to adulthood. When he was admitted to college, he had talked to Hu Xinting twice, and when he was so small that he snatched the lollipop from the neighbor’s girl, he felt unsweet and stuffy after licking two mouthfuls. Go back to the little girl’s mouth.

“It’s interesting! Just see if your kid can surprise me!” Yan Wang muttered to himself, and took out a watercolor pen from his pocket to highlight Zhang Feng’s name.

Close the file and put it on the table, pick up the walkie-talkie and say, “Take care of Zhang Feng!”



Zhang Feng’s sleep is very light, especially in a strange place or when he feels uneasy. This is an extremely insecure expression.

He heard a puff sound from outside the tent. It was the sound of shoes stepping on the ground. It was very slight. If it weren’t for the silence in the jungle, he couldn’t hear it.

However, instead of opening his eyes rashly, he flipped his body slightly, turned his back to the door, and pointed his back at the camera as if intentionally or unintentionally.

The lips turned slightly, the tongue was sent off, and the old-fashioned razor blade was held on his lips…

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