Super Special Forces King

Chapter 18: Huangquan Road opened the curtain

18. Huangquan Road opened the curtain

Puff puff.

A sound similar to a beer bottle cap sounded, followed by thick smoke that filled the entire tent!

The special forces in the tent were all well-versed in battles, and their vigilance was not low, and about ten people immediately came to their senses.

“Tear gas!”

There was a loud warning, and suddenly there was a mess in the tent. Everyone woke up and hurriedly covered their mouth and nose with a quilt, but tears were still streaming down by the spicy smell.

Someone wanted to rush out of the tent, but as soon as he ran to the door of the tent, he was kicked on his chest from the outside and fell to the ground!

About twenty people in black with gas masks rushed in, carrying military sticks in their hands, slashing frantically!

There are people in black one after another rushing inside!

Regardless of the three or seventy-one, the special soldier who was tearful by the tear gas grenades is a mess!

In the beginning, the special forces had the power to fight back.

The longer the time is, the more obvious the effect of tear gas, the eyes are blurred by tears, and the cough is crazy. How can it be possible to fight back!


Chai Chong casually wiped tears from his face and cursed loudly.

However, he was smashed directly into the face by a military stick, and he was also very tough, kicking on the opponent’s chest, but his unsuspecting back was immediately hit by three sticks and hit the ground.

The army stick fell like rain, and the smashed Chai Chong could only hold his head and shrink his body into a ball to protect the vitals!

Li Jian also received the same treatment, a stick was placed on his head, a slit was torn open, blood gurgled out, and half of their faces flushed red.

After a stick in the thigh socket, Li Jian couldn’t support it and collapsed to the ground.

A blade is sandwiched between Zhang Feng’s two fingers, and that is the killer’s secret hidden in his mouth.

When there was a slight explosion, he realized that it was not good, and he secretly scolded Hades to let everyone go into the tent to rest.

The sharp blade made a half-meter-long cut in the tent, and when everyone was not paying attention, he got out of the tent!

After going around, Zhang Feng quietly got to the side of the tent and saw a man in black about to drill into the tent.

He ran over and slashed a hand knife directly on the neck of the man in black. The opponent’s body collapsed backwards and was caught by Zhang Feng and dragged it to the side of the tent.

Taking off his clothes and putting them on, Zhang Feng went into the tent with a gas mask.

At this moment, the battle in the tent was nearing its end, with only sporadic resistance, but it was just coming to an end.

Seeing Chai Chong’s mouth falling to the ground with blood from the corners of his mouth, his eyes raging, obviously he was not convinced, Zhang Fengji thought.

“Look at what I’m doing? Not convinced? Someone is not convinced!”

Screaming while pressing his throat, Zhang Feng threw his foot on Chai Chong’s ass.

“good looking!”

With that said, another kick!

Zhang Feng’s voice also caught the attention of other people in black, and someone came over immediately and slammed a truncheon on Chai Chong’s shoulder, shouting: “Trash, stay with me!”

“Deputy captain, the captain let Zhang Feng, who we take care of, disappear!” A man in black found the opening in the tent and reported immediately.

“What?” The man in black who was called the deputy captain said as he walked over and looked at the gap and said: “It was obviously cut out by a sharp weapon, Nima, how did the above review work, and someone brought the sharp weapon in. !”

“Count the number of people now!”

After the deputy captain finished speaking, he picked up the intercom and said: “Report, captain, Zhang Feng is gone!”

The Yan Wang sitting in front of the monitor had a sneer on his face. Others did not recognize Zhang Feng, but since the beginning, his eyes have been fixed on Zhang Feng, and he has not missed every move!

“Judge, he is behind you!”

Hell’s voice came from the walkie-talkie, Zhang Feng’s pupils suddenly contracted, and his body quickly moved backwards!

The judge was also stunned, and then he twisted his waist and whizzed his back whip leg towards Zhang Feng with howling!

“Boy, I almost fooled you! The murdered Lao Tzu was embarrassed in front of Hell. If you don’t tidy up today, where should I put my judge’s face?”

Zhang Feng didn’t dare to take it hard and could only retreat quickly. Even so, the army boots brushed the tip of his nose and even felt the hot pain.

“I will let you run!”

The judge cursed and hit Zhang Feng with a punch! Although the other men in black didn’t intend to make a move, the siege blocked Zhang Feng’s retreat.

There is no way to avoid it, Zhang Feng can only slightly side his shoulder to let his fist pass, and pull out his yin leg with his backhand.

“Good job, kid, cruel enough, I like it! But you are still a bit too tender!”

The judge did not evade at all, but pulled out the same foot, just to fight against Zhang Feng to see if it is your leg or mine!


The judge’s body was motionless like a green pine, but Zhang Feng’s kicked body swayed, staggering back three steps.

The whole leg was numb, and I couldn’t use any strength at all, I could only touch the ground with my toes, shaking constantly.

“Come again!”

The judge didn’t expect that this kid looked thin and slippery, and he was able to cross his legs with himself. It became more and more interesting!

With a fist, the judge’s leg swept straight to Zhang Feng’s waist.

But no one thought that Zhang Feng hadn’t evaded, and instead of retreating, he would advance!

boom! The judge’s knee hit Zhang Feng’s waist fiercely. He felt that he was hit by a train head-on, and his mouth was sweet.

Forcibly, without letting the blood squirt out, the Adam’s apple rolled and swallowed directly!

The judge wanted to retract his leg, but Zhang Feng clamped it with his arm!


With a cold snort, Zhang Feng’s **** joined in a sword shape and pierced the judge’s cheek!

“not good!”

The judge saw the cold light in Zhang Feng’s fingers, it was a blade. I wanted to dodge, but Zhang Feng’s legs were hugged and I couldn’t move back. I could only put my head back as much as possible!

There was a tingling pain in the skin, and the judge who took three steps backwards subconsciously touched his face, started with a warm touch, looked down at the palm of his hand, it was covered with red blood!


Hell’s voice came from the walkie-talkie, and then he said: “Look at what our garbage is like, don’t give them a bath!”

The judge walked towards Zhang Feng and said with a smile on his face: “Boy, I have been fishing wild geese all year round, but today I got pecked! Zhang Feng? I remember your name, and I will take good care of you during the following training! “

Zhang Feng took off the gas mask on his face, with Yin Hong bloodshot at the corner of his mouth!

He knew that if it hadn’t been for the force on the judge’s foot just now, he would not be able to hold him at all, instead he would be thrown into the air by a leg!

So when he saw that he had defeated the judge, he was actually underestimating the enemy on the other side. In addition, the reason why the other side did not use all his strength, if it is life and death, it must be himself!

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