Super Special Forces King

Chapter 19: Take a bath

19. Take a bath

“Nima, your kid kicked me in both feet just now!”

The man in black withdrew from the tent, Chai Chong, with a blue nose and swollen face, got up from the ground and shouted at Zhang Feng.

“You can’t say that. Just now I was just trying to confuse them in acting every time. Do you think about it? Or I can just kick your ass?” Zhang Feng said nonsense.

Chai Chong nodded thinking about it, this is true. Think about Zhang Feng actually letting the judge suffocate, and it was worth the kick himself.

“Boy, let’s forget it this time, if you dare to yin Laozi next time, see if I won’t break your leg!” Chai Chong fell on the bed when he finished speaking.

Li Jian drew Zhang Feng to his side and whispered: “Zhang Feng, you are too reckless, you dare to carry a sharp weapon, listen to me and quickly hand it over to the king!”

“Brother Li Jian, it’s useless. I will be dealt with if I don’t hand it in, so why bother to hand it in?”

Zhang Feng said with a smile on his face, and suddenly his ears moved and he heard the roar of a car engine outside.

Not only did he hear it, the other special forces in the tent also immediately sat up from the bed.

Waking up in the middle of the night and being beaten by a beating, what kind of moth this Hades is going to get out!

The answer was revealed in everyone’s doubts!

The huge water flow directly overwhelmed the tent, and when everyone got out of it, he saw Hades standing on the waterwheel!

“Everyone! Stand at attention!”

Hearing the order of Hades, everyone did not hesitate to line up!

“You rubbish, you don’t have any sense of defense at all. If today is not my team member, but the enemy, you **** will die! You have perfectly interpreted the meaning of the word waste with your actions.”

“And you!”

Yan Wang pointed to Zhang Feng and said, “Hand over the knife in your mouth! A little playful response!”

Zhang Feng knew that if he didn’t make it, today’s scene would definitely be impossible to hide, so he showed a smile and walked out and said, “Wang Wang, what are you talking about? As long as you let me make it, I will make it!”

As he said, his lips moved slightly, spit out the blade and held it on his teeth.

The judge with a band-aid on his face walked over and took the knife and put it in his pocket.

“Brother Judge, you see that today’s affairs are completely misunderstood. If it weren’t for your high-mindedness, boy, I would definitely end up with a bleeding in the mouth and nose!”

Hearing Zhang Feng’s shameless words, the corners of the judge’s mouth twitched twice, secretly saying how this year’s Huangquan Road made such a wonderful work!

“I really don’t know how you came here in the original army? Old soldier, young soldier? Pampered? I tell you this is a army, not a place to eat! As a soldier, especially a special soldier, you must always be prepared for battle and always maintain With a high degree of vigilance! As long as the country needs, whether it is natural or man-made or enemy, we must thoroughly defeat them!”

The plausible words came from the mouth of the king, and the special soldiers with swollen noses and swollen faces were ashamed!

The dignity on Yan Wang’s face disappeared, and he suddenly grinned, but his smile did not have a hint of friendliness. Seeing Zhang Feng’s eyelids twitched again!

“You are very good. Some of them can hurt my soldiers! For this, I will reward you and give you a precious opportunity to take a bath!”

After speaking, Yama standing on the fire water truck picked up the high-pressure water gun and opened the valve. The water spewed out with great pressure, and the impact on the body was extremely painful!

In spite of the actions of Hades, the judge and the other soldier each took a high-pressure water gun and opened the valve!

Three streams of water spewed out, banging on the body, and the person in the front was directly hit to the ground by the powerful water current.

Zhang Feng was not spared, even because of his ‘excellent’ performance just now, he was taken care of by the judge.

The high-pressure water used to extinguish the fire is like a knife cut on the skin on the face, fiery pain!

“Those who fall three times, or fall on the ground for five seconds and can’t stand up, get rid of them!” Yan Wang said violently!

All special soldiers can only bend their backs and endure the severe pain of the water hit, because this posture can make them stand more stable, instead of using their heads to resist the water, the pain can be imagined!


Someone was roaring heartbreakingly, but the body remained motionless. At this moment, the blood on the special forces was aroused!

“I want Lao Tzu to be eliminated, it’s impossible!” Chai Chong roared, his hands suddenly tore apart his military uniform.

The muscles are exposed to the air, facing the strong current!

The corner of Hell’s mouth evokes a sneer, okay, if you want to play, then play well!

The water gun was aimed directly at Chai Chong’s chest, and the water hit it, and his chest was immediately red!


Chai Chong’s mouth roared! With the roar, the judge also pointed the water gun at him!

Both currents hit him, Chai Chong’s feet could no longer catch the ground, and his body fell backward!

Without the water gun to take care of Zhang Feng’s sharp eyes, he hurriedly stepped over, pressing one of his shoulders on Chai Chong’s back, and the latter’s state of falling down also stopped.

Chai Chong turned his head and saw that Zhang Feng was actually helping him, and he was a little surprised.


The latter words were not spoken yet, the water flow directly hit his face, and the mouth and nostrils were filled with water, and he couldn’t speak at all!

“Don’t say those useless words, just stick to it if you have the strength!” Zhang Feng said.

“Willing to help others, what do you think you should do?” Yan Wang shouted, and directly pointed the water gun that impacted Chaichong at Zhang Feng!

The water slammed on his knees, and Zhang Feng was caught off guard and almost fell to the ground!

Hurrying to stabilize his body, Zhang Feng faced the current!

The fiery pain hitting the body–

“It’s so **** good! Ah-cool! Come on, continue, that’s it!” Zhang Feng shouted with a grin.

Anyone can see the pain on his face, and how much the impression of Zhang Feng is in everyone’s heart. After all, there are not many people who can still be so presumptuous in such a painful situation!

“It’s cool, isn’t it? Then I ask to make you cool enough!”

Hades opened the big valve directly, and the water flow became more turbulent!

“Ah-that’s it, yes, yes, don’t stop!” Zhang Feng continued to shout.


The water hitting the body brings pain, but it takes away heat!

In the deep autumn, the temperature was already around zero. Now the body is wet, and the whole person is chilly when the wind blows!

Everyone’s lips were white and shivered with cold.

Finally, someone couldn’t support it, and he fell into the muddy water on the ground with his eyelids rolled over.

The king turned a blind eye, and two people ran over and carried him away. The rest of the people knew that Huangquan Road eliminated another person!

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