Super Special Forces King

Chapter 2: Someone wants to see you

Chapter Two Someone Wants to See You

The unsmiling man stood rigidly in front of the window, slowly lowered the telescope in his hand, shook his head slightly, took out the oldest phone that could only make calls, dialed it, and waited for the other party to connect, and said: “Captain, I I think Zhang Feng’s behavior…”

The other party directly interrupted without waiting for him to speak: “Your task is to monitor Zhang Feng’s every move and report to me truthfully, not to express your opinion, slap!”

Turn off the phone directly after speaking.

Li Jian looked down at the phone that was still beeping in his hand. He was very surprised. He really didn’t know where the captain was interested in Zhang Feng. He was a scumbag who grew up in the market.

Village in the city.

Zhang Feng put his hands in his pockets and walked swaying towards his den. He was very proud of the thick pile of tickets in his pocket.

Just now he walked out of the pedestrian street and found a gold shop to turn the gold chain into cash, which was four thousand yuan.

“Xiaofeng is back, have you eaten yet? Two bites?”

“Aunt Zhang, no need.”

When I opened the door of my house, a mixed smell came over my face, and I could tell that it was a mixture of three kinds of smells as soon as I twitched my nose.

Instant noodles, low-quality cigarettes and smelly socks!

Go into the room and pull out the suitcase under the bed, take out the key and unlock the lock above.

Tickets were scattered in the suitcases, large and small, some with sweat stains, and some even wrinkled.

The total was four thousand three hundred and twelve yuan, and Zhang Feng couldn’t be more clear, because these were all hard-earned money he got through abduction.

“Adding four thousand five hundred yuan in the pocket, it’s eight thousand eight hundred and twelve yuan and four cents. The tuition and miscellaneous fees are enough!”

Lying on the bed with his arms behind him, Zhang Feng lay alone on the single bed with the sheets already darkened. He can’t remember living alone since how old he was.

Eight years old? Still nine years old?

Shaking his head with a wry smile, he secretly said what he was thinking about.

Pulled out a card from under the pillow, it said five bright red characters: Admission notice!

In the college entrance examination two months ago, the 18-year-old Zhang Feng passed the admission score of Southwest University and was admitted to the civil engineering major of Southwest University!

Who can want such a child without a father and no mother, not only can support himself, but also go to school, and even get admitted to university! How much suffering has been suffered in the process, being insulted, rejected, beaten by others…

After a deep sleep at night, Zhang Feng dreamed that he was sitting in a clean and bright office. The secretary in a low-cut miniskirt put the fragrant coffee in front of him, and said glutinously: Mr. Zhang, please use it slowly. After speaking, he also threw an ambiguous little look, which was very sultry.

Nothing to do with secretary, nothing to do with secretary! This is the **** life!

Half a month later, Zhang Feng embarked on the train to Southwest City. Sitting in the carriage full of longing for a new life, he still doesn’t know that his life trajectory has since changed.

White-washed jeans, white pirated Nike T-shirts, white canvas shoes, short hair, and if it weren’t for the stubborn smile on the corners of his mouth, Zhang Feng looked no different from the others in the car.

It was already eighteen hours after stepping off the train. Zhang Feng’s body stiffened from sitting for a long time, and his bones made a slight noise.

At the gate of the train station, there are the reception desks of various universities in Southwestern City, among which Southwest University is the most eye-catching.

Zhang Feng quickly walked over with a backpack on his back, and saw a woman with her head down, writing and registering information about new students.

“Hello there.”

Hearing the sound, Hu Xinting raised her head and looked towards Zhang Feng.

Zhang Feng felt that his breathing seemed to have stopped. He had been in the society since he was a child and begging about life. He has seen all kinds of women.

But he can be sure that he has never seen a girl like this before.

The eyebrows are far away from the mountains, and the eyes are like Qiushui as if they can speak. The most special thing is her temperament, like the green lotus that has just grown out of the silt, she has not been contaminated by any filth, and is pure and holy.

“Hello classmate, what is your name?” Hu Xinting asked gently.

“Zhang Feng…oh…this is my admission notice.”

Zhang Feng slowed down, hurriedly took out the admission notice from his backpack and handed it over.

Hu Xinting lowered her head and gave Zhang Feng’s information registration number, and then she smiled and handed the admission notice back, saying: “Mr. Zhang Feng, Southwest University welcomes you. There is our school bus in the back. When the bus is full, the bus will leave. school.”

Faced with a bright smile, Zhang Feng finally understood what it was like to face the sea and spring blossoms.

When I walked into the school bus and sat down, I still hadn’t reacted. Hu Xinting seemed to be able to smile brightly in front of him.

“Buddy? Huh?”

Seeing a hand gesture in front of him, Zhang Feng suddenly realized, thinking about looking next to him, wondering when a boy had already sat down.

“You call me?” Zhang Feng asked with a bit of a silly brain.

“Of course I called you. How come I was stunned by Senior Sister Hu Xinting? Hahaha.” The boy laughed.

Even if Zhang Feng’s face was thicker than the city wall, he couldn’t help but blush, but from the boy’s mouth, he knew that the girl just now was named Hu Xinting.

“My name is Zhang Feng and I major in civil engineering. By the way, how do you also a freshman know that the girl you just registered is called Hu Xinting?”

“Li Wenji.” Li Wenji introduced to me, and then looked at Zhang Feng like a monster, and said in surprise: “Aren’t you paying attention to the website of Southwest University? The four major beauties voted by the teachers and students of the school ranked second. It’s Senior Sister Hu Xinting. I was lucky to see her before I got to school.”

Zhang Feng had nothing to say all the way, it was Li Wenji talking endlessly. From his mouth, Zhang Feng also learned a lot of gossip.

After getting off the bus, there is a student union staff who leads the way with each freshman to handle enrollment matters, which can save a lot of trouble.

Because today is the first day of registration for freshmen, there is only Zhang Feng in the four-person dormitory. After finding the upper bunk by the window and putting down the things, Zhang Feng walked out of the dormitory building, and how about just coming to Southwest University?的转转.

Passing through the low bushes, Zhang Feng saw a pavilion hidden in it, and walked over when he saw no one.

With the cool breeze, he felt very comfortable.

With a black face and without a smile, Li Jian walked out towards the pavilion. The distance he took every step of the way seemed to have been measured with a ruler, no difference.

Suddenly seeing someone walking towards him, Zhang Feng frowned.

“Someone wants to see you! Let me go!” Li Jian said rigidly when he walked to Zhang Feng’s face, without a trace of fluctuation in his voice.

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