Super Special Forces King

Chapter 20: Live ammunition training

20. Live Ammunition Training

Collapsed on the muddy ground, Zhang Feng felt his breath is cold.

The whole body was wet in the autumn wind, and when the wind blew, his body shivered.

But even so, no one wants to get up, because their physical strength has already been drained, and there is nothing left!

Some special soldiers made their lips purple with cold, and they kept trembling. Even if they did, no one was willing to give up.

Saying to give up, it will no longer be cold and will no longer enjoy a cold bath! But no one is willing to choose to give up, because giving up the two words represents the blood of a man and the dignity of a soldier.

“Congratulations, you can go back and rest now!” Yan Wang said with a light smile, his eyes looking at all the special forces still full of trash!

He dragged his tired and trembling body back into the tent, took off his wet clothes and lay on the bed.

At this time, Zhang Feng ate three bowls of greasy and smelly pork food.

The food in everyone’s stomach disappeared. Only Zhang Feng, who filled his stomach, could feel this happiness.


Five o’clock in the morning!

The special team, who had just lay down and slept for two hours, was awakened by the sound of an urgent assembly horn.

Quickly put the wet and not yet dry clothes on his body, cold and bitterly cold, and rushed to the outside of the tent to gather quickly.

Three people did not get up in bed, not because they didn’t want to, but because they couldn’t get up.

Severe cold, cold water, autumn wind, and hunger make them have a high fever!

The king of Hades ignored the soldiers lined up outside the tent, but said: “Judge, clear out the three who have not gotten up!”

After clearing them out, these three words are used on garbage, and there is no room for recovery when they are spoken from the mouth of the king.

“Report!” someone shouted loudly!


“They just have a high fever, and they don’t want to be eliminated! You should let them get medical treatment and wait for the test after they are cured!” The soldier who spoke was also pale, but at this moment, he said that was already sonorous and powerful.

Zhang Feng also felt that what he said was reasonable, but he did not think that what Yan Wang said was so easy to change.

The corner of Hell’s mouth smirked, and said disdainfully: “Congratulations, you are also eliminated!”

“What? Why? I just said a fair word, why should I be eliminated!” The soldier immediately argued, with the word dissatisfaction written on his face.

“Because your head is stupid! Thoughts are even stupid! It is even more stupid to speak stupid thoughts. How could my troops keep a stupid man like you? Stupidity is the reason I eliminated you!” He laughed at him. Said.

“I’m not convinced! Huangquan Road, the army is not yours! You can’t do whatever you want, I will react to it!”

Hearing what he said, the sneer at the corner of Hell’s mouth became more intense, and he walked to him with his hands on his back. The voice was very soft, but it could be heard by everyone: “Don’t worry, your reaction will not have any effect! Because Huangquan Road’s assessment is—I’ll say it alone! If I say you pass, you pass, and I say you eliminate you if you eliminate it!”

After that, he stepped back and said to the judge on the side: “Take it away! Let the medical team take those three people away too!”

Yan Wang’s words were not over yet, and he continued: “Everyone will listen to me, and I will only say some things once! Huangquan Road’s selection is to select special forces from special forces! The soldiers who pass the selection will be China’s most elite force! What is it for? Elite? Can adapt to the most difficult enemy situation, can adapt to the most complicated environment, and be able to destroy the most terrible enemy! Huangquan Road got sick just at the beginning? Can such a soldier be called an elite? Can complete the task I said!”

Throwing loudly and eloquently!

What Hades said was like a heavy hammer hitting Zhang Feng’s heart. He did not expect to see Huangquan Road in such a situation. In his perception, life is beautiful, the world is peaceful, death? That’s even decades later.

There is no more hesitation on the faces of every special soldier, and they now know in their hearts that the three people who cannot adapt to the environment should be eliminated, as Hades said!

“Judge, wall clock!” Hades said.

According to the judge, the judge hung a clock the size of a human head on a tree branch.

“This is the elimination bell! There are two ways to eliminate, the first is that I think you are not suitable for my troops, eliminate you! The second is that you can’t bear it and give up! As long as you walk over and ring this bell, you will be liberated Now! You can enjoy delicious food, clean dormitory, and when your body rests, you will be sent back to the original army by special car!” Yan Wang’s face still has a not salty smile, and continues: “Now you guys Does any of them choose to give up? You can go over and ring the bell!”

Zhang Feng hesitated!

He really hesitated!

He didn’t have a two-year or longer military career, he just wanted to know his father’s secret to get Uncle Luo cheated. If he had known that Huangquan Road was like this bird, he would not be fooled for anything.

But he found that he couldn’t lift his leg anyway!

The special soldiers around him were straight, with resolute and unyielding faces!

“Isn’t Niang Xipi’s Huangquan Road? I still don’t believe it!” He muttered and cursed in his heart!


Da da da!

The sound of machine gun shooting filled the ears, and the constant sound of explosions made people feel that the ground was shaking.

“Quick, quick, are you all pigs? The pigs are climbing faster than you are now!” Hell’s voice came from the loudspeaker and filled the training ground.

Wen Kaiqi, who returned from the injury, slid forward through the barbed wire in front of Zhang Feng, muttering in his mouth: “It’s crazy, his mother uses live ammunition!”

Zhang Feng, who was crawling forward with his **** pouting, gave a thud in his heart. He originally thought it was an empty bullet, the kind that hurts a bit on the body but is definitely not fatal.

Now that it was live ammunition, Zhang Feng suddenly panicked.

At this moment, a pre-buried explosion point about five meters away from him exploded. With a loud bang, Zhang Feng’s ears were humming, as if ten thousand flies were flying around his head.

“Zhang Feng, what are you doing so high with your ass? Are you ready to sell?” Yan Wang roared and cursed.

The bombed Zhang Feng couldn’t hear his voice at all, he just kept shaking his head.

“Trash, garbage! I will let you understand!”

Yan Wang took the rifle next to him, quickly pushed up the magazine, opened the safety, and pulled the trigger directly at Zhang Feng.

The bullet whipped out of the gun!


The severe pain caused Zhang Feng to scream, and it also brought him back to his senses.

Reached out and touched his butt, he started with warm blood.

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