Super Special Forces King

Chapter 21: Shooting training

Chapter 21 Shooting Training

“Zhang Feng, give me a quick climb! Even an old sow can catch up with you!”


A dirty word came out from the innermost part of Zhang Feng. He could no longer care about the hot pain in his butt, and he lowered his body as much as possible and moved forward quickly.

Through the barbed wire that is 30 centimeters above the ground, the back of Zhang Feng’s military uniform has been cut into rags by the sharp barbed wire!

Some even had several vertical and horizontal openings behind them, all of which were **** and fleshy.

But Zhang Feng couldn’t take care of so much at all, the bullet just grazed his head, so he thought about it.

Drilling out of the barbed wire, the body jumped directly into the mud pit!

The mud that hasn’t reached the knee is like super glue, and every step taken takes a hit.

Zhang Feng, whose physical strength and military quality were not satisfactory, fell behind the team, which made him once again under the key care of Hades and the judge!

“Zhang Feng, you rubbish, I advised you to let you give up early, go to Huangquan Road, don’t get in the way of me!” Yan Wang’s cursing, mocking, and sarcasm kept echoing in Zhang Feng’s ears.

The judge was even more direct, pulling the bolt and pulling the trigger, and the bullets fell on a position less than one meter away from Zhang Feng’s body, and the splashed mud even splashed on Zhang Feng’s body.

“Judge, your kid gave me a good shot, don’t really hit me!” Zhang Feng hummed forward and screamed at the same time!

In the middle of the night, the team finally pulled back to gather outside the tent.

“Congratulations for holding on to another day! Hey, I feel distressed when you look like this. If you don’t let you give up, I don’t need to train you trash, and you don’t have to suffer this sin. Both of us are fine. No?” Yan Wang said without a smile.

Every day, there are people who can’t help but choose to ring the elimination bell. Some of those eliminated are not known by Zhang Feng, and most of them are because he has not even said anything.

A training session of more than twenty hours has drained a trace of their body’s strength. When resting, everyone will restore their physical strength as much as possible. Who has the time to talk nonsense!

Go, enjoy your precious sleep time! “The King Hades issued an order, and everyone quickly returned to their beds in the tent.

No one knows when and in what ingenious way Hades will appear, all they can do now is to rest as much as possible!

Zhang Feng lay on the bed and took out a squashed and dry steamed bun from the middle of his clothes. This was what he didn’t eat and put in his clothes for breakfast in the morning. His idea was to be prepared.

At three o’clock in the morning, the assembly horn sounded, and everyone quickly put on military uniforms and lined up.

The breakfast is the same, each person has a steamed bun plus 10,000 soup with no taste but oily flowers on it.

Zhang Feng squashed the new steamed buns and kicked them into his clothes, soaked the dry steamed buns left over yesterday into the soup, and poured them into his stomach.

After licking the oil flower in the bowl solemnly, Zhang Feng returned the bowl to the distance with unfinished talent.

The team stood neatly again!

The original team of more than one hundred people has just gone through a week and half of them are left.

The other half gave up or eliminated themselves in various ways.

“Oh!” Xu Sheng sighed, holding a bowl in his hand and holding the buns to eat.

Slowly stood up and put the bowl back, staggering towards the elimination clock.

“Xu Sheng, you can’t give up! We agreed to pass Huangquan Road together before we came! You come back to Laozi!” A comrade chosen by his army rushed over, hugged his waist from behind and threw him to the ground , Roared.

Tears gushed from Xu Sheng’s eye sockets, and he was crying like a helpless child, shrinking his shoulders tightly.

“Do you think I want to give up? I don’t want to! But I really can’t hold on! I can’t hold on! I know that giving up is shameful and shameful to the old army! But I really can’t hold on!” crying from the ground Get up and staggered towards the elimination clock.

“Xu Sheng, you **** come back to Lao Tzu!” his comrades roared hoarsely.

But Xu Sheng didn’t look back, knowing that he picked up the hammer, he looked back at his comrades in arms, still ringing the elimination bell.

Yan Wang waved his hand, and the hospital of the medical team immediately carried Xu Sheng away on a stretcher.

Zhang Feng saw Xu Sheng lying on the stretcher, even though he had a hat covering his face, and his shoulders draped uncontrollably.

“The meal time is over! What we are going to train today is shooting!” Yan Wang said.

There was a thud in Zhang Feng’s heart. He had never touched a real gun before, let alone shooting.

Li Jian also looked at Zhang Feng. He was the one who knew Zhang Feng’s details best.

“Report!” Zhang Feng shouted.

“Say!” Yan Wang said blankly.

“I have never touched a gun, nor can I shoot!” Zhang Feng shouted.

The special forces who didn’t know the situation were all taken aback. They were selected to be sent to Huangquan Road, but someone said they had touched a gun? Is this funny? Everyone here is not a sharpshooter in the old army?

“Well, I know! You train with the judge alone, and others follow me!” He said without a word.

Hearing what Hades said, Zhang Feng not only didn’t feel any relaxation, but the boss with a face was unwilling.

The large force was led to the shooting range by the king, but the judge and Zhang Feng were left alone, preparing to open a small stove for the latter.

“Brother Judge, you look like an open-minded person. If your prime minister can hold a boat, what about the past?” Zhang Feng said with a smile on his face.

“Huh? Hahaha, do you know why people call me a judge? That’s because I have an account in my heart. How can everyone remember clearly? It is rare to have such a good opportunity. Do you say I will give up? “The judge said strangely.

“Where are you talking?”

“Shut up to Lao Tzu! If I don’t clean up you today, how can I be worthy of the knife you gave Lao Tzu!”

The judge interrupted Zhang Feng’s words viciously, and then said: “Raise the gun!”

“This is the posture of the old lady embroidering!” the judge cursed, and after correcting Zhang Feng’s posture, he continued: “Come here for an hour!”

“Okay, you can do whatever you tell the judge!”

“It’s useless if you don’t have to smile with me!” As if to verify his claim, the judge walked over and hung a stone weighing two catties from the muzzle with a rope!

Hanging from the muzzle, all the weight is transferred to Zhang Feng’s arm through the gun body.

“Steady, don’t move!”

After speaking, the judge moved a chair and sat directly on it, with a rattan in his hand.

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