Super Special Forces King

Chapter 22: Don't you feel ashamed?

Chapter 22 Don’t you feel ashamed?

After about half an hour, Zhang Feng felt his arms start to tingle, and the muzzle of his muzzle dropped slightly.

The judge’s eyes couldn’t tolerate sand at all. The body sitting on the chair didn’t move, and the cane in his hand fell on Zhang Feng’s thigh.


The corner of Zhang Feng’s mouth twitched, and the place where he was drawn was hot and painful. Although he couldn’t see it through his pants, he knew that the place where he was drawn must be a purple mark, and it would swell up quickly.

“Does it hurt? It’s okay as long as you say to give up, I will definitely not stop you and let you go over and ring the elimination bell.”

“You won’t have to endure pain then? Are you?”

“Zhang Feng, give up on your own. Think about it. Others are shooting live ammunition directly, but you? You are still practicing gun handling. It’s like everyone has been admitted to college and you are still in kindergarten. Don’t you feel ashamed?”

The judge spoke leisurely without raising his eyelids, but as long as the muzzle in Zhang Feng’s hand moved slightly, even if it was only a millimeter, his cane would fall on Zhang Feng’s thigh without hesitation.

Moreover, the positions of the canes are different, Zhang Feng grinned dazzlingly, and without looking at him, he knew that his leg might be beaten almost like a zebra.

The scorching pain in the arms, like being burned on a fire, stings!

“How about, Zhang Feng, what do you think of my proposal?” The judge patted his hands rhythmically with the cane, and suggested.

“Lao Tzu’s, come, you continue to say, if you don’t say it, Lao Tzu might give up straight away!”

Zhang Feng grinned and said, “The more you tell me to give up, the less I think I can’t give up! You are an old man, if you ask me to give up, I will give up? Why do I just listen to you, and I have to give you face?

“Your face is worth a lot of money, so it’s just a pair of insoles, yes! I will put your face as an insole under your feet!”

“Cool, put your face on the soles of your feet, let you smell Laozi’s feet, cool!”

The judge leaped up from his chair, lifting the cane and pulling it down. He did not expect that Zhang Feng would still have a mental head to quarrel with himself under such circumstances.

But when the cane fell halfway down, he grinned and said, “I thought that the time was almost the same, I wanted you to rest. But do I think you are very energetic? Then come for another hour!”

After speaking, the judge even picked up another stone, tied it with a rope and hung it from the muzzle held by Zhang Feng.

Clapping hands, the judge said: “It’s good, keep going!”

Zhang Feng is also holding a gun. If he is empty-handed, he will definitely slap himself twice. How could his mouth be so cheap? Now that the rest time is gone, the judge still weighs himself by the head. Isn’t this asking for trouble? .

“Judge, you see that my mouth didn’t shut the door. Don’t take what I say to your heart. Judge, you are incomparably sacred in my heart, with a halo.”

Seeing the judge humming a small tune, he didn’t pay attention to himself at all. Zhang Feng reconciled and said: “The halo is the kind of angel, bright and shiny! Hey, judge, see if it makes me Take a break!”

“Hmph, Lao Tzu is a judge from **** and what kind of relationship can be related to some kind of angel, you kid just talk too much nonsense.”

The judge snorted coldly and said, “Well, let’s hold on for another half an hour.”

Zhang Feng saw that the judge was cold, but one hour was reduced to half an hour, indicating that his flattery was very useful. Then he continued: “The judge, you are right, the envoys are all foreign, and the judge belongs to our ancestors! What’s the use of that angel? Can you live or die? Or you are good judge, as long as you are big The stroke of the pen on the book of life and death can determine the life and death of a person. It is extremely powerful!”

“Ahem!” The judge coughed dryly, and said in his heart that Zhang Feng’s flattery is comfortable, and he said, “Well, fifteen minutes!”

After he finished speaking, he immediately made a sharp face and said, “Don’t talk nonsense anymore, there is no discussion for 15 minutes!”

Zhang Feng also understood that enough was enough, so he honestly closed his mouth.

The hot pain has passed, not because it doesn’t hurt, but because it hurts without feeling.

On the contrary, the arms became very itchy, as if every inch of flesh and blood on both arms were bitten by ants! That kind of itch makes people can’t help scratching, scratching!

Zhang Feng insisted on biting his molars, and even the smell of blood began to fill his mouth. That was because he bite too hard and his gums had begun to bleed.

There was also a hint of glamour in the judge’s half-closed eyes. He could see that Zhang Feng’s muscle strength had reached its limit, and he was now completely supported by faith.

He originally said that an hour was a half-joking to scare Zhang Feng, but if he insisted on this for an hour, Zhang Feng’s arms would be lost.

“Time is up!” the judge said.

The gun in Zhang Feng’s hand fell suddenly, and even the stones hanging from the muzzle hit the ground fiercely.

He slumped on the ground, the sweat on his face rustling.

The arms trembled slightly uncontrollably.

Excessive force and long-term tension keep the muscles of both arms in a state of high tension, so they tremble and twitch.

“It’s no wonder that Captain Yan Wang pays special attention to this kid, it’s kind of interesting!”

The judge secretly nodded in his heart. It was not easy for his comrade-in-arms to persist for so long with heavy objects hanging, let alone Zhang Feng, a newcomer who had never touched a gun and had not received shooting training.

Kneeling down, the judge’s palm pressed against Zhang Feng’s arm and rubbed vigorously.

Not pinching it is a terrible pain, although as long as the judge is helping him relax his muscles, Zhang Feng’s mouth is screaming heartbreakingly: “Judge, you are going to murder! It hurts! It hurts so much. Oh, you want to hurt me alive, you are so cruel!”

“Nima, shut up for Lao Tzu, I’m upset by the quarrel!”

The judge slapped Zhang Feng on the top of the head, and the good impression he had just formed disappeared in no time.

“A gentleman speaks but doesn’t use his hands, why do you always beat people?” Zhang Feng said.

“You guys call me a villain! It seems that I have been too light in your training, so I will do more this afternoon!” the judge cursed.

In the afternoon, the time is still shooting guns, standing shooting, kneeling shooting, prone shooting, and the transformation of multiple shooting methods.

The judge’s requirements have also gradually increased. Not only did the muzzle not move even when the gun was delivered, it was really a long time when the gun was delivered without blinking the eyelids. As long as it was not done, it was just a cane without any discussion at all. room.

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