Super Special Forces King

Chapter 23: What a joke

Chapter 23

When the team was brought back in the middle of the night, the other special forces had a laid-back look, because for them, it was like a normal meal.

Compared with the physical choice of terror, shooting training is really easy. But they didn’t know that this was just the beginning. If Huangquan Road could make people feel relaxed, it would not be Huangquan Road under the hands of the King of Yama.

Zhang Feng got into the tent and collapsed on the bed. Although the judge was not so sore after kneading, he still felt numb.

“Zhang Feng, how’s your training?” Li Jian rarely relaxed and asked.

“Don’t mention it! It’s killing me! Now you can say that even if someone breaks my arm, I won’t feel it.” Zhang Feng said sadly, now thinking about the feeling of holding a gun. , There is an urge to vomit.

Standing aside, stuffing the smelly socks into his shoes, Chai Chong suddenly became interested when he heard this.

He usually quarreled with Zhang Feng, and he only had to be scolded. After being ridiculed by Zhang Feng, he died down.

Seeing Zhang Feng’s embarrassment now, he can be regarded as catching the stubbornness and said mockingly: “What, our little Zhang Feng is tired? Do you want to give up? I support you!”

He ran barefoot to support the bunk poles, and then said: “If you can’t lift your hands, I will hold you to ring the elimination bell, you don’t have to thank me.”

“Ay Ya I gi!”

Zhang Feng raised his sore arms and patted his forehead with difficulty, and said: “It’s really Yumu’s head, Comrade Chai Chong, may I ask if all your head is filled with water? Is it possible to raise fish? “

Chai Chong collapsed, not knowing why Zhang Feng reacted like this. He said such things, but he didn’t want to fall to the wind, so he said: “You can keep fish only when you have water in your head?”

“Ha ha!”

Zhang Feng smiled coldly and said: “I am hurting the gunman, but I don’t have any pain in my legs, so I used you to hold me! You have once again proved your ignorance with your actions!”

“You, you…” Chai Chong collapsed for a long time and didn’t say anything behind you, so he could only collapse again and ran back to his bed.

The others laughed aloud, but there was no ridicule in the laughter.

“Chai Chong, don’t think about defeating Zhang Feng in your mouth! His mouth can hurt people and can kill the dead!” Wen Kaiqi smiled.

“Comrade Xiaowen, you have completely interpreted the four words of clothing, beasts and beasts!” Zhang Feng curled his lips. He was noisy in the streets and alleys. How could the seven aunts and eight aunts wave their hands?

Wen Kaiqi is handsome, with sharp eyebrows, a standard height of 1.8 meters, slender short hair, and healthy wheat-colored skin.

This made Zhang Feng, who could only be considered a passing appearance, feel jealous, as long as he seized the opportunity, he would throw the word “clothed beast” on Wen Kaiqi’s head.

“Come on, good men don’t fight women…” Wen Kaiqi said, but before he could finish his words, Zhang Feng robbed him of it and said: “I won’t tell you!”

Humph, the demo and me came to this set, these are all tricks I played when I was seven or eight years old. Zhang Feng’s sly smile resounded in the darkness.

Wen Kaiqi chose to close his mouth, otherwise, he might even decide what would come from Zhang Feng’s mouth.


After a short sleep of four hours, all the people lined up.

The large army still had the king take away for live ammunition training, but Zhang Feng always felt a little frightened when he saw the seeming smile on the king’s face. I am afraid today’s shooting training will not be so easy.

“Don’t look, we also fired live ammunition today, how about? Isn’t it cool?” The judge said with a smile.

Men have a celestial enthusiasm for weapons, and they yearn for shooting. Zhang Feng is no exception. It is naturally good to not hold the gun dryly.

But seeing the smile on the judge’s face, Zhang Feng felt like a weasel giving a New Year greeting to the rooster.

“This yellow leather must be uneasy.”

He qualitatively gave the judge’s smile in his heart, and Zhang Feng shook his head slightly and said, “You don’t need to shoot live ammunition? I think my current foundation is not solid enough, so I should continue gun handling training.”

The judge almost didn’t spit out his old blood, this kid didn’t play his cards according to his routine.

“Ahem!” A dry cough relieved the embarrassment in the heart. The judge scowled and said in a cold voice: “What subjects are trained, I have the final say, I say live ammunition shooting! Go!”

Following the judge to the clearing of the back mountain, two warriors with sunglasses stood with their hands on their backs.

Place pistols, automatic rifles, and two boxes of ammunition beside them.

Zhang Feng found something wrong. It was not a shooting range at all, it was just a cleared area.

Having never eaten pork does not mean that you have never seen a pig run. The shooting range should have a target position for shooting, and there should be a target paper in the distance. This is the most basic. Isn’t this fooling yourself?

However, Zhang Feng didn’t express the doubt in his mind, so he didn’t know what medicine was sold in the judge’s gourd, so he could only take a step by step.

“Bring the table here!” the judge said.

The two soldiers quickly brought a table over and placed it in front of the judge.

“You are optimistic, this is a pistol that is now the standard configuration of our troops.” As he said, the judge’s ten fingers swayed quickly, and in a blink of an eye, a complete pistol became scattered and scattered on the table.

“Did you see it clearly? Nine millimeters caliber, twelve rounds of magazine capacity! This is the barrel, hinge, firing pin, hammer, head, recoil spring…”

Every time a part was picked up, the judge read its name and put it back in place, talking about the next part.

Putting down the last part, the judge asked: “Have you remembered all?”

Zhang Feng pointed to his head and complained: “Judge, I am a human brain, not a computer. How could it be possible that I will remember it after you say it again.”

The judge ignored Zhang Feng’s words, ten fingers moved quickly again, and within ten seconds, a pile of scattered parts became a complete pistol again.

“You have to master these things! But no one on Huangquan Road will teach you! When the training is over today, I will hand you two empty guns. As for what method you use to complete it to my level, I don’t care, it only takes one week. Can’t do it, weed out!” The judge said without any room for negotiation.

Zhang Feng, harp, disassembling the gun does not seem to be difficult, but it is not that simple to complete it to the level of a judge.

Nodded, showing that I understand.

The judge continued: “Our mission today is to shoot live ammunition. I don’t have high expectations of you. Just shoot all these bullets!”

“What? Judge, what are you kidding? There are two boxes of bullets. How can I light them all?” Zhang Feng asked incredulously.

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