Super Special Forces King

Chapter 24: Stakes A and B

Chapter 24 Stakes A and B

“Do you think I am joking?”

“I’m telling you Zhang Feng, Huangquan Road is not a place for you to mess around!”

“Don’t think that I haven’t seen your information. I clearly tell you that the army is a place where one can talk about one thing. The reason why discipline is called discipline must not be violated!”

“Don’t get the unit that you used on the street. You didn’t buy it. When the bullet is on the battlefield, it won’t give you a chance to talk nonsense. The bullet will be an eye when it hits the body.

The judge talked and approached step by step, and even the tips of the noses of the two people had to come together, and the saliva sprayed from the innermost part of the judge splashed onto Zhang Feng’s face.

Zhang Feng did not back down, and the judge’s harsh words fell on his mind.

He lowered his head slightly, what he was thinking, the judge without mind reading didn’t know, but he didn’t bother Zhang Feng.

“My Laoshizi’s father must have come here too, right?” Zhang Feng asked himself in his heart.

When he was a child, he saw his frail and sick mother secretly looking at his father’s only photo and weeping. Although Zhang Feng didn’t want to admit it, he also understood the charm of a man who can make a woman cry without being seen for decades. At least this kind of charm is not possessed by me.

After a few minutes of silence, Zhang Feng raised his head and looked at the judge whose anger had not dissipated on his hips and smiled and said: “Judge, don’t always be stern, I know you are for my good.”

“Fuck, I want you to be eliminated right away, and treat you well, don’t talk nonsense with me.” Seeing Zhang Feng’s grinning expression, the judge was furious. Even unconsciously, he has already spit out the hometown dialect.


Zhang Feng smiled and said, “Although you don’t admit it, I know.”

“In the tent, if you weren’t worried about hurting me, how could you hide me with a blade and hurt me.”

“Also, when you can’t lift my arm, you are afraid of my muscle strain to help me massage, I know! Although you have always been a bad face!”

The judge was exposed, a little at a loss, some stammered: “Go, go, don’t talk about this… nonsense, I tell you it’s useless, if I light up these bullets today, don’t talk about eating, at night Don’t sleep anymore!” After speaking, he walked away directly.

Zhang Feng looked at the judge and shook his head slightly, secretly saying that others have done a good thing and want everyone on the earth to know it, but the judge is uncomfortable after being told. The judge is like this, and he should be like this.

Thinking of this, he shook his head again, reached out and rubbed his butt, there was a scar left by the king.

The solid bullet rubbed the skin and pulled out a hole. Zhang Feng could feel the pain as long as he squatted and pulled his shit.

Although the judge was gone, the two warriors with sunglasses did not leave, they were still stuck there like wooden stakes.

“This big brother, I haven’t even touched a gun, let alone shot. Now that the judge is gone, see if you teach me?”

Stake A did not respond.

“Brother, please tell me, if I shoot myself or hurt you indiscriminately, it is not good, do you think you can show it to me?”

Stake B did not respond.

“Oh, I’ll take it, buddies, aren’t you all dumb, right? Just stick around like this, don’t you panic if you don’t speak?”

Zhang Feng was taken, and couldn’t help but vomit.

Stake A’s lips moved slightly and finally spoke: “First, we are not your elder brother. Second, we are not your brothers. We are not even your brothers, because you are not qualified yet!”

Zhang Feng’s temper rush also rushed up. Everyone on this Huangquan Road has a bad temper with Hades. I am not qualified, I don’t believe it!

“Come on, you tell me what qualifications, one by one is like two to five or eighty thousand!”

“Hmph, wait for you to pass Huangquan Road, you are our brother!” Stake Zijia said with a cold snort.

“Brother life and death!” Stake Ziyi added.

Zhang Feng was defeated by the two brothers’ singing and singing, and said to Rao: “Two instructors, I was wrong, please teach me how to be a rookie trash?”

The wooden pile armor is also unambiguous. He directly draws the pistol from the gun bag on the side of the thigh, pulls out the magazine, puts on the magazine, opens the safety, and pulls the trigger…

Da Da Da, the sound of gunfire sounded, the wooden stakes pushed off the empty magazine and replaced it with a new one, and fired with both hands!

Standing, kneeling, and prostrate shooting are the same, moving like clouds and flowing water, and his eyes are like poisonous snakes that lock their prey, without shaking at all.

Zhang Feng was dumbfounded.

The addition of firearms to shooting means shooting and killing. At this moment, what he sees is art, art with a sense of beauty.

After the shooting, the wooden post armor changed back to the wooden post again.

“See it clearly!”

It was Stake B who was talking. The rifle in his hand that was originally facing downwards quickly lifted up, and his feet stood still.

Single shots, three bursts of bursts, and bursts of suppressive shots, fireworks from the muzzle spewed out, even gunpowder smoke started, and the gunfire became more rapid.

“Nice…” Zhang Feng had to use a sentence of English to be able to sigh with emotion!

Although Stake A and Stake B didn’t talk much, and they never said a word of nonsense, they pushed open a door that stood in front of Zhang Feng.

The gun is the life of a soldier!

Zhang Feng slowly picked up the gun from the table, didn’t rush to load the magazine and shoot, but slowly fumbled, the metal started to cool for a while, with a sharp killing.

The first time he started, Zhang Feng felt excited, even more exciting than touching a woman’s silky skin. Although Zhang Feng didn’t know what it was like to touch a woman, he was sure that there was nothing better than touching a gun.

Slowly out of the ammunition box, a box of pistol bullets was slowly pressed into the magazine, one by one, until the magazine was filled with twelve bullets.

Zhang Feng didn’t shoot with one hand until the gun had recoil, so instead of shooting with one hand, he stood with the gun in his right hand and held it with his left hand.

“Pay attention to recoil!” Stake Zijia reminded.


A bullet grazed the barrel and ejected from the muzzle, not toward the front, but diagonally upward.

Although the consciousness has recoil, I did not expect the recoil to be so great, so the body leaned back unconsciously, and the muzzle was raised with the wrist.


Zhang Feng murmured, he now feels sore wrists and slightly aches in his arms. Fortunately, he has practiced with the gun for a while, otherwise he might be able to dislocate his arm directly.

“Don’t think about using muscle power to fight recoil. In that case, even if you can shoot ten or twenty bullets, the muscles you can do will swell and hurt.” Wooden Post Jia said.

“It is necessary to use the extremely small body shaking to remove the recoil. Only in this way can the muscles be kept as relaxed as possible to ensure shooting accuracy.” Muzhuziyi added.

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