Super Special Forces King

Chapter 25: Shot apple

Chapter 25 Shooting Apples

Zhang Feng walked towards the tent blankly.

Both arms were stiff as stones, because they were trembling slightly because of separation.

“Fak squid!”

Can’t help it, Zhang Feng exploded.

He felt that the two arms now did not belong to him.

A whole box of ammunition was finally lit up, and Zhang Feng ended his other task with him, that is, learning to disassemble and assemble firearms!

The footsteps creaked on the rocks.

Zhang Feng looked towards the tent and was a little surprised. It is said that it is already two o’clock in the middle of the night, and Li Jianchai should have ended the snow lotus as well. Why is the tent so quiet today?

However, Zhang Feng didn’t think too much, what was reverberating in his mind now was the feeling of the moment of shooting.

The recoil force will raise the muzzle slightly, which will also reduce the shooting accuracy. From the very beginning, all the bullets hit the air, and later Zhang Feng slowly mastered the trick.

Although the current shooting level cannot be compared with other special forces, at least it is a great improvement for himself.

“The sharpshooter was really fed by bullets!” Zhang Feng muttered.

Continuous shooting can master the unity of the gun, which is the so-called unity of man and gun!


Zhang Feng was surprised, and got into the tent sideways.

He thought that he was so quiet because he had asked other people to do extra training today. Now, everyone except himself was lying on the bed without saying a word. The atmosphere was strange.

In addition, several beds have been vacated, and the bedding on them has been taken away, and it must have been eliminated!

“Is it not just shooting training today? Why are so many people eliminated.”

With a whisper, Zhang Feng walked towards his bed.

Throwing the pistol in the pocket and the rifle carried on his back on his upper bunk, these were all weapons that the judge asked to bring back with empty magazines.

Instead of climbing on his own bed, he lowered his head to face Li Jian on the lower bunk, and asked curiously, “Brother Li Jian, what’s the situation today? Why are you all like eggplants beaten by frost. Stuck?”


Li Jian sighed and turned his body over, obviously not wanting to mention what happened on the shooting training ground today.

The instigation of curiosity made Zhang Feng feel like he was scratching his heart with a cat’s claw, but he also knew that if he asked so straightforwardly, Li Jian would definitely not tell himself, and probably others would not.

Turning his eyes, Zhang Feng took down the pistol and rifle that had just been thrown on the bed, and said, “Brother Li Jian, the judge asked me to ask you how to disassemble and assemble the gun, as well as some tips on shooting. !”

He knew in his heart that no matter what happened today that made Li Jian and others depressed, it must be inseparable from shooting training. As long as the topic is about shooting, it is difficult to guarantee that Li Jian will not reveal a word.

Hearing Zhang Feng ask questions, Li Jian did not refuse.

After all, when he just came out of the Snow Wolf Special Brigade of the Southwest Military Region, Captain Luo specially asked him to take more care of Zhang Feng.

“Well, watch it!”

With that said, Li Jian disassembled the parts of the gun a little bit. His speed was not very fast. At that time, it was so clear that Zhang Feng could see every step of the disassembly.

Zhang Feng watched attentively, but nodded his head to show his understanding.

“Have you seen everything clearly?”

“Almost.” Zhang Feng nodded and said, while fiddling with the parts in his hand, he said seemingly casually: “Oh, so many brothers have chosen to give up in one day’s training. I really don’t know if this Hades is used again What a perverted method.”


Li Jian was reminded of the daytime by Zhang Feng’s words, and couldn’t help but sighed, “Today I thought about giving up!”

Zhang Feng didn’t speak, but looked at Li Jian sincerely.

Now there is no need to speak, Li Jian’s chatterbox is opened, and the next step is the talk mode, just quiet and patient listening!



“Report, instructor, are you joking again?”

“I don’t accept this kind of training. We are comrades in arms. You do this to make us kill each other! I refuse!”

Each and every special soldier shouted outrageously when they heard the king mention the training subjects.

Even the special soldiers who were holding back and did not speak had a look of dissatisfaction, obviously not accepting the training arranged by the king.

Hades also anticipated their reaction.

With a smile on his face, after looking around everyone, he said: “You think Huangquan Road is a vegetable market, shall I bargain with you again?”

“Ah? I tell you clearly, each of you must act as a shooter, but also as a target. If anyone can’t do it, immediately ring the elimination bell for me!”

“Trash is always **** and cannot be put on the table!”

“One chooses to give up, I eliminate one. Ten give up, I eliminate ten. If all of you choose to give up, congratulations, everyone is eliminated!”

Yan Wang’s words are full of irresistible, because he is Yan Wang on Huangquan Road, and he defines whether everyone can stay on Huangquan Road.

To put it in a bad sentence is that those who follow me prosper and those who oppose me die!

A special soldier stood shivering in the autumn wind with a fist-sized apple on his head.

A hundred meters away, Chai Chong held a pistol in his hand.

There was a live ammunition in the magazine, Chai Chong’s throat couldn’t help rolling, and fine sweat leaked out of his palm, because his muzzle couldn’t stabilize because of the tension.

He once carried out anti-drug operations at the border and fought head-on with drug dealers who crossed the border armed forces.

The sound of gunfire one after another, the scene of bullets roaring back and forth did not make Chai Chong nervous. He grimly shot and killed each target and accomplished the task excellently.

But now it’s different. What he is aiming at is not a vicious criminal, or a vicious drug dealer, let alone a murderous gangster, but a comrade-in-arms!

It’s a comrade-in-arms who squatted in a trench, bragged, and can entrust his back!

What is a comrade in arms? Are brothers of life and death!

The special forces serving as targets are even more nervous.

He had killed him, but he had never been pointed at by a gun like this.

If he can move, he can make perfect tactical evasive movements.

But I can’t move now!

If Chai fired a bullet even a little bit off, it would not be the apple above his head, but his skull.

How can he not be nervous? How can he be relieved by putting his life in the hands of others?

“Chai Chong, are you ready? 5, 4…3, 2…1.” Hades shouted.

After preparation, Chai Chong adjusted his breathing to a uniform state. If there is a piece of target paper in front of him, he is confident that he can hit the bullseye with a single shot, but now…

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