Super Special Forces King

Chapter 26: It's not that the time has not arrived

Chapter 26

“What happened? What happened?”

Zhang Feng’s staring boss asked.

He first imagined himself as Chai Chong, shook his head, and gave up the idea. With his shooting level, I am afraid that even a fool would not choose to be a target.

Then he changed his position to the special soldier who had an apple on his head to make Chai Chong shoot, or shook his head and entrusted his life to Chai Chong’s hands. Isn’t this looking for death?

“Brother Li Jian, you mean, did Chai Chong fire or not, and what about the special soldier? Did he pee his pants in fright?”

“Hey.” Li Jian sighed again.

At this time, Chai Chong sat up from the bed and said, “I didn’t shoot!”


Just when Chai Chong was about to shoot, his fingers were already on the trigger, the opposing special forces moved.

His eyes rolled up and his neck tilted to one side.

The apple fell to the ground and was covered with dust.

The body of the special soldier fell softly to the ground and fainted!

Chai Chong slowly raised his hand and lowered it.

He could feel the sweat in his palms, and he felt more and more cold while holding the pistol.

He shook his head gently, waved his hand, and immediately two soldiers from the medical team ran over on a stretcher to lift the fainted special soldier away.

Everyone understands in their hearts that as long as they are carried away by the medical team, they will be eliminated without exception.

But no one laughed at this special soldier who was frightened and fainted.

Because of empathy, if you stand there with an apple on your head, it is a perspective of execution.

Life is no longer controlled by oneself, but in the hands of others!

Everyone has only one life regardless of whether it is high or low. No one wants to die, and no one wants to face the possibility of death.

This is the human instinct to seek good fortune and avoid evil.

The King of Hades slowly walked in front of the crowd and looked around them again. In the eyes of everyone, he saw the dejection and depression!

“You are the special forces that our country has spent a lot of military expenditure to train? Isn’t this a joke?”

“How many times your subsidy is that of ordinary soldiers? How many times is your food standard? Are you clear about it?”

“With so much money and manpower and material resources, what special forces like you are trained?”

Some special forces stood out uncomfortably and shouted: “Report instructors, we do not lack the courage to die with the enemy, as long as the country needs, we are willing to use our lives to defend our country and the people!”

“But, we don’t want to make unnecessary sacrifices! This kind of training has no meaning, even if it is successful, what can be done, but if we fail, we may personally kill our comrades, or be killed by our comrades!”

The bird was silent, but everyone recognized what the man said from the heart, at least the special forces who came to join Huangquan Road thought so!

“A senseless sacrifice? Training without any meaning?”

Hades, whose authority was questioned, raised his tone and asked.

“Yes, it is a senseless sacrifice. Such training has no meaning!” The special soldier raised his head and shouted again.

“Really? You, go over!”

Hades walked to the soldier wearing black training uniform and black super sunglasses, took out his own gun from his pocket and handed it to him.


The soldier saluted and quickly walked to the shooting position and stood still.

Hades walked to the position where the special forces had just been in a coma, picked up the dusty apple on the ground, and placed the apple on his head with everyone’s stunned eyes.

“Shoot!” A hundred meters away, the roaring voice of Hades passed.

The special forces’ eyes were staring wide, and they couldn’t believe it.

Everyone’s shooting habits are different, so the front sight of each person’s gun is proofread by himself.

The gun in this soldier’s hand belonged to Hades, and for the soldier it was no different from holding an unproofed gun.

“Don’t…” a special soldier screamed.

Some special forces have closed their eyes or turned their heads.

They have even seen the scene of Hades blood splashing on the spot.

The soldiers raised their guns and fired in an instant, all in one go.


There was a little gunpowder from the muzzle, and the bullets sprayed out of the muzzle through the barrel.

All the special forces stared at Hades, staring like bells.

The face of Hades still has that smile, which has not changed from beginning to end.

The apple was shattered by a bullet passing through the explosion.

The residue fell on the ground, and some stuck to his hair.

The shooting range was like dead silence, and only the breathing of special soldiers could be heard.

They felt ashamed and embarrassed. The things they couldn’t accomplish and dared to accomplish were as simple and natural as clouds and flowing water with the cooperation of Hades and soldiers. They even used guns that hadn’t been in the school team, which was completely unimaginable for them. Things.

The Hades pulled off the apple residue from his head and walked back.

“Captain!” The soldier handed the pistol back to Hell, who nodded and then inserted it into the gun bag.

With a faint smile on his lips, he said, “Do you know why you can’t do it?”

No one answered.

“Because you are not confident enough, nor do you have enough trust in your comrades!”

“You keep saying that you can give your back to your comrades in arms. With this lack of self-confidence and distrust, you can fully entrust your back to your comrades? Are you confident to protect the back of your comrades? What a joke! You guys! In my eyes it is rubbish, **** without any use value!”

All the special soldiers lowered their heads, and Yama’s words echoed in his ears: self-confidence, distrust!

“I want you to do it with absolute confidence, absolute trust!”

“Absolute self-confidence, that is the courage and domineering of invincible, invincible, who can’t help me!”

“Absolute trust, that is, two brothers in the same generation, will never change until death!”

“Chai Chong, because you didn’t shoot, so now you go as a target!”

Hearing what Hades said, Chai Chong was taken aback, but he took out an apple from the box, walked to a position a hundred meters away and stood still, and put the apple on his head.

“Li Jian, you are responsible for shooting!” Yan Wang said again.

what? Chai Chong felt an urge to scold his mother at this moment.

On the first day after arriving in the military area, he ridiculed Li Jian because his special forces lost to Li Jian’s Snow Wolf Special Forces during the confrontation exercise.

It’s not that it’s not time to report, it’s really right. Bitterness came into Chai Chong’s mouth.

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